eBook Reader Device - Top 5 Compared

Which eBook Reader Device Should You Get?

When trying to decide between the top eBook reader devices’s it can be hard to know which one you should get.

We will compare the top eBook readers on the market today to help you make a decision.

We will look at the:

  • Amazon's Kindle
  • Barnes & Noble Nook
  • Sony's Reader Touch's
  • Borders Kobo
  • and Ipad/iPhone

What size will the new Kindle 4 be?
What size will the new Kindle 4 be?

Is the Amazon Kindle the Best eReader?

I've started with the Amazon Kindle because when it comes to e-readers the Kindle is still by far the most popular. And there is good reason for this, namely that it has Amazon's backing behind it, it's (now) relatively inexpensive, and it was first on the scene - so still considered the Pioneer.

Plus it helped that Oprah gave her endorsement of it when it became one of her favorite things.

The current version (Kindle 3G Wifi) does however lack in a few areas, namely that it's still a black and white screen (using e-ink) and that it isn't a touchscreen.

That's likely to change with the next Kindle. Kindle 4 rumours are already rife that the new Kindle with have a full colour screen (especially since e-ink now produces color) and that it will be a touch screen.

There are also rumours that it will be more 'book' like with readers being able to choose things like coffee stains and dog ears to add to their 'pages' to make it look more authentic.

If Amazon are smart (and they are) they'll probably want to make the Kindle more tablet like, similar to the iPad, while still being smaller and slimmer so it's still ultra portable. (I love my iPad but I don't often take it out of the house - it's just that bit too big).

eBook Reader Comparison


In terms of price, there isn’t much between them with the most expensive being the Kindle DX at $489.00 and the cheapest being the Sony Reader PRS-700 at $199.99. However considering the DX is a larger model (both in terms of size and capacity) you can see where the difference in price lies.


The screen size on all but the DX is 6”, with the Kindle DX having a screen size of 9.7”.

Only the Kindle 2 and Kindle DX have the text to speech functionality.  However the Nook and Sony Reader’s have touch screen which many customers seem to want today.

One disadvantage of the Sony Reader’s is that they don’t have Wi-fi or Bluetooth capabilities which means you can’t download ebook’s directly to the device (you have to hook them up to your computer and download from there).  The Kindle’s have the advantage here as downloading books from Amazon is a relatively simple procedure no matter where you happen to be.

The Kindle’s also have better grayscale levels, with the Kindle and Nook both showing 16 shades of grey compared to the 8 shades that the Sony shows.

Recharge times and battery life are fairly comparable between the models with not a lot of differences.

The Kindle’s and Nook also beat the Sony model’s in terms of memory and storage as well as the Kindle 2 & Nook having 2GB, the Kindle DX having 4GB and the Sony Touch Readers only having 512MB (although to be fair you can store your books externally as you can have up to 32GB removable memory on the Sony Book Readers.

Overall we think the Kindle 2 is the best value for your money in terms of what features you get and the ease of downloading books directly from Amazon.  And since it is the best selling ebook reader device on the market – you can’t go wrong.

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