Efficiently recover files from corrupt MS backup file

Recover data from MS backup file with easy means

For those who are regularly dealing with crucial data, must have backup of their files or data so that they can use those files in unfavorable conditions. Taking backup of important data at regular interval of time is always rewarding and therefore users are often suggested to take the backup of the data. Following such instructions may seem unpleasant, but the importance of backup data can be realized when you would lose your essential data. Hence, it is better to take backups of the data rather regretting in later stage. Considering the importance of the backups, Microsoft provides an inbuilt MS backup utility tool named as NTBackup.

This build-in tool enables user to save important files and folders. Although, backup files are considered as a viable precaution, yet sometimes Microsoft backup utility do not ensure the safety of data. This is due to the reason that even MS backup files (BKF) in NTBackup may get damaged, corrupted, deleted or lost. For the loss of the data, there could be various causes like:

  • Sudden or improper system shuts down

  • Abrupt power failure resulting into improper system shut down

  • Media malfunction

  • Overwritten files

  • System infection because of virus and Trojan

There are more than mentioned possibilities of file corruption. Hence, you never know that when and for what reason you may lose your files including BKF. Consequently, you cannot completely rely on the available utility and have to be active to face any possible scenario. As a precautionary measure, using MS backup recovery tool is always fruitful. Market is flooded with various MS Backup Recovery tool, but you have to be quite active to skip non-performing.

If you are genuinely looking for a reliable MS backup recovery tool, you can go for Kernel for BKF repair software. It has been empowered with features that can successfully repair severely corrupt BKF archives. This software has been developed professionally to fix corrupt Microsoft backup (BKF) files created with ntbackup.exe. You can get a fair idea of the working of this software with the following details:

The moment the Kernel for BKF repair software is launched following window will appear on the screen:

Click the Browse button and select the file to be repaired. After selecting the file to be repaired and clicking the Recover button, the software will start scanning the file. Soon the recovered items will appear in the following tree like structure:

You can verify the content of the recovered items from the left panel, if the recovered files actually contain the data you need. The preview of the recovered items will be displayed in the right pane.

You can now click on the Save button to save at desired location by selecting multiple files at a time. MS backup recovery tool is intuitive, self-descriptive and GUI supported software, which does not require technical sound users to operate. Hence, it is extremely easy to use. For better understanding, watch the video below:

Kernel for BKF repair software believes in building trust fist and therefore provides free demo version for users. It is available free of cost and can be downloaded online to practically experience its functionality. By using this version, you can ensure that the software works up to your expectations. The free demo version of Kernel for BKF repair software is fully functional, but has a limitation that it does not allow to save the recovered content.

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mikeportel 3 years ago

Really good software, which repair my all over windows backup files in just two or three steps. The software provide me user friendly features, which repair and recover windows bkf files.

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