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DJI Inspire 1 Quadcopter

DJI Inspire 1 Quadcopter
DJI Inspire 1 Quadcopter | Source

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Hobby drones offer a low cost and cutting edge resource that can provide any number of solutions and practical applications. With kits and pre-assembled UAVs falling in prices, the range of situations where they are proving to be useful continues to grow. With the right drone, hobby users, professionals and those who interested in making use of a new and useful tool for meeting their security and commercial needs will be able to enjoy a versatile solution.

What is Dronography

Learning more about the difference between a toy drone and a domestic drone that is intended for more professional and commercial purposes can allow you to make the most out of your selection and ensuring purchase. With uses ranging from remote photography, delivery, and security surveillance to the simple challenge of operating a UAV purely as a hobby, these machines are growing in both popularity and sophistication. Finding the right drone kit to fit your needs will provide you with a powerful tool that can be used in an increasing number of ways and circumstances.

The drone kits and vehicles that are available for purchase can aid you in your efforts to improve your photography, monitor your security concerns remotely and even keep an eye on your residence or commercial property. With the expanding usefulness of these machines, and falling prices for most models, kits and devices, the opportunity to make use of such a versatile and unique resource has never been greater. The right hobby drone can prove to be a uniquely useful asset for any number of situations. A drone GoProā€¸ is another powerful combination for capturing imagery.

Control your air drone with the iPad or iPhone 7.


Drones will be admitted to standard US Airspace by 2015

Aerial drone photography can be used to cover sporting events, survey real estate, or even assess damage after fires or other disasters.

UAVs [Unmanned Aerial Vehicles] are being integrated into our domestic airspace and the applications are endless.

  • Drone Delivery - Amazon Prime Air will deliver parcels by drones.
  • Agriculture - Farmers can use drones to survey crops
  • Real Estate - UAVs capture a unique view of properties and homes
  • Security - Private security drones will monitor properties
  • Police - Police will utilize drones to search for suspects and secure our borders
  • Energy - Energy companies will use drones to monitor power lines
  • Environment - UAVs will be used for environmental analysis and land surveys
  • Anti-poaching - Drones will monitor wildlife in an effort to stop poaching
  • Drone Journalism - UAVs will be used for news reporting and to monitor human rights.
  • Pizza Drone - Domino' pizza is experimenting with delivering pizza by flying drone
  • Sushi Drone - No need for waiters - drones are delivering sushi right to your table with the iTray.

Drone technology is growing up fast, and people will utilize UAVs for business, hobby or security. The possibilities for "Eyes in the Skies" are endless. Stay tuned for new drones in 2015.


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