cisco-IPT-Error-Registration rejected

Registration Rejected - Error mismatch

When you connect a IP Phone to the LAN you may get "Registration Rejected - Error mismatch"

How to troubleshoot this issue? There are 3 reasons....

  • Mismatch MAC configuration in CUCM
  • Connected switch Voice port configuration
  • Device type configuration on CUCM

If need to add the Phones manually then ensure the Phone MAC is exactly macthing with the CUCM configuration.Auto registration case forget about this.

The IP Phone connected switch port should have the correct voice Vlan configuration to communicate with the CUCM.You may cross verify this with the working IP Phone connected switch port configuration.

Device type is very important while manually adding a IP phone to CUCM.A small discrepancy will result in "Registration rejected" .Example:7945 configuration will not register with CUCM if you connect a 7940.

Apart from this check the device status in CUCM.Incase of "Registration rejected" status you will get device status as "Unknown". Once you resole the issue the device status would be registered with X.X.X.X.




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