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Custom Software Development

The last year has been marked by explosive growth in mobile applications usage. According to the latest reports from several analytics, this growth was seen in all categories of mobile apps, including entertainment, business and customer applications for many different purposes. Mobile development industry is also growing at quick pace, and professional mobile developers are in shortage today.

To date, it becomes a challenge to hire a good custom software development team in spite of the total industry progress and the growing number of software development companies. Skilled and experienced specialists who do programming for iPhone are in the biggest demand. Many marketing researches show that lovers of Apple devices are in average better off with their finances, and they are ready to pay more for other products and services. They also make a purchase within the application more often than Android users. Thanks to this conclusion, many companies start mobilization of their business from development of applications for iOS. Mobile shopping and booking tickets, media and entertainment services are made available from iPhones and iPads first, and this is completely reasonable from the business point of view, as in the end such applications bring more profit.

iOS Vs Android Development

Software development for iOS is a relatively new skill that many programmers have mastered by themselves. On the first hand, it demands deep knowledge of Objective-C programming language, which is one of relatively common C languages with rather long history. Many software developers learned it because of their passion for Apple products, but systematic knowledge and experience is also important for successful delivery of an iOS application. You will get the best results by hiring a team which specializes in this kind of mobile apps, although the costs of custom software development in this field are never low. Besides, technical requirements are stricter, and the process of approval is longer than in application stores of Apple rivals.

Android programming requires the knowledge of Java, which is one of the most popular programming languages. Java programmers are in large supply in most of software development companies, but naturally not all of them are experts of mobile development. Android apps are faster to develop and deploy, and they still reach for nearly the same number of mobile users worldwide. The company can receive bigger profits for smaller investments, so it is reasonable to consider custom development of an Android application for a medium sized business or for internal corporate use. Just the same, it is recommended to look for a Java development team with a decent portfolio in mobile development.

What Would Be The Best Platform?

There's no 'best platform' kind of thing. Cross-platform solutions are always more ideal for covering all market purposes. The problem is, they can be more expensive than any of applications designed for iOS or Android. In such case, the choice of a software vendor is crucial, because it will need a high level of competences in several fields. Sometimes it might be the best decision to develop two different applications serving slightly different marketing purposes. A true cross-platform solution may be too expensive to develop, and it will definitely need more resources to maintain.

So What About Other Mobile Operating Systems?

Never fail to ignore application development for Windows Mobile and Blackberry. There are some specific markets and fields where such applications are extremely useful, like corporate enterprises that prefer Blackberries for internal communications. Here, you might want to go for an offshore development team. In other cases, it is better to start from iOS and Android and proceed with Windows Phone and Blackberry, if performance of already deployed applications satisfies the company's needs. Windows Mobile development generally has more perspectives than software development for Blackberry, as the company is conquering the market of mobile devices, tablet and hybrid computers.

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