Design in Green the Renault Twizy study case

Renault Twizy
Renault Twizy | Source

It would be just too easy about the Renault Twizy to tell that we were ready to introduce to the market the first EV city car.

When I have been invitated by Studio Comelli in Milan to be part of the Design in Green conference in Torino I understood it was a good opportunity to tell the story behind the Twizy project and how Renault had the courage to create and realize a full range of EV cars today already on the market.

Big Depression USA 1929-39
Big Depression USA 1929-39 | Source

Financial crisis teach us a lot!

To talk about this subject I decided to start from a long time ago exactly from the American Big Depression time 1929 – 1934 to arrive at today’s first Global Financial Crisis. The reason is simple: studies about each crisis showed how technologies and creativity improved and provoked big important changes in societies. In a few words heavy crisis provoke finding for alternatives in order to re-launch Economies around the world and people at the end get advantages by these actions just like technology. TGV fast trains in France, Internet and today consciousness about Sustainable Design are a proof.

In 2006 Obama has been the first American President elected also on his ideas about new sustainable technologies research programs and in 2007 carlos Ghons Renault President announced at the Geneva Auto Show that Renault was going to produce a full range of EV cars.

Well today we do have Tesla EV super cool cars on sale in US and in Europe Renault did produce and put on sale its 4 EV cars starting from: Twizy – Kangoo VU – Fluence and Zoe.

Today Renault + Nissan already sold 100000 EV cars worldwide!

Renault Twizy Design team
Renault Twizy Design team | Source

The Twizy project

Twizy was born in this social context, in other words the time was ready to start seriously the EV car project for production. So we started to design a city car in tandem (2 people) fully electric and with a real cool design to create a sort of trendy car.

In 1 year time at the R&D design studio managed by Patrick Lecharpy I was asked to manage the project and working with our Barcelona design studio and our Design studio in India we made 2 prototypes: 1 static for presentation purposes and a running one made at one of our local French suppliers.

Design process was shortened because of timing and at the end of 2007 our President decided to give his GO for production after few running test in our prototype.

This project management also opened up doors to our new R&D Renault Team including Design + Engineering + Product Planning/Marketing.

Design electric can be emotional

Naturally to design and manage a project like Twizy has been very exciting too! And it can be very exciting to Design a green car like the Dezir Concept and The Twizy Formula 1 we recently made.

© 2013 Luciano Bove

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