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Should I buy Linksys WRT120N Router for my AirTel Broadband Connection?

Hello Sir, I have AirTel Broadband Connection (2 Mbps) at my Home. I am having Beetel 220BXI ADSL2 + MODEM I want to buy Linksys Cisco WRT120N Router, so that I can make use of Wireless Internet on my Laptop. I read the guide you posted, but I am unable to understand it wrt IPCONFIG part. I have attached screenshots of my Laptop's IPCONFIG Page and Card Type. I request you to: 1. Please tell me should I buy Linksys Cisco WRT120N Router? - It's in my budget 2. How to configure AirTel + WRT120N+Beetel 220BXI MODEM? Please help your little brother Thanks a Lot and With Best Wishes :)

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