Convert Lotus Notes NSF Files to MS word

IBM Lotus Notes is a well-known and popularly-used email client used by enterprise users. The Lotus Notes email client offers various advanced facilities and functionality for storing and exchanging the mailbox information.

Why Do We Need to Convert?

User may need to convert Lotus Notes or Domino Server NSF files to MS Word document files many a times. The conversion lets user access the Lotus Notes emails items outside the Notes environment in the absence of client-server. The software allows user to have a safe backup of emails in case he/she is switching from Lotus Notes to any other email client like MS Outlook. Conversion of Lotus Notes mailboxes into Word doc files allows accessing them universally. Resorting to email items in document format allows archiving and sharing them over cross-platforms easily. Also, this makes the process simple,cost-effective and user friendly. The software is mostly used by professionals like bureaucrats, investigators, forensic experts and lawyers who usually create records of their conversations. The Lotus Notes emails cannot be printed properly in high quality for some clients where the print output is like HTML script. Also, users also need to share some mailbox data over the network. Converting Notes emails to Word makes emails portable, simple and increases the printing quality. One can use Notes as well as Domino server emails as business documents that can be accessed and managed outside the Lotus Notes environment with the emails converted to MS Word .doc files. Conversion of Notes to Word makes the emails much more portable and flexible.

About Software

Use a third-party tool to converting multiple local NSF files and Domino Server NSF files to MS Word .doc or .docx file format in a single conversion cycle. The entire email conversion process into MS Word document is much easier with few clicks using this stupendous software. The tool allows converting all Lotus Notes mailbox items such as emails, contacts, calendars, notes, appointments, tasks, journals, and other messaging data to MS Word .DOC file format. While operating this software, there is no need to have Lotus Notes installed on the computer system for having access to Domino Server to open, edit, or print the Lotus Notes emails, calendaring items, notes or even contacts.

Key Features

  1. Provides preview of local NSF files prior selecting the required email items within any directory/folder.
  2. User can select a single NSF or multiple NSF files for conversion. After conversion all data and attachments get saved automatically in folders.
  3. User can select particular folders within a NSF file for conversion. The converted word documents are stored, by default, in a folder named ‘Converted Items’.
  4. Supports Unicode characters for conversion and recognizes Unicode characters from folder name.
  5. The tool offers three different formats for saving data in MS Word: Simple Text Format, Rich Text Format (Average Quality), Rich Text Format (Best Quality).
  6. User can select both local NSF files and Domino Server NSF files for conversion.
  7. Allows users to preview the NSF data and selective exporting to desired location.
  8. Exports the email body along with email properties such as To, From, Cc, Bcc, and Subject etc. as Word while attachments are exported in a separate directory/folder.
  9. Preserves the formatting of the emails in the converted DOC files.
  10. Exports all folders of the NSF file such as In-box, Sent Items, Outbox, Junk folders, etc. completely.
  11. Allows users to have offline access to mailbox items as one can view the email items outside the Lotus Notes environment.
  12. Non-lotus Notes users can make the most to avail NSF data with this conversion tool
  13. Makes data more portable.
  14. Provides easy-to-use, easy-to-understand, self-descriptive, simple, attractive, user-friendly interface such that no technical expertise is required for operating the tool.
  15. Consists of three simple steps for converting Lotus Notes items to DOC file format – Browse the NSF, Preview and Export to desired location.


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