Creating a Cactus Garden With Recycled Material

Create an awesome cactus garden

Once you've selected a place to create your cactus garden, plan to start a search for some items that you can use in your garden. You might consider using a broken clay planter that can be used in several different ways to embellish your cactus garden. Depending on the way it is broken might decide the way you use it. If it just has a big chunk out of it, fill it with dirt and plant a small cactus so that it grows out of the hole. You can lay the pot on its side to serve to serve its purpose if you need to.

A broken wagon wheel will be a great decorative item to use in your cactus garden. You can partially plant it in the ground so that it is able to stand up straight. You might also want to use and old rusted bucket that you've found or purchased at a flea market as a planter. Not only will it give your cactus garden some detail but it will also look very rustic which will make your cactus garden unique.

Another great item that you might use to add a unique look to your cactus garden is an old cowboy boot, you can purchase a pair of cowboy boots from your local thrift store or even a garage sale that you can use. Fill it with dirt and place the cactus of your choice coming out the top of the boot. The boot will hold up well to the elements and it will also drain well when it rains without loosing the soil.

You can place a cow skull in your cactus garden too if you'd like to give it the look of the old west. You can easily find them at flea markets. While shopping the flea market, keep your eyes peeled for some old pots such as wash pots and wash tubs, they're great for planting cactus and if you can find a couple of small ones or even a variety of sizes, you can plant different types of cactus in each one so that you create an eye pleasing garden.

You might choose to go to a river bed near you home and use various rocks to create the look that you want. Try to choose a few smaller rocks that you can place together to form a planter type space. Fill the space with soil and plant your cactus so that it is growing out of the rock formation.

Perhaps you'd like for your cactus garden to have sections and even levels, use old railroad ties or old landscape timbers to create those levels. Plant different types of cactus on each level and even throw in some succulents so that you have plenty of variety in your garden. You can place your levels in the back of your garden area or you can use just a small corner so that you have the rest of the garden to place your garden decor.

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Johan Smulders profile image

Johan Smulders 4 years ago from East London, South Africa

You need a lot of space to implement these ideas. My cactus garden is a small one and can rather be described as aloe garden. Thanks for the ideas!

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