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When the everyday person decides to source a new mobile or tablet plan in order to access the internet on the go, as you would expect, the first thing they usually look at is the data allowance on offer. Most recently in Australia, mobile data plans both prepaid and postpaid have become rather popular. This is obviously a consequence of the smart device as either a phone or tablet (or in some cases both) reaching almost every home.

However rather than just looking at how much data is on offer via a plan, we should also be looking at what increments the data offered by the plan is being counted.

This is how the metrics work:

  • A Kilobyte is equal to 1,024 bytes and can be abbreviated to KB.

  • A Megabyte is equal to 1,048 KB and can be abbreviated to MB.

  • A Gigabyte is equal to 1,000 MB and can be abbreviated to GB.

Charging by the Megabyte means that each time your mobile or tablet creates an internet session, whether you stay connected for one second or 100 seconds, you will at a minimum be charged for a full Megabyte.

The next step is to define an Internet session. Here are some examples:

"A data session could be defined as the connection your phone or tablet makes with the communications tower. If your phone turns off, then you will loose your data connection which means you will start another one when you reconnect.

Also if you loose signal or your mobile phone switches over to 2G/3G (which can happen quite frequently depending on where you live), this will also cut your data session. The reconnection begins a new one.

What this reconnection means is that even if you are browsing a website and have used a few kilobytes of data e.g. 0.2MB, having increments in megabytes means you will be charged a full 1MB."

By choosing a plan that uses increments of per Kilobyte, you will in fact only be charged for what you use. There is no rounding up to the full Megabyte even if you only spend twenty per cent (20%) of it. This is your best bet and means that even if a plan offers less overall data, you will get full use of it, i.e. it should last you longer and ensure you receive full value for your money.


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