The Power And Fun Of A Blogging Community

A New Blogging Community Is Growing

At the beginning of September in 2009, I set up my first blogging community at The experience has been no less than awesome on so many levels, not the least being watching the success of some of the blogs in the community.

Three factors guied me to make my decision to start the social blogging at the Beach (as it is affectionately known), and those factors were:

  • My personal dedication to helping others
  • WordPress Multi-User (WPMU)
  • The power of community

Web 2.0 is all about people and blogging is the best there is in the latest incarnation of the web. Using the power of numbers and the SEO adavatages of blogs is the best way to be heard on the Internet.

Why not join a blogging community? They're powerful and fun.

I Can't Say No

For most of my life I have had the problem of not saying no when someone reaches out from their heart. This is my major fault, but I'll never give it up because I always enjoy the aftermath.

This has bled into my Internet life as well. Always promoting others before I promote myself, or bending over backwards to help customers at my e-commerce site. I put in way too many hours (in some folks eyes) advancing others and satisfying their needs, but I have always believed in the distant pay off as opposed to the sugar high of instant gratification.

Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared. ~Buddha

It was only natural that I start a community for those members of an Internet social media platform that I belong to. A lot of people who are users of sites like Squidoo or HubPages express a certain level of frustration over earnings and the work involved to get that compensation. So, I combined that need with my growing knowledge of blogging and SEO to create Crabbysbeach Blogging Community For Squidoo Lensmasters.

The domain I used had been sitting doing nothing and I recently learned about WPMU, so I figured this could be a great experiment and learning experience, as well as helping my fellow lensmasters.

I have not been let down. is my experimental gift to the Squidoo community. The idea is to let lensmasters have their own power packed blogs that link into and out from Squidoo, and the bloggers' niche sites. Search engine authority is being passed around because of Squidoo and the narrow focus.

  • We have 5 blogs, since opening the first week of September 2009, that are ranking on page one for their main keyword
  • Two bloggers have reported several sales that came directly through their blogs
  • Bloggers are reporting increasing traffic delivered by search engines

In general, everyone is happy and improvements to the community are dynamic.

WordPress Mult-User

I have blogged on a number of platforms and I can attest to the fact that there is none more powerful and fun than a stand alone WordPress (WP) blog. There are over 7,000 plug-ins available to enhance a WP blog, as well as over 1000 free themes available at the WP official site alone.

The plug-ins fuel everything from SEO strategies and web 2.0 attributes, to just making your blog pretty. The power of the plug-in enhancements is amazing and continues to blow me away. With one plug in, I can watch visitors instantly come to my blog after a published post. These visitors, including various web spiders, are called to my blog by other plug-ins. Other, essential plug-ins, construct <meta> titles, <meta> descriptions, and <meta> keywords for each post, all of which help maintain a relevance to my blog.

WordPress Multi-User (WPMU) is a community blogging platform that can offer thousands of blogs for one domain. Each blog is assigned an url that is either a sub-domain or a sub folder of the main domain. Each blog can be set-up with any plug-in or theme the community admin installs. In other words, the blogs can be supercharged for both SEO and web 2.0 advantages.

A community can be built to support bloggers with like interests or niches. The plus on this side of the ledger is the power of numbers and how those numbers can build up and share search engine authority in quick fashion. By linking to each other, the community blogs can show relevance in one concentrated location and can keep interested traffic circulating throughout the network.

Who uses WPMU?

  • Major universities such as Harvard
  • Some newspapers
  • Niche bloggers
  • Corporations

The power of community is snowballing, and to capture the natural benefits, there is no better way to cash in that with an SEO powerhouse WPMU blogging community.

Hubbers Blogging Community

If there was a blooging community exclusively for Hubbers, would you blog there?

  • Yes!
  • Not interested
See results without voting

The Crystal Ball

My nature to lend a hand and to stay busy id motivating me to create a dynamic blogging community at Crabbysbeach as well as open other niche driven communities.

My plans include upgrading the Beach to a real community with front page posting of all the recent activities and posts in the community. There will be groups inside the community and forums available to those groups. Friending among the bloggers, as well as messaging will be in full gear.

The idea is to make the community more like a web 2.0 community where everyone can interact, share and have fun while increasing the potential to be successful in marketing their products, information, or thoughts.

The face lift should be complete by November 16, 2009.

By December 1, 2009, I will have a mirror community set-up for Hubbers. The community will be restricted to HubPage members and will operate in the same manner as Crabbysbeach. All the blogs will be loaded for bear and there will be tutorials available as well as support to help anyone enjoy their blogging experience.

Truly, to have strangers read and comment at your blog(s) is a real thrill and adds fuel to the will to continue.

Happy Blogging!

Do Belong To A Blogging Community? 6 comments

lorlie6 profile image

lorlie6 6 years ago from Bishop, Ca

This is so exciting, Drifter-I look forward to it with great anticipation.

lyricsingray 6 years ago

Drifter, this is so smart, although some of it is difficult for me to understand, given my knowledge, or lack of,limitations of this topic. I am so proud of you and hope the best and success in your new endeavor, Kimberly xo

Drifter0658 profile image

Drifter0658 6 years ago from Carlisle Author

I really am deeply touched (well, that too) by the support by you two fine Hubbers. Thanks lorlie and Kimberly!

Love the ever changing face of Kimberly. Each one as beautiful as the last and full of life.

AJ2008 6 years ago

Well, from personal experience I can confirm that Drifter has indeed helped the Blogging Community that is Crabbys Beach to grow and thrive. I am proud and happy to be part of that community.

dear addict profile image

dear addict 5 years ago from where people are helping people

where u at?

schoolgirlforreal profile image

schoolgirlforreal 3 years ago from USA

Cool hub, I don't understand all the tech lingo either, but sounds great. Where is this community? Pubwages? :D

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