Metfone 3G internet Service Fast and cheap in Cambodia

Metfone Internet in Cambodia

In Cambodia not a half of total people can access internet due to the price as well as the need and use of people. Only some type of people in Cambodia use internet such as people in employment, student and also anyone who enjoy internet as entertainment. In Cambodia, the most popular internet connection type is broadband and currently (2011 right now) cost around 30$ per month with 128 kbps. But recently, Metfone, a subsidiary of Vietel, now also operate 3G internet service that is very popular for everyone in Cambodia. Metfone’s 3G internet is about buying a 3G sim which you only able to SMS and accessing 3G internet to work with 3G Modem or even a 3G supported mobile phone. However the speed they provide is really fast but only the problem is they don’t have any unlimited using plan. The current price (2011) is 3$ for 800Mb, 12$ for 4000Mb, and also 20$ for 8000Mb.

However, as one of their user, I am very satisfied with this service while I can download any file on the internet every fast and I find no problem. I also want everyone in Cambodia to use this service, if you don't have any connection at Home for using internet.

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vuthaSurf profile image

vuthaSurf 5 years ago from Cambodia

I presently use Metfon's internet service at home by paying US25 per month with unlimited. I also want to buy USB modern 3G also when I will not be in Phnom Penh because it is easy to plug in my laptop anywhere.

kengrathanakpousak 4 years ago

i want to have internet but i the 3g internet service can be only for 30$ per month and it have to buy Mb too.

can it have another way that not to buy Mb.

Chhay chorvoan 0976660633 2 years ago

Internet very slow

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