Thinking of buying a new PC or a Laptop? Then here are the best companies for laptops or desktop personal computers!

Almost all the companies which manufacture laptops and desktops use the same processors, hard disks, RAM's and other hrdware products. Intel specially manufactures processors of them the latest are Centrino, Core duo and Core 2 duo, of them Core 2 duo is the best and latest with two processor's. So naturally the price range of Core 2 duo's would be highest. Hard disks are standardized through SATA, so you get original hard disks same in every company. Same is the case with RAM's with DDR1 having one chip, they generally are not available. And DDR2 which has two chips and are commonly available. So combined them and you get a powerful laptop or PC.

  • The best company for laptop's and PC's according to me if you want quality then is of "LENOVO". Specially the "Thinkpad" series. The price range is highest for all the processor's compared to other company's. The quality is also the highest available. The laptop which we have is Core 2 duo, 1 GB RAM, 120 SATA hardisk, 15" screen. Price ranging from 1300 - 1700 $.
  • If you can compromise with quality then you can go for DEL or ACER company product's. The prices are lower compared to Lenovo. But they work fine and the the work can be satisfactorily done,. Other companies include HP, COMPAQ, Zenith etc these are the companies which I know.

Also according to me the operating system which I would advice is of Windows - XP rather than Windows - Vista. I have found from my friend's many bugs in Vista and the laptop get's hanged up. According to me XP works the best and it is now being priced at par with Vista due to lot's of user's switching over to XP's. I too use XP than Vista. If price is not the question then it would be always MAC as the choice.

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krystalkane profile image

krystalkane 8 years ago

Why does Mr Marmalade say you would be great in 2008? I think you have been great in 2007 as well! Great hub, thanks!

mallu profile image

mallu 8 years ago

nice hub...

ksha16 profile image

ksha16 8 years ago from In

nice hub!

MrMarmalade profile image

MrMarmalade 8 years ago from Sydney

Goog hub.

I think you will be great

in 08

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