Automatically Back Up Your Data For Free

Consider Data Backups

Everybody has heard about someone whose computer has crashed. It’s a horrible disarray. Maybe, that person didn’t think about backing up there data until about 5 minutes after it was too late. It’s more practical to back up your data to avoid these unfortunate mishaps.

Computer hard drives crash for a numerous amount of reasons. You don’t want to be completing a 50 page project when this transpires. What happened to the data? It is lost in the infinite void that has become home to countless bytes of data.

This is more alarming than a bad hair day but you can keep it from happening to you. Are you prepared to lose your email contacts, messages or copies of e-filed tax returns? How about all of your photos? If you have never considered backing up your data in the past because it never really crossed your mind then it may be time to implement a course of action to preserve your data.

Some may not know this but Windows has its own built in backup program. Since, a lot of people still use XP I will demonstrate the step-by-step for backing up your data.

(You will need your Windows disk for this.)

  1. At the “Welcome” screen click Perform Additional Tasks.
  2. Now click Browse this CD.
  3. Double-click the ValueAdd folder, then Msft, and then Ntbackup.
  4. Click on Ntbackup.msi to install the Backup utility.

Now you will have installed the backup utility that will now be located under the Accessories | System Tools category called Backup.

What to backup?

Choose your data backup solution.

Once you have started up the utility you need to decide what you want to backup. A good choice would be to backup My documents and settings. It would be a better choice than attempting a complete backup of the entire hard drive since we are going to set it to back up on a schedule.

Items to back up.

Select your data.

5. Now click Next and then select what you need to have backed up.

Final Steps

Choose your removable media destination.

For this next step make sure you have some kind of external media attached to you computer. ( IE: Flash Drive, External Hard drive, ect…)

6. Choose your backup destination and then click Next.

7. At the completion screen click on the Advanced button

Setup your schedule.

8. Now setup your schedule by clicking Next | Later | Set Schedule

9. Click on Ok and you’re done.

Whether it be in Windows like we have demonstrated or using third party software it's not difficult to put a backup system in place. So, back up you data before it's too late.

Here’s a list of other backup alternatives.

  • Mozy – free up to 2GB; $4.95 per month for unlimited data
  • Carbonite – yearly subscription of $49.95 for unlimited data
  • SOS Online Backup - $39.95 per year


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