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I surfed the internet intensively, trying to gather the best Archos 101 cases, covers, sleeves and bags you could find online. I hope you'll like what I found.

Tuff-Luv Tri-Axis Archos 101 Leather Case

Handmade in high grade genuine leather hide, the Tri-Axis case from Tuff-Luv is a slight upgrade from the Bi-Axis case (for the iPad) released last year. Both cases make it possible to view your display either in a portrait or lanscape orientation. And a snap-stand allows you to pick the most comfortable viewing angle. The difference is that the Tri-Axis case can be set to open in a left or right hand manner in portrait mode.

Don't slouch over your tablet for hours, or tire out your wrists! Simply flip around the cover and snap the stand into a comfortable, stress-free viewing position.

Veggie Faux Leather Case

If you're concerned with animal rights, you might prefer this faux leather case for your Archos 101 tablet. This case has the same features as the one above, including the card pouch and its 6 microSD pockets.

DinoHaven Archos 101 Sleeves

An economical alternative to the above cases, these sleeves from DinoHaven have a micro-fiber fleece lining to prevent scratches on your A101's screen. All DinoHaven covers are double stitched and are manufactured in the United States.

USA Gear Protective Case
USA Gear Protective Case

Protective Carrying Case for the Archos 101 Internet Tablet

This case is sized for the Archos 101 Tablet to fit conveniently into it's FlexWall interior, with enough room inside for the accessories. The outside is made from high-density nylon to protect and guard the A101 from drops, bumps, scrapes, weather and your own clumsiness. There is a convenient outer pocket to store even more accessories, as well as a shoulder strap.


  • Heavy Duty zippered outer pockets to store your accessories
  • Interior Zippered Mesh Pockets and Customizable FlexWall to conform to the Archos 101.
  • Scratch resistant interior lining to protect the delicate surfaces of the tablet
  • Made with Weather Resistant Nylon to guard your device from the elements
  • 3 Year Warranty

Carbon Fiber Skin

The Skinomi Protector goes beyond your traditional screen protectors and skins. The company claims TechSkin is made from the same film material used to protect luxury cars, military aircrafts, and NASA space shuttles!

This skin protector features two layers of protection. The first, topmost layer contains no unsightly "orange peel effect," while providing scratch-resistance and UV protection for anti-yellowing. The second layer is a thick, puncture resistant film to minimize damage from scrapes and dents. Unlike other screen protectors and skins, the TechSkin features "self-healing" technology, meaning scratches do not stay on the film, and keeps your Archos 101 looking new.

Archos 101 Screen Protector

The Lexerd TrueVue is created from an ultra-clear film that is exclusive to Lexerd for covering consumer electronics. The ultra-thin film is only 0.2 mm thick and TrueVue is guaranteed to preserve original color tones. 

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