can it be the era of snow boom

The setting of first Snow Storm


The season has approached when people smile and cry.  With the first visit of snow knocking hard on the doors of many Islanders in New York one would think it does not worth it welcoming the season we are plunging into. It was a lovely day in December when the expectations grew high but with mix feelings. It was a mix feeling because many weather forecasts never worked out as predicted for so many times past. So, on the 19th of December 2009 the day broke like every other day, people wake up and shopped for shovels should in case it happens as forecasted. However some of us who could mange whatever we have and who for the sake of disappointments experienced from the past weather casts have never cared to make adjustments for the oncoming bad weather. The time finally came at about 2.00pm a little sign of some snow to come started showing face. Alas! The forecast might be true but still never believed it might be much. Besides, the forecasters never kept a word but continue to change as their monitor keeps changing. One thing that stayed optimistic about the landing of snow is that “there must be snow fall” but as for the amount of it was never clear at this time. As time passes by the forecasters added the word “Blizzard” to their prediction.  Hmmmmmmmm! something might happen I thought.

The Snow Blizzard


The evening came and the snow started falling and gently it kept gathering momentum. I went out twice to shovel the snow thinking that it was a way to reduce the labor, but it was a mere waste of my energy. The night came and I had to sleep and so I went to bed in anticipation that the following morning would be left with a little to shovel or plow.

In the morning of 20th December, I came out and saw everywhere beautifully white. Ahaa! The guy is finally here in full force. My storm door was half filled with snow heap that I had to exert force to open the door. Without any waste of time I took my snow shovel which I have already placed at the door outside the house. I dipped my foot in the snow and the snow ate my foot approaching my butt. What a mess I exclaimed. Well with all fun-minded approach I gently started shoveling. I sited at my cars and none of the cars could be recognized. I pitied my Volvo S70 because it has been so disfigured and undignified that it no longer worth a dime.  I kept clearing the snow on the walk pathway and driveway until I was able to make way to pull out one of my cars. All the cars were buried in the snow and none was easy to come by.

Since then I have been wondering what might become of the future when the real snow time will come in late January and February. During the past years we have never experience the first snow visit as huge as this. In addition this first snow was not just a storm but a Blizzard. If the upcoming snow storm which we assume must be much heavier than the first actually falls as expected, would there be easy remedy to the damage it might cause? How can we pay the heating bills?

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