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Calling Cards
Calling Cards

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Phone Cards

The advent of calling cards have helped us into making cheaper calls. Years back, international calls was very expensive and it would pretty much take up a huge chunk of your budget when you happen to have a close friend or family member abroad.

These phone cards are still available today, even with the ever increasing presence of chat services in mobile phones and computers. Most are available in prepaid, although there are also companies using post-paid subscriptions on the calling cards. These are also available online like through the site Epincall.

What To Look For When Choosing a Calling Card

Since there are a lot of calling cards available in the market today, you may have a hard time trying to choose what's the best for you. Enumerated below are some tips and tricks on what to look for in a calling card company, especially if it's a post-paid service.

  • Check the company's background. Here, try to research a little bit by reading previous customer reviews and blogs on the net. You'll find a lot of them. Try to find out if the call quality is good (that is, it's clear), there are no hidden charges, and the pricing is accurate.
  • Compare brands! Most consumers nowadays favor brand loyalty over value for money. That's pretty much OK if you have the a lot of spare budget. But if not, then try to go over different brands and see which is the most affordable. When you've got one, try to research a bit like what was stated above. Now from your readings, you'll have an overview if that card brand is pretty much the right for you.
  • Price check! Even though the price pretty much depends on what the retailer decides for their income, it's best to look for cards that has the longest call time (while being the cheapest).

Calling Cards Vs Chat Services

Many consumers have asked if it's better to use online chat services. In fact, you can use call card pins to call to a phone online. So the answer to this question is pretty much dependent on the preference of the user. Age also is a factor, as those of the younger generations chatting than calls. Also, it depends on the situation, like when you need to call to the phone, then a calling card is more appropriate.

Also, calling cards are pretty much used in phone booths, and hence, you can use it whenever it isn't possible for you to go online. In the end, it all boils down to what you want to use.

An online calling card merchant
An online calling card merchant

Where Can I Buy Them?

Calling cards are pretty much in every convenience store nowadays. Those that sell cellphone and gaming loads might as well have phone cards in stock. Also, you can buy them through the internet, as there are a lot of online merchants offering them. An online calling card merchant (like Epincall) usually supplies them through e-pins, sent to your e-mail. This sometimes is more convenient than using cards.

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