Perform BKF recovery in case of “An inconsistency was encountered on the requested media” error message

Recover data from corrupt BKF file when you encounter “An inconsistency was encountered on the requested media” error message

To ensure the safety of the stores data Backup (BKF) files are created. This helps user to avail the data during the data loss or inaccessibility crisis. Hence, users have to ensure that BKF files are safe and sound. Microsoft provides NTBackup utility with Windows NT (Windows Server 2003, XP and Server 2000) for the safety of the stored data. NTBackup tool ensures that the users can easily create BKF files to backup their vital data.

NTBackup or NTBackup.exe utility comes as integrated backup tool with MS Windows operating system to create backups of chosen data. To create backup (BKF) file NTBackup.exe is also used, which can be later restored whenever the data has o be restored. However, BKF files are not 100% safe, as it too has the possibility to get damage.

BKF file being the only source of data after data loss holds a great significance for user. Certainly, the safety of BKF file becomes the most important aspect to be taken in concern. Now, to ensure the safety of Backup files a powerful BKF recovery tool becomes the need. This will not only repair, but also restore important data instantaneously. This is a great relief in a tense situation like this.

The following error message could be one of the scenarios where your data could be at risk while formatting and restoring Windows server 2003:

"Error: An inconsistency was encountered on the requested media"

If you have taken the backup on multiple tape medias, then restoring single backup set at a time will help you a lot. This helps to resolve the data loss issue posed by the error message. At times saving a backup on multiple tapes also results in corruption. In case of BKF corruption, using BKF recovery tool stands as the only way to get back all the data.

Kernel for BKF repair is a powerful bkf recovery tool that lets you repair corrupt BKF file instantly so that you can easily restore your BKF data. This BKF recovery tool is a read-only tool and hence, you can perform bkf recovery without causing any damage to the integrity of data saved in the file. It performs intense and meticulous scanning to recovery every bit of data.

You can take an overview of the working of the software with the following detailed description:

As soon as you will install Kernel for BKF repair software, the following window will appear on your screen:

After selecting the file to be repaired and clicking on the “Recover” button, the process of recovery will start and following window will appear:

Once the file recovery is over, all the recovered items will be displayed in red text.

The BKF recovery is technically advance and therefore guarantees quick and instant recovery of corrupt BKF. For better understanding watch below video:

The tool includes following key features:

  • Fixes corrupt BKF archives.

  • Supports Unicode characters

  • Provides the option for quick search and to locate a file.

  • Save Snapshot option added, which allows you to save the details of a bkf file scan so that later you can use Load Snapshot option to resume the saved scan process, which helps you save the rescanning time.

  • Fixes CRC errors.

  • Supports bkf file repair created with Backup Exec by VERITAS Software under Windows, Novell and Macintosh.

  • User friendly interface, no technical skills required.

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pstrepairt 3 years ago


Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with all. It is really useful.

However, when I have accidentally deleted/data becomes corrupted then backup of your data is the most excellent way to prevent data loss situations and to protect your data.

mikeportel profile image

mikeportel 3 years ago

Windows backup file is copy file of your data and the your present solution is perfect for any corruption of BKF files. Kernel for BKF repair tool to repair and recover windows backup files.

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