Computer Activity Monitoring to control employee activities

Employee Desktop Live Viewer: keep a close eye over employee activities!

All business houses are in need to opt reliable and efficient spyware software which track all-day long activities of employees. It’s quite obvious that employees make use of computer or laptop all the time as these resources are a pre-requisite to perform company work. However, in most cases of official frauds at workplace area, employees are a sole reason for this. Moreover, there can be chances of extremely poor performance of employees and day-by-day they might pay less heed to important office work.

In such conditions, it is advisable to conduct a computer monitoring activity on regular basis. With the availability of surveillance tools available in the market today, employers can easily monitor each and every activity performed on employee’s computer or laptop. Hence, employers can end up all subvert, frauds, misconduct happening in their work area.

With the help of computer monitoring tool, all the ongoing activities of the employees can be traced including which sites he visited, for how long, what they searched for, whether they are chatting or not etc. The tool performs the work in a complete invisible mode so that the employee does not have any intimation of his/her monitoring.

Below are listed some key features of the software to monitor computer activities:

  • Software is capable of performing multiple systems monitoring, at the same time.

  • The software records and saves entire user activities in AVI file format.

  • Enhances the productivity of employees

  • Software performs remote functions, install agent, send instant messages, send monitoring notifications etc.

  • Software is compatible with every operating system including Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and other previous versions.

To get detailed view of software working, feel free to see the video below:

Software embeds multiple functionalities

The software allows the user to view everything, right from chat window to the emails sent, visited websites, entire desktop activities, Log Off/On activities, file downloads and all the Internet activities. In much simpler words, Computer Activity Monitor works allows you to view all the LIVE activities of your employees from a centralized computer system.

Recent researches have revealed that visual verification of employee activities has proved to be the best solution to get hold of every wrong action performed by an employee. It has also been revealed that in a typical working day an employee spend minimum three hours in shopping sites, accessing personal email clients and other entertainment activities. This greatly influences company’s return on investment, as the profit ratio decreases due to reduced employee performance.

With Employee Desktop Live Viewer chances of unauthorized user activities is minimized. All you need to do is get the software installed to the system and you can start the process without any hassle. The software comes with two set up files Viewer and Agent. Viewer file is installed at the employer system and its agent file is in installed employees’ computers, which are to be monitored.

Evaluating the downloaded version:

To check upon the software working and authenticity, the demo of Employee Live Viewer software is available. Users can experience all the functions and features complete for seven days and can monitor one computer over the network. However, there are certain limitations with the demo version, as users are not able to record activities. To save the entire viewed data users are required to purchase for complete software.

To conclude, the Employee Live Viewer is must-have for any organization to keep track-record of your employee activities. This eminent utility has a graphical user interface so that users not have any kind of hassle in operating.


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