Cloud Computing Architecture Explained

cloud computing
cloud computing

Clouding computing is no more considered as an emerging technology. Now, it’s a reality and this low-cost computing power is gaining popularity among businessmen, especially medium and small size, and governmental organizations, as people are realizing the power of cloud environments.

What is cloud computing?

Though there is no official definition and straight forward way to explain what exactly cloud computing is, but it can be expressed in general as the following statement:

“cloud computing is such a type of computing environment, where business owners outsource their computing needs including application software services to a third party and when they need to use the computing power or employees need to use the application resources like database, emails etc., they access the resources via Internet.”

For instance, you have a small business, where you need a few small servers for database, emails, applications etc. Normally, servers need higher computing power. On the other hand, PCs or laptop needs lower computing powers and are much cheaper than servers. Moreover, to maintain a client-server environment you need to have a highly skilled network maintenance team. If you decide to avoid the need of purchasing servers and thus cut-off the need of keeping an operation and maintenance team, then going for clouding computing is a very cost-effective solutions. Because in a cloud architecture, you neither have to install nor maintain servers. Just by paying a fixed amount of monthly charge you can outsource your IT infrastructure into a third party IT managed service data center.

In short, in a cloud computing architecture, all the applications are not stored in a company’s hard disk, rather it resides in a third party computer and when a company needs to use application software, and they access it via Internet.

Example of cloud computing:

A very simple example is Yahoo mail and Gmail, both are using cloud computing. When you send or receive email, you never need any application software installed in your computer. You just need an internet connection to send your emails.


  • the operating cost of cloud computing is much cheaper than having a company’s own personal IT infrastructure and managed team
  • Security and privacy is the only concern in cloud environments, because all your files, emails, database are hosted in a third party servers in their premise

Types of cloud computing

Considering the installation of network infrastructure a cloud environment can be broadly categorized into three types- public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud.

Public cloud- this is the most popular type of cloud system and is considered as a main-stream cloud system by cloud computing experts. In public cloud system a third party data center provide both disk space and computing power for all the application software. Amazon web and Google apps is the two most popular public cloud computing service providers.

Private cloud- unlike public cloud, you need to set up your own data center and also bear all the installation & maintenance cost, and have complete control of all your data. This system provides more security and privacy, but it is more expensive cloud solution to public cloud.

Cloud Computing Service provides

You must be familiar with Google apps. Actually, Google Appengine is a could compute service-this is also known as Google’s business solution. You can get more about Google’s cloud solution at: . Other big names in cloud computing service are: Microsoft, IBM, Amazon, HP and DELL.

cloud computing stack
cloud computing stack | Source
cloud services
cloud services | Source

Cloud Computing Service Architecture

Mainly, three types of services you can get from a cloud service provider.

1. Infrastructure as a service- service provider bears all the cost of servers, networking equipment, storage, and back-ups. You just have to pay to take the computing service. And the users build their own application softwares. Amazon EC2 is a great example of this type of service.

2. Platform as a service-service provider only provide platform or a stack of solutions for your users. It helps users saving investment on hardware and software. Google Gc engine and provide this type of service.

3. Software as a service- service provider will give your users the service of using their software, especially any type of applications software. Example-Google (GOOG), (CRM), NetSuite (N)

Why cloud computing?

The main advantage of using cloud computing facility is that customers do not have to pay for infrastructure installation and maintenance cost. As a user of cloud computing you have to pay the service charges according to your usage of computing power and other networking resources. Moreover, you no more have to worry about software updates, installation, email servers, anti-viruses, backups, web servers and both physical and logical security of your data. Thus, cloud computing can help you focus more on your core business competency.

could computing platform
could computing platform | Source

Cloud Computing Explained

Basics of Cloud Computing

Problems with Cloud Computing.

Though from operation and maintenance point-of-view cloud computing is a great cost-effective IT solution for business of any magnitude, but it has at least two major concerns-technical developments, security and privacy. Since cloud computing is relatively a new technology in comparison to other existing computing solutions, it still has lots of scope of becoming a mature system as a reliable and cost-effective computing technology.

Since due to outsourcing all the important data resides in a third party premise, there is always a concern about the trust-worthiness of the cloud service providers. Any security and privacy violation can be fatal- keeping this in mind many business owners are still to be convinced about the security and privacy issues of cloud computing.

More sensitive data are banking and Governmental data. Just think about a classified document of any Govt. agency getting leaked or users credit card information falling into the hands of cyber criminals. As soon as cloud privacy issues are more and more organized and strict rules and governance for cloud operation are in place, the more and more business will feel safe to opt for cloud computing.

Despite some serious privacy related drawbacks, cloud computing is a lucrative choice to improve productivity in any business environment, where IT is in high demand. To raise the security and privacy of cloud service providers, there need to be more co-operations between world governments so as we can develop a unified global rules and guidance for running a safe cloud computing service.

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haidry 6 years ago

very informative, and simple, i like the way you explain the whole concept as it is really difficult to close such big topic in few words.

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Nice hub..quite knowledgeable

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@hairdry-Thank you so much for taking time.

@sweetie-I tried to cover cloud computing basics, highlighting the benefits of cloud computing.Glad to see

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WebMag 6 years ago

Great hub. Cloud computing is a buzz words these days, and it will only become even more popular as security gets better day by day.

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andromida 6 years ago Author

@webmag-I think gradually all the small and mid sized business will move their IT infrastructure into Cloud environment.Still, security is a big concern for cloud customers.As companies like Google,HP, IBM and Amazon developing cloud service, many are already feeling a sense of confidence to outsource their computing resources.thank you so much :)

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Thanks I need to understand cloud computing, now I DO.

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andromida 6 years ago Author

Privacy is always a big issue in a cloud environment.I guess with time cloud solution providers will develop a way to give customers fully control their own privacy.Thank you so much.

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Thanks for the information shared here. By the way have you heard about the upcoming event Cloudslam 2010. I have planned to participated in th conference to gathered and update more information on Cloud Computing and its services.

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save my system 6 years ago from United Kingdom - London

When it comes to backing up your files and photos, no method has quite the ease and flexibility of uploading them to online storage

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all essential information has been lodged here.. no need to search anywhere to understand cloud computing after reading dis....

AJ 6 years ago

A good primer for Cloud awareness.

With regard to data protection, there is nothing to stop clients creating their own cryption layer between themsleves and the third party Cloud provider. Afterall, the Cloud is nothing more than a giant Home Depot for bytes.

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wonderful explanation for cloud computing .

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Wonderful hub, keep it up.

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Well portrayed for anyone unsure about cloud computing. One question, though, can't IMS be the answers for the standardisation in which cloud computing is trying to address?

Cloud Web Hosting  5 years ago

Cloud Hosting is other biggest happening news with in the hosting industry. Cloud hosting services are boon to website owner who can adjust your web hosting traffic load as per the entire load of your blog or website. There are many other ways where we can go ahead with cloud virtualization. Cloud virtualization could be the most important factor which is going to work out for all the clients who had varying traffic.

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really cloud computing is great technology,it will be more popular in coming years.but if security problem is resolve then every organization will use it.!!!!

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Gr8 Explanation HUB

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I had no idea what cloud computing is until i read this article.Seriously Cloud computing will transform the IT industry.Thank you so much..:)

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Good to read from another computer genius with good knowledge of the IT environment.

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please briefly explain about cloud computing anf it's projects(IEEE).


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Thanks for your article. It includes all of necessary information about Cloud Computing. Moreover, this topic is presented very structured without superfluous words and difficult terms. I was glad to find this topic and it helps me with my coursework. Thank you once again.

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