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All Newsgroup users (present and future) ask the same question: what is the best Newsgroup server? The answer can be found in the various Usenet comparison sites, including our own: NGProvider. We provide a clear and comprehensive classification according to specific criteria

Top 10 Things To Look For In A Usenet Service Provider

  • Download capacity
  • Binary retention: A simple technical characteristic that differentiates between providers. Nowadays 1000 days binary retention is quite normal.
  • Price: Apart from Giganews, most Newsgroup servers offer prices around $10-12 monthly. For a lower rate you can choose to:

- Wait for a special offer

- Subscribe for more than a month and save up to 20% with a yearly rate!

  • Back-end provider vs. reseller
  • Connection addresses: an undervalued but important element. Most servers only offer one address in their country of origin (usually the USA). But some do offer two addresses (the second normally in Holland). The prefix eu.indicates this European address. A second address lets you switch from one to another in case of slow connection speed.
  • Added extras: Extra options are now very popular with Usenet providers. For example Giganews offers free VPN access, while Newsdemon has free Online Storage of 30GB.
  • Connections: 10 connections or more your bandwidth are easily sufficient for your bandwidth.
  • Security:

- SSL is now a common feature. All Newsgroup servers offer it for free, as long as you activate port 443 or 563 and usesslas your address.

- VPN also increases security by giving you an IP address that differs from your Internet Service Provider.

  • Number of groups supported: Between 60 000 and 109 000 (the maximum from Giganews) groups may be offered.
  • File completion: Usenet servers are permanently connected to one another which means files are automatically duplicated across all the servers - the peering system. Newsgroup providers can guarantee up to 99% file completion.

Taking into account both quality and price, the best Newsgroup servers are as follows:

  1. Giganews: Technical quality, highest retention offered on the market, innovative options like VPN and 2 connection addresses.
  2. UsenetServer: Very good rates, both monthly and yearly. Unlimited Newsgroup access, free SSL, second best binary retention.
  3. Astraweb: Just like UsenetServer, server run by astraweb

In the end, it is difficult to decide on a winner. All three Newsgroup providers offer a good service suitable for most Newsgroup users. You can’t argue with the quality of Giganews or the unbeatable rates of UsenetServer!

But NGProvider have tried to create another classification to include other good servers like Newsdemon - Ngroups - Usenetnews - Easynews. A classification that takes into account your Usenet usage and the various options and tools for Newsgroup access. A classification with you in mind:

  • I want unlimited downloads and high retention (UsenetServer or Giganews)
  • I want secure access to Newsgroups and the web with a VPN service (Giganews)
  • I want unlimited downloads and free online storage (Newsdemon or Ngroups)
  • I want to access Newsgroups through my web browser without an extra programme or Newsreader (Easynews)
  • I rarely use Newsgroups with paying access, I just need to supplement my free Usenet usage or use as a backup (Newsdemon or Usenet-News)

All of the above servers are naturally the best in their category.

At Find the Best Usenet Plan, have made a complete table of usage and means of access to Newsgroups: NNTP access et Web-based access


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