Hard to find eBay and PayPal phone numbers

I personally know how frustrating it is trying to find the phone numbers to eBaY and PayPal, especially if your account was suspended from eBay or frozen from paypal. Maybe your eBay account was hijacked or paypal account was hacked like hundreds of others have been.


I have obtained these eBay contact phone numbers throughout the past 5 years and saved them for my personal use, until now. I have searched all over the internet and never found many of these phone numbers listed, anywhere.

I have also listed the PayPal phone numbers I have collected. There are not many alternatives to paypal, although I am now using AlertPay which is comparable to paypal. My Papal account was frozen without any notice, this had happened to me three times! Once I was shopping and when I tried to use my paypal debit card, my paypal debit card came up DECLINED! I knew I had plenty of cash in that paypal account. I raced home thinking my paypal account was hacked again, for the third time (yes, I was also a hack victim) - only to find out my paypal account was froze, I needed to come up with documents to prove who I was. Paypal locked up my cash that I desperately needed and wanted me to prove who I was. I now keep that paypal account as empty as possible.

If you are looking for more alternatives to Paypal, click on the link "PayPal Alternatives ".

For UP-TO-DATE lists, visit www.ebay-phone-number.com

eBay Phone Numbers







1-408-558-7412 (Meg)




02086 053 000 (eBay UK)

0700-500-3229 (eBay UK)

0700-809-9181 (eBay UK)

0208-605-3000 (eBay UK)

416-961-1970 (eBay Canada)

44-700-500-3229 (eBay International)

022-24990700 (eBay India)

02-8280-6400 (eBay Australia)

0900-1-463229 (eBay Germany)

0900-26-32-29 (eBay Austria)

0900-46-32-29 (eBay Switzerland)

eBay Billpoint

eBay began the process of phasing out Billpoint around October 2002, I thought there may be a need for these numbers and will be kept on this site for now.

(408) 376-7400


(408) 376-4901 FAX

(408) 626-4901 FAX

eBay Half.com


888-879-4253 ext 1

Some of the paypal phone numbers listed here are listed elsewhere but are conveniently (for paypal) hard to find, this will make things much faster for you.

PayPal phone numbers

888 221-1161


402-537-5745 (Paypal fax)



1-866-392-9952 (Paypal Canada)

+1-402-935-2050 (Paypal International)

08707-307-191 (Paypal UK)

0800-358-7929 (Paypal UK)

1-890-943-220 (Paypal Ireland)

+353-1-436-9001 (Paypal Ireland)

1-800-073-263 (Paypal Australia)

02-8223-9500 (Paypal Australia)

0821 230 233 (Paypal France)

+353 1 436 9005 (Paypal France)

0900 265 8950 (Paypal Nederlands)

070 359 905 (Paypal Netherlands)

070 359 905 (Paypal Belgique)

0180 500 66 27 (Paypal Deutschland \ Germany)

+49 180 500 66 27 (Paypal Austria / Österreich)

00 353 1 436 9001 (Paypal Poland)

902 88 52 48; 08:00 (Paypal Spain)

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