Best Business Laptop Computers

We all know that there are hundreds of new laptops to choose from, and the laptops with i3, i5 and i7 processors gives us a whole variety of good choices in the laptop`s market.

It’s up to you to choose the best laptop in terms of price and quality from this assortment.

In this list I will present you several good options so you can choose the best laptop that suits your interest.

Photo by sqback at
Photo by sqback at

i3 processor Laptops

The Intel processors i3 was designed especially for x86-64 computers, which uses Intel’s Nehalem micro-architecture.

Conceived in the same year as the i5 and i7 processors, the i3 Core processor is a bit less powerful than his “siblings”.

The technology behind i3 processors includes dual core base, hyper threading support, and virtualization.

As i5 and i7, the i3 processor uses one memory controller embed in itself. As for the core this processor uses, it’s named Arrandhale.

This processor also uses a special graphic media accelerator, which enables a better graphic definition and high resources at our disposal. But the true innovation is in its smoothness: 32mm, which makes it small and adjustable.

Intel i5 processor
Intel i5 processor

i5 processor Laptops

The i5 can be consider the mid-range processor from Intel and you can find two main types of i5 processors - dual core and quad core.

Dual core i5 processors have 32nm technology, hyper threading support, virtualization support, and Turbo Boost technology. Quad core i5 processors have 45nm technology, virtualization support and Turbo Boost technology, but do not have hyper threading support

Like the i3 processor, the i5 core processor is designed for x86-64 computers which uses the Nehalem architecture.

Unlike the i7 processor, the i5 uses a LGA 1156 socket which enables it to continue working with a memory controller embed in its system.

The new generation of these processors already possesses a graphics controller named PCI-Express, using a DMI interface which enables a better media quality.

Intel i7 processor
Intel i7 processor

i7 processor Laptops

The Intel Core i7 processor was the first processor released using the Intel Nehalem architecture and it’s the direct successor of the Intel Core 2. The current and future models will already be Quad-core.

This processor takes up until 8Mb of intelligent cache and works with memories until 1066 MHz in Triple Channel Mode.

The new LGA 1366 socket is incompatible with previous processors and the memory controller is directly connected to the processor. It possesses three memory channels, which each one can support one or even two DIMM’s DDR3 models.

Usually this type of Motherboards can take up until three, four or six DIMM slots.

Apple MacBook
Apple MacBook

Apple MacBook - Apple`s Laptop

As many of you will agree Apple`s laptop - MacBook - is probably the best choice for a business laptop.

With i5 and i7 Intel processors the MacBook Pro has been updated to achieve better performances and satisfy every kind of user.

Traditionally notebooks are made from multiple parts but in the new MacBook all of those parts come as just one part like an unibody enclosure.

Every MacBook Pro starts its life as a single block of aluminum, which is precisely machined into the basic unibody design. Another pass and the unibody takes shape. Another, and the integrated keyboard emerges.

When you pick up a new MacBook Pro, you immediately notice the entire enclosure is thinner and lighter.

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