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Facebook Cover Photos
Facebook Cover Photos

Facebook Covers

One of the new features of Facebook profiles/timeline are personalized Facebook covers. This feature allows you to use one of your photos which by the way, is not recommended, to use as a cover. For a more personalized feel however, specialized covers can be used.

On Facebook, your profile, or your page works as your very own personal website, and these covers serve as your banner. So remember to use this feature wisely!

Facebook Cover Photos

There are lots of Facebook cover photos to choose from. They range from different genres, styles, themes and more. Many websites offer good facebook cover photos, so you can use one even if you’re not talented or simply doesn’t know how to do graphic design. Here’s an outline of some good cover photo themes:

Interest-based Covers

The covers are specialized to portray a specific interest, such as pets, fictional characters, sports, and more. Heck this kind even includes celebrity covers, and unique hobbies. Interestingly, this kind of cover photos is the most popular downloaded facebook covers.

Seasonal Covers

There are lots of facebook cover photos depicting different seasons. Depending on that time of the year, using season based cover photos will surely keep you in the trend. The most popular ones are those covers during Christmas and Summer time.

Cause-based Covers

Passionate about environmental awareness, animal rights, or some other cause? Whether you are promoting an NGO, or collecting donations for some event, using cause-based cover photos will surely catch other people’s attention (and hopefully have them root for your cause).

Facebook Covers
Facebook Covers

Using Facebook Cover Photos

Aside from using them to apply personalizations on your profiles, they offer business accounts a whole new way for them to develop their brand. How? To put this simply, they can add their logos or other pictures displaying their brand as their cover photo. This would allow other users – their prospective customers a chance to develop a lasting impression about their business. Powerful isn’t?

Facebook Covers
Facebook Covers

Facebook cover photo tips:

  • If you’re developing your very own Facebook covers, don’t forget that the image size should be 851 x 315 pixels. Anything more or less would either rescale or rejected. There are lots of cover creators available to help you.

  • Match your cover photo with your profile photo!

    • For businesses, the best move for a profile photo would be your business icon

    • For personal profiles, make your cover photo and profile photo interact!

Facebook Cover Photo Ideas

Looking to create a cover photo that will surely make a lasting impression? Here’s a few ideas for yah:

- For Businesses, here’s a few good creative design ideas:

  • Professional tagline or motto
  • A word that symbolizes your brand
  • Quote which arises the curiosity of the users
  • Pictures compelling emotions
  • Happy customers

- For personal profiles, the best cover photo would be the one that truly represents you, like your favourite sport, pet, game, or fictional character. Overall however, you should find one that is unique to your taste, as this would really leave a lasting impression to your friends and would-be friends.

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talfonso profile image

talfonso 4 years ago from Tampa Bay, FL

I love the idea of custom Facebook covers! I have a picture of the interchange of Routes 4 and 17 in Paramus, NJ. (I have taken that picture myself in Summer 2011 and included it in one of my own Hubs.) It shows that I'm a roadgeek, someone who loves going on road trips and taking pictures of signs!

Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

Gypsy Rose Lee 4 years ago from Riga, Latvia

Voted up and useful. Thanks for this informative hub. Will look into Facebook cover photos and passing this on.

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