How to Create A Facebook Page

How to Create A Facebook Page

Facebook Pages get a lot of search engine respect. Even "big business" takes them as seriously as they do with their own corporate websites. Learn what the big deal is about, and how you can make your own from scratch!

There's never been a better time to get your online business going with a Facebook Page. Make it part of your strategy to tap into that *MASSIVE* Facebook population to get noticed, get selling...or just get attention!

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Create A Facebook Page

What is a Facebook Page?

A Facebook Page, sometimes referred to as a "Fan Page," is a single page that you can create off of the domain for anything you want...a particular subject you like: a celebrity, a business profile, whatever your heart desires (as long as you have the legal rights to do so). Think of it as a one-page meeting place, with information, links, a message forum box, RSS and anything else you want. Best yet, anyone can create them. All you need is a Facebook account!

These days, everyone and everything important, famous or notable has a Facebook Page -- from President Obama, to Intel and Lady Gaga. The obvious question is "how do I get one for myself?" That's what this resource is all about!

Facebook Pages are important for a few reasons. They've been showing up high in search engine positions. You can get unlimited "fans" for your Facebook Page, and really tap into that massive audience that is 'Facebook.' It's an awesome way to get new people to discover whatever it is you have to offer. So, unless you want to create a social networking site the traditional way, a Facebook Page is almost like a free, specialized social networking mailing list that you can reach out to at any time!

Facebook Page location on a Facebook profile
Facebook Page location on a Facebook profile

How Do I Find the Facebook Pages Area?

For newbies, it can be confusing to figure out how to find Facebook Pages. Facebook changes its interface and appearance on a regular basis, and things tend to get re-named or move around. This happened once again in 2012, when Facebook completely re-organized the sidebar as well as the Pages listing.

On your main wall, look at the left hand column for a section of icons called "Pages." Hover over the title, "Pages," and it will be clickable while displaying the word "More" to the right of it. Once clicked, you'll be taken to a full list of your owned Facebook Pages, with a button on the upper right that says "+ Create a Page."

Go directly to the Facebook Page creation wizard by clicking this link. Onward to more tutorial goodness!

Create a New Facebook Page

Create a new Facebook page
Create a new Facebook page

You should see 6 major categories here. Click the one that has to do with the Page you're looking to create, and more options will pop up that will help you drill down further into a subcategory. So, if I wanted to create a Facebook Page for my personal website, I'd choose "Brand or Product," and then "Website."

When done, you can then type out the "Name" for your page. Be absolutely sure that you're happy with your Page name, because it will be in the Page's URL (something of interest to you SEO pros), and next to every post and reply you make on the page. Keep it short and sweet! If your Facebook Page is for your personal website named "," it would be best to name the page either "Joe's Car Blog" or "".

Depending on what "category" you choose, your Facebook Page will have different fields in its "About" area. So, some choices will give you a "working hours" or "awards" field, while others won't display these. These are all hard-coded for each subcategory.

Technically speaking, you now own a Facebook Page! As you can see, it's bland and needs some serious modifications. Next, we'll start customizing the page:

Customize Your Page

Major Parts of a Facebook Page

Facebook Page areas
Facebook Page areas

The image above shows a typical Facebook Page - it's from the Facebook Page Tutorial that I created for you, which will remain in-tact so that you can see what I did.

In this resource, we'll go over each part, and what it means to you as a Facebook Page administrator. While everything looks simple enough, there are a lot of things you'll really need to know about each section of your Page. Using the numbers on this screenshot, here are the sections in this guide:

  1. Profile Picture: This picture is a permanent fixture on the upper left corner of your Page. It also represents you whenever you post information or links on the page.
  2. Page Title: Your page is as good as what it's named. Once you reach 200 "likes," it's permanent. The category, however, can be edited anytime.
  3. "About" Section: This small area allows you to include a very brief description of what your page is about, and should be used as a greeting for brand new visitors.
  4. Page Body: The main event of your page. This is where you post new information or calls to action, and where your Page fans respond to them.
  5. Page "Likes" Showcase: This often overlooked area is actually a big way to promote your other pages (or those of other Facebook Pages).
  6. Admin Panel: As an admin, only you can see everything within this region. This is where you'll be able to edit how and what the page displays.
  7. Cover Image: The "cover" image is a newer feature that lets you add a custom made dashboard graphic to your page to spice it up or draw attention to something.

1) The Profile Picture - The Facebook Page's "face"

Upload a Facebook Page profile picture
Upload a Facebook Page profile picture

Your Facebook Page's profile picture is important. Think of it this way: its the image representation of your page and everything in it. When people search Facebook and look for Pages, one of the first things that will attract their eyeballs is the Page icon you chose.

Now that you can see how important this image is, make it count. Create a great image that represents what the Page's subject matter is about!

A Facebook Page Profile Picture must be exactly 180x180 pixels. After being uploaded, Facebook will automatically resize it to 160x160. Because of this, the picture will lose resolution if it's a GIF or JPG, so, I recommend you use a PNG image instead!

2) Facebook Page Title - It's all in a name...make it count!

Change Facebook page name
Change Facebook page name

Make sure you're happy with your Page name, and make sure the spelling is on par. As previously discussed, changing the name of your Page is a problem once you've already saved it. Facebook remedied this. Kind of.

Renaming A Page

If your page has 200 fans or less, you'll be able to edit the name of your Facebook Page (don't confuse "Page name" with "URL," they're two different things - we're talking about the title of the Page). The bad news about this is the <200 fan cutoff. You'll have a major issue if your page has >200 fans and you desperately need to edit your Page name. It can't be done... the only option would be to re-start the Page from scratch (not an option for most).

If you desperately, terribly need to change your Facebook Page's name and you already have over 200 "Likes," the only way to do it is to delete fans until you hit #199. This is a pretty disrespectful thing to do, though.

Lowercase & Capitals...and Titles

All page names must begin with an uppercase letter. This is something that will make a lot of people mad if their brand or company name starts with a lower-case letter, like "eWhatever." You'll be forced to name such a page "Ewhatever."

This is a newer change Facebook made to Page titles. You might be able to get a manual review if your registered trademark has a syntax where the name starts with a lower-case (we'll review how registered trademarks give you an advantage later in the advanced tips section). After all, iPhone, iPad and all other such pages got it done.

3) The "About" Box - A sentence to summarize the Page

Facebook Page about section
Facebook Page about section

The little "about box" you see below your Facebook Page profile picture is what you'll need to give first-time visitors the scoop on what the entire Page is about - make sure it's brief, and don't forget to squeeze in a backlink to your site!

Don't go overboard here -- just a simple one-sentence description of what your Facebook Page is about will suffice! At the end of your description, you can type in a full URL (with the "http://www." before it) and it will appear as a live link right on your page.

4) Facebook Page Body Area - Get the conversation started...add some content!

The Facebook Page body area
The Facebook Page body area

You can post anything you'd like on your Facebook Page, in the exact same way that you would on your own Facebook profile. There's not much else to say about this, since I'm assuming you already know how to use Facebook :)

Promoted Posts

As of late 2012, there's a new catch...when you post something on a Facebook Page, it will only reach a fraction of your fans, because Facebook got greedy and started a new "Promoted Posts" feature where you have to pay to have your posts reach more fans. A single promoted post costs a minimum of $5, lasts 3 days, and can reach either current fans or fans + their friends.

Pin To Top

Another newer feature is called "Pin To Top." You can find it by posting something, then clicking "Edit" and choosing this option. It will cement that post to the top of your page, and it's a great option if you want to call attention to something specific.

Facebook created somewhat of a "Catch-22" with the new Promoted Posts feature. If you don't pay, your posts might reach around 1/4th of your fan base. Can't afford to pay to promote your posts? Too bad -- this is capitalism, baby!

5) Page "Likes" Showcase - How to showcase other FB Pages on your Page

Facebook Page favorites
Facebook Page favorites

A feature called "Add To My Page's Favorites" is a way to permanently showcase other Facebook Pages directly on your own (hint: this is awesome for bringing attention to other new Facebook Pages that you own!)

In order to get this done, visit any Facebook Page that you'd like to showcase on your page. For example's sake, let's look at Coca Cola's page . Click the little "gear" icon on the right, next to the "Like" and "Message" icons. Choose "Add To My Page's Favorites" and then select your Facebook Page from the dropdown. In doing so, Coca Cola's page will be featured as a "liked page" on your Facebook Page.

This can be un-done at any time, of course. Simply visit Coca Cola's Facebook Page again, go to the "gear" icon again, and select "Remove from my page's favorites."

There are plenty of advantages to using this feature, from associating similar pages you own with each other, to promoting your friend's page (and having him/her return the favor for you, etc.) to bring more traffic, awareness or attention to them.

6) Hovering Administration Panel - Only you can see it

Facebook Page admin section
Facebook Page admin section

Impossible to ignore: this huge administration menu hovers over the top of your Facebook Page. While it might look rather annoying, don't worry - nobody else can see it but you.

This menu has several important sections:

  1. Notifications: When you get a new "like" on a post, or a new post altogether, it will be shown here. It's basically a quick list of new things that have gone on within the page.
  2. Messages: This is one of the better features that Facebook added to Pages, allowing any visitor to send you a private message to your page. Only you can see it. Also, it is entirely separate from your Facebook Profile's personal messages, and only pertains to that individual Facebook Page..
  3. New Likes: It's simply a list of the most recent people who have "like"d your page.
  4. Insights: This is like Google Analytics for your Facebook Page, except it's done Facebook style. Clicking this chart will show you a large version, giving you details about exactly who is liking your page, and how it is trending over time.
  5. Page Tips: Facebook basically uses this corner to advertise a new app or feature. It pretty much never changes, though.

Additional drop-down boxes on the upper-right portion of this floating menu for "Edit Page" and "Build Audience" are pretty self-explanatory, and contain all of the other tools you'll need to update and maintain your page. Become familiar with them as soon as possible.

7) Cover Image - Decorate and stylize the top of your Page

Facebook cover image
Facebook cover image

This great feature allows you to assign a "header image" on your Facebook Page. Simply click that icon on the top-right area that says "Add A Cover" and upload one from your computer. You can use the cover image as decoration, or a complement to your strategy. Here, the New Jersey Devils used their cover image to announce a new "fan of the week."

Your Facebook Page cover image must be exactly 851x350 pixels. Be sure to make it be a PNG-24 image (instead of a JPG or GIF) so that it looks crisp and loses no resolution!

Publishing Your Facebook Page

Unpublished Facebook Page warning
Unpublished Facebook Page warning

New Facebook Pages with little to no content, no likes and pretty much nothing else updated will be treated with the warning: "This page has not been published. Learn about unpublished pages and publish this page when you are ready."

Here are two things to follow through with:

  1. Did you "fan" your own Page?: Seems obvious, but if a page has "0 fans," it's not going to get published. Give it a little jumpstart.
  2. Did you add any content?: Facebook won't see you as being a serious Page owner if your Page has no content in the body area, no Page profile picture and no "About" section filled out. Go ahead and add these things!

Advanced Tips

Get a "Vanity URL" for Your Facebook Page - Register a URL to look like ""

Facebook Page Username
Facebook Page Username

No Facebook Page is truly professional until it has a decent vanity URL. What's a vanity URL? It's a short, easy-to-remember URL (like ""), unlike the default Page URL that looks something like "".

Getting Permission Granted for Vanity URLs

In order to unlock your ability to name a Facebook Page, you'll need a minimum of 25 fans. Once you've gotten this many, visit, and you should see an interface that lists a drop-down of all of your owned Facebook Pages. Select only the ones that have 25 or more fans, and you'll be able to name them.

A Huge Warning!

Please be extremely careful here, since this is yet another feature that is set in stone when finalized! Once you choose a name for a Facebook Page, you get one extra "do-over" to change it, and then that's it - it will remain that way forever. Make sure the spelling and grammar is correct, and that you're happy with your selection. Then, click Submit.

If you happen to take that one "do-over" and change your Page URL, be aware that your old choice will be gone forever. Nobody will ever be able to register that word again, including you.

Other Notable Things About Facebook Vanity URLs

Facebook has blocked the ability to register many possible Page Names, so, don't be shocked if you can't register something like "" or "" They're not available to anyone, regardless of who you are. Many of these were granted to worldwide organizations (but not corporations).

Note that since we're able to give our own Facebook profiles a vanity URL as well, both Facebook Profiles and Pages compete against each other for the registration of words and names. So, you might not be able to register that Facebook Page name you really wanted, because someone already chose it for their profile name. It's extremely frustrating for any business owner.

Facebook Page URLs can never have dashes or underscores in them, but they can use periods. You can register a Facebook vanity URL with or without periods, and you'll own both versions. So, if you've registered "", then you'll also own "" and every other combination with periods in the URL.

There was a small handful of times where I was able to register Facebook Page vanity URLs right after creating a page with 0 likes. I'm not sure if it's a glitch, or if Facebook lets you do it for URLs that are not common words. Always give it a try right away, you might luck out, too!

Facebook shows their seriousness about Page name legitimacy

Facebook shows their seriousness about Page name legitimacy
Facebook shows their seriousness about Page name legitimacy
Reporting trademark violation to Facebook
Reporting trademark violation to Facebook

Trademark Owners Get Advantages

Gaining control of your rightful FB Page name

In unfortunate scenarios where someone else already took your trademarked company name as a Facebook Page, you'll have a gigantic line of defense if you own a trademark for it. That's why trademarks are so worth their while!

Contacting Facebook for Trademark Violations

Let's say you own the company "Acme Anvils," you own a trademark on that name, and someone already registered "" You really NEED that URL for obvious reasons. Facebook will work with you on handing it over to you, its rightful owner, if you feel your trademark rights have been violated per their TOS for infringement. Facebook used to offer an online form to report these cases, but have now made it more difficult, as you'll have to contact Facebook the traditional way.

State Your Trademark Registration # and Case

When you report a trademark violation or wish to gain control of a Facebook Page name that represents your trademark, be sure to have your trademark registration number ready (it typically looks like "01/234567" in the US and "TMA123456" in Canada, and varies in other countries). Be sure to have a strong statement justifying why you believe this is infringement. If your case is weak, you probably won't be granted the Page URL. I've done it twice - once for a previous company I worked for, and another time for a registered trademark I own, and Facebook has been nothing but helpful and speedy in both situations.

Trademark owners are exempt from the "minimum 25 fans" rule for Facebook Pages in this case. Learn more about registering your own trademark -- I highly recommend getting one if you can afford it, since they carry countless protections and conveniences.

Promote Your Page

Suggest A Facebook Page To Your Friends - An initial push toward getting your Page some quick "likes"

Suggest a Facebook Page to your friends
Suggest a Facebook Page to your friends

Your new page only has one "Like," and it's your own. What's a quick way to get a bunch more? Why not suggest the page to your friends -- people who will willingly help you out!

Here's how to do it: go to your Facebook Page, and look for the drop-down box on the upper-right that says "Build Audience." Click it, and choose "Invite Friends." You'll now see a full list of every single Facebook friend you have. The bad news is that you'll have to manually check the box next to every single one of them if you want to suggest your page to everyone.

There's one more catch: when you suggest the page, Facebook won't allow you to attach any kind of note to the suggestion. Your friends will see a message in their Notifications window (it's the little globe icon -- the 3rd icon to the right of the Facebook logo on the upper left) that will say "YourName has invited you to like his page PageNameHere." Most of your friends will probably ignore it, unless you also private message them and let them know you need help getting more "Likes" to your new page.

Alternately, you can share your new Facebook Page as a new post on your personal profile. Kindly ask everyone to "Like" the page. Unfortunately, a large majority of your entire friend list might not see it, so do this during a time when most people are on Facebook (after work and dinner on a weeknight).

Put a Facebook Like Box on Your Website - Even major corporations are doing it!

A Facebook Fan Box widget
A Facebook Fan Box widget

One of the coolest ways to promote your Facebook Page is with a "Facebook Like Box." Want to get one? Go here, enter the URL for your Facebook Page, and tweak a few settings. Then, put the code on your blog or site!

Facebook Like Boxes display random fans from your page (all of them are represented by their icon and first name, and are clickable, bringing your to their profile page). It lists the number of fans for your page, and also includes a link going to the page itself. Overall, these Like Boxes are widely recognizable. Major companies are putting them on their pages to boost their social networking campaigns. You can further tweak how the Like Box works, too.

Ranking in Facebook Search - SEO within Facebook - who would have known?

Facebook search results
Facebook search results

Facebook has its own internal search engine for Facebook Pages. Above, I searched for "pizza," and this is what I saw. Facebook never made public statements about how these search results are compiled, but there's no doubt that the following factors are involved:

  1. Number of Likes: More likes = a higher ranking in Facebook search. There's no contesting it, and this will be true for any search you perform.
  2. Updates: The more a Facebook Page is added to (updates, pictures, polls, videos), the more likely it will appear higher in Facebook Search for its keyword/category query.
  3. Activity From Fans: The more a Page's fans interact with its posted content, the greater the chance appears to be for that page to appear in Facebook search results.
It's pretty evident that Facebook doesn't tailor its search results to your geographic location (at least, not in this point in time). When I searched, I got results for India, the Middle East & UK, even though I'm in New Jersey.

Viral, Trendy Things Work

Promote your page by jumping on the bandwagon

Regardless if you think it's annoying or not, the biggest trend to bring attention to Facebook Pages these days are the sharing of those stupid little eCards, picture-based quotes and sayings, and other internet memes.

Even if you hate going mainstream -- success may come by replicating these annoyingly popular methods for your own Facebook Page...if they're funny or memorable enough.

Many pages "force" Facebook Page interaction by re-posting irresistible top rated images from sites like Reddit. As a Redditor, I personally find it annoying and lazy, but it is a common practice, nonetheless.

Why not come up with one of your own, making a funny or interesting image related to your niche? Give it a try, if it makes sense for your Page's strategy. Meme Generator and SomeEcards are the most popular ones on the internet, and will let you easily create your own meme images.

Facebook Page FAQs

Facebook Pages vs. Facebook Groups

What's the difference? Which is better?

This is perhaps the biggest question in the realm of "Facebook Business." Should I create a Facebook Page, or a Facebook Group? Which is better, and how are they different?

Here's the deal: a Facebook Page can be seen as a "website within Facebook" for a particular subject. It's a static venue to bring a "voice" (YOUR voice) about a particular product or service to Facebook for a niche community to read and react to. That's why you see TV commercials where a company will actually advertise "" rather than their own "" website. That's the power of a Facebook Page.

Some people "fan" things on Facebook because it adds to their persona and further defines who they are. It's also human nature to represent yourself for the things you find interesting, funny or relevant, and that's what Facebook Pages help accomplish.

Here's a comparison, to make things easier:

  • A Facebook Page is kind of like a website. It gets updated by you, just like a website would. Use it to promote your small business, your personal website, or something else you have tangible or intellectual/legal rights to. A Facebook Page can get a branded URL (like A Facebook Page is treated like an official representation of a brand, product, service or location.
  • A Facebook Group is kind of like a message board. It gets moderated by you, and its focus are the conversations that are posted to it by you and other members. It is central around calendar events and updates. A Facebook Group can not get a branded URL, and Facebook Group URLs are rather ugly, with a long string of numbers. Facebook made them this way, so that people who are not official representatives of an organization/product/etc. cannot have 'ownership' of an established piece of Facebook real estate for it.

A 2nd Facebook Account for 'Business?'

Is creating a 2nd account the right thing to do?

Does makes sense to create multiple Facebook accounts to manage individual pages? According to Facebook's terms of service, creating more than one personal Facebook account is NOT allowed. This is stated several times, and Facebook takes the issue seriously. In other words, I wouldn't attempt to create more than one account for the purpose of organizing Facebook Pages:

Facebook's Statement:

"Please be aware that managing multiple accounts is a serious violation of Facebook's Terms of Use. If we determine that an individual has more than one account, we reserve the right to terminate all of their accounts. Maintaining multiple accounts, regardless of the purpose, is a violation of Facebook's Terms of Use. If you already have a personal account, then we cannot allow you to create business accounts for any reason."

In essence, Facebook Pages nullify the need to create a 2nd Facebook account for your business. You're never allowed to have more than one account -- in doing so, you're risking that 2nd account AND your personal account getting banned at any point. If you've already created a 2nd account and don't know what to do, Facebook recommends that you convert the account to a Facebook Page.

Business FB Pages & Your Personal Account

Should my job's Facebook Page be managed under my personal one?

Most people are leery over the prospect of maintaining a Facebook Page for their full-time job within their personal Facebook account. Long story short - yes, you should create a Facebook Page in a personal account, rather than creating a 2nd Facebook account altogether. The Facebook Page will then be in the possession of that account, and only you can access it, unless you appoint other administrators.

Don't worry about being showcased on your Facebook Page - you won't be. In fact, nobody will ever know of the owner of a Facebook Page, unless they went out of their way to let it be known. Your profile name, picture, etc. will never be visible on the page. Not even when you post things on the page (when you do, the Facebook Page's avatar and name appears as the poster, instead of yours).

The FAQ point above this one mentioned that you're never allowed to create a 2nd Facebook account, even if it's for business. Well, here's the dumb part: there isn't a major corporation on earth that is stupid enough to allow one of their employees to have ownership of the corporate Facebook Page under their private account! They are all breaking Facebook's terms of service by either creating a Facebook account for business, or having their third-party creative firm do it for them.

If you really need to play by the rules, make sure an executive at your office has "ownership" of a Facebook Page and simply appoints you as an administrator.

Transfer a Facebook Page to someone
Transfer a Facebook Page to someone

Transfer A Facebook Page to Someone Else

Is this possible to do?

Facebook says that you can't transfer a Facebook Page to someone else. Well, that's not entirely true. You can set someone else as the administrator of the page, and then you can be demoted to a regular fan. Once that happens, they become the new "owner" the page.

If you want to delete your entire Facebook account, but not lose your Facebook Pages -- simply appoint someone you trust with your life as the Facebook Page administrator.

Then, delete your account...and create a new Facebook account. Visit the pages you transferred to your relative/friend, and "like" them. Then, have your relative/friend set you as the administrator. You'll be the page owner once again, and you can de-admin or remove your relative/friend.

A Facebook business page
A Facebook business page

When A Facebook Page Is "Cybersquatted"

If you don't own the rights, you can't own the Page

If you didn't already know, a "cybersquatter" is someone who knowingly registers a domain name of a trademarked product or company name. Back in the old days of the 'net, it was a good way to blackmail that company into paying you a large sum of cash for the name. Then came the Anti Cybersquatting Consumer Protection Act of 1999. Now, it's a great way to get a company to force you to hand it over, or else.

Just like how you should never register a domain name with someone else's trademark in the title, you should never create a Facebook Page with one, either. In other words, don't create a Facebook Page called "Coca-Cola Bottles" or "Ford Truck Parts." Pages like this will be under a constant threat of being banned by Facebook.

Facebook's Statement:

"Only the official representative of an organization, business, celebrity, or band may create a Facebook Page. If you would like to create a Facebook presence for a celebrity or organization and you are not officially authorized to do so, we suggest you create a Facebook group instead, as these may be created and maintained by any user."

Facebook also cracks down on anyone attempting to "sell" a page, or use their page as a way to solicit affiliate links or spam a list of fans. These days, it may even be impossible to register a branded Facebook Page URL, due to the filters that Facebook has in place.

What is a Facebook Community Page? - What it means when your Page gets this classification

Facebook Community Page
Facebook Community Page

If your Facebook Page appears to be "just for fun" and is not an official representation of something specific, it might get classified as a Facebook Community Page. If this happens, you won't see much of a difference in the way things work -- the page will just appear differently in Facebook search, and in advertisements. You'll be notified if this happens right on your admin menu of the Page. If you disagree with it, you can remove the "Community Page" designation and have it become a regular page.

Typically, if you edit your page and go into the "Basic Information" section and designate an "Official Page," your Facebook Page will be classified as a Community Page.

Facebook Page Analytics

Intro to Facebook Page Statistics - Marketers, are you paying attention?

Facebook Page statistics
Facebook Page statistics

If you're a marketer or are creating pages for any kind of promotional or corporate purpose, you are probably wishing that your Facebook Page had Google Analytics. Well, here's something that's close enough: Facebook has built-in analytics for Facebook Pages!

Based on the tabs above the chart, here are the 4 main components of these analytics:

  1. Overview: The main dashboard showing a line chart correlating the posts on your page, the number of people talking about (mentioning/sharing) them, and the weekly total reach (the number of people who have seen your Page's posts on their Facebook wall). It also states both static and variable statistics from "likes" to weekly trends.
  2. Likes: This data is priceless if you're in business on Facebook. It has pinpoint demographic data about gender and age, countries visiting your page, cities, languages, and devices used to "Like" your page. This is data the kind of proprietary information that you will never get from any website analytics package -- it shows the true marketing data prowess of this social network.
  3. Reach: This dashboard looks very similar to the "Likes" dashboard, except it shows you who (and how many people) your Page updates have actually reached. A "reach" is when someone actually sees the stuff you've posted. Lately, reach has suffered with Facebook Promoted Posts' requiring you to pay to get a greater reach. So, this is a good "damage report" to see how far your "unpaid" campaign has been going.
  4. Talking About This: For most people, this area will be "grayed out" since it requires a decent number of people to constantly be mentioning your page or its posts (a minimum of 30 people at a time, to be exact). If active, it shows you the gender and age of the visitors who are "talking about" your page. At the bottom, two charts show 7-day spreads of data for Page visibility.

Facebook Page analytics
Facebook Page analytics

My Facebook Page Doesn't Have Analytics!

You'll have to "unlock" this's how:

Quite simply, your Facebook Page won't get its analytics feature (called "Insights") unlocked until you get at least 30 Likes. That's why you'll want to get the ball rolling by inviting your friends to "Like" the page, so that it will start catching on and increasing the possibility that their friends, and their friends' friends will "Like" it as well.

I hope my Facebook Pages tutorial helped you! Please leave a comment below. Once again, thanks for all of your comments and questions. I hope you're on your way toward making a kickass Facebook Page!

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How do you login as the "Fan Page" - rather than the profile under which you created it? I'm trying to upload photos for use on the fan page I created, but while logged in, it keeps treating the actions I do as the "person" (fake placeholder account) under which I created the Fan page?

Pixelrage LM profile image

Pixelrage LM 7 years ago Author

[in reply to NWCadmin] You can't, as the fan page is a "property" of your account. You can only log into the account. Since you own the page, only you can administer it.

Magsjoy 7 years ago

Hello. How many facebook pages are you allowed? i.e., you have more than one business.

hanraj2 7 years ago

Has anyone had problems creating a page? I am trying to make a page for the non-profit I work for and Facebook says it cannot approve our organizations name, which is Minnesota Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome? I cannot get anyone to help me at Facebook, does anyone have any suggestions?

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Pixelrage LM 7 years ago Author

[in reply to Magsjoy] Hi Mags, you can have an unlimited number.

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Pixelrage LM 7 years ago Author

[in reply to hanraj2] Hi Hanraj2: does this organization have a registered trademark ID? Sometimes, Facebook will recognize an organization even though a page has never been made for it, and will not allow anybody to create that page unless you work directly with Facebook. Try sending them an email through the "IP infringement form" link I listed above, and explain your situation. This happened to me at my full time job - they will help you for sure. Be sure you have a trademark ID # ready, or they will not help you.

hanraj2 7 years ago

What do i do if our Organization does not have a trademark ID #? We are a non-profit and we have a tax id number. Not sure what I should do. Help!

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pkmcruk 7 years ago from Cheshire UK

This is a great lens and incredibly well put together and informative. Blessed by a SquidAngel :-)

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Grasmere Sue 7 years ago from Grasmere, Cumbria, UK

Its time for me to join facebook- so I'm favoriting your great lens to help me through - thanks!

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lasertek lm 7 years ago

Great lens! This very interesting. I'm not very familiar with facebook page. But with your lens help, I gained lots of information. Will share this lens to my friends and boss.

Visit my lens if you got time. Thanks.

lfabris 7 years ago

There are some really great facebook pages and apps. especially for businesses. i came across an article that lists some:

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Thanks for the info, it is really useful and interesting.

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Looked a very long time for a good description. This is the best and most understandable instruction for facebook I have found so far. A lot questions are answered already

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eccles1 7 years ago

I need to try this ! Thank you for your help

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ronpass lm 7 years ago

Clear explanation of how to develop a Facebook Page and guidance on Facebook Groups vs Facebook Pages. Great resource - just working on a Facebook page now so I will revisit.

WebGirlsGuide 7 years ago

This was so the best thing I've ever come across on facebook! Thank you! I'm recommending it to all my friends!

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Wow! Thank you so much. Just what I had been looking for.

squasher98 7 years ago

Great stuff! You can also check out Facebook Page 101 at

QuitSmokingSupereasy 7 years ago

Ever thought about joining Facebook. Now I know, what to do. Thanks! =)

PamplonaMan 7 years ago

Love the tip on Trademarks! Fantastic info!

bmandbord 7 years ago

Sweet! now i just need something that is facebook page worthy...

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ZenandChic 7 years ago

Cool lens! I have a fan page myself. Blessed by an angel!

Red_Dragon23 7 years ago

It;s amazing how fast the rankings can change. At the beginning Myspace was unmatched but now Facebook is killing them. Every month that is going higher and higher as well. Myspace needs a new plan, and fast.

nineth-writer 7 years ago

thank your lens is very important and i can make a facebook page

blooges 7 years ago

Nice broo.. i like this artikel.. now i can work with facebook page

PAparks 7 years ago

Under Transferring a Facebook Page to Someone Else... how do you demote yourself once you've added another administrator?

Transferring a Facebook Page to Someone Else

Like Facebook says in the screenshot above, you can't transfer a Facebook Page to someone else. Well, that's not entirely true. You can set someone else as the administrator of the page, and then you can be demoted to a regular fan. Once that happens, they become the new "owner" the page.

kizzam 7 years ago

very informative!

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priceandoffer lm 7 years ago

Thank you so much, i will follow it to build my page

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Lisa-Marie-Mary 7 years ago

Lots of good information here - thanks so much! I'm just getting my pages going so this lens came in very handy! :)

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stephenteacher 7 years ago from Corona, CA

My wife has taken facebook to the max. I'm just learning. Thanks!

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Amy Fricano 7 years ago from WNY

thanks. superior tutorial.

J_Edwards 7 years ago

Pretty exhaustive and detailed guide you have here. Amazing tutorial.

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KathyMcGraw2 6 years ago from California

I love reading tutorials "after" I have done something, in this case set up my page. I think I did it correctly, and will use a few of your tips to go back and check. Blessed by an Angel :)

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Wednesday-Elf 6 years ago from Savannah, Georgia

Good tutorial for this non-geek who has trouble understanding how to set up new sites online. I always get stuck on at least one 'required' line, not understanding what is being asked of me :-). BTW, what's a good category for a Squidoo based Facebook Fan Page? The category section has me stumped already!

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clouda9 lm 6 years ago

You have outlined how to make a Facebook Page very nicely on here. Just passed on to a Squidoo friend wanting to know how to do this. Thanks!

clouda9 lm profile image

clouda9 lm 6 years ago

You have outlined how to make a Facebook Page very nicely on here. Just passed on to a Squidoo friend wanting to know how to do this. Thanks!

ThomasC 6 years ago

This is a very helpful How to Create A Facebook Page from Squidoo. Great Job on the lensrank!! 5*s

efrog57 6 years ago

is there any way you can know the pages you've made, I wanna know this just to check how many fans they have but I forget some of them sometimes, is there a way??

efrog57 6 years ago

thanks in advance

efrog57 6 years ago


fshields 6 years ago

@PAparks: There is an error in the article. You CANNOT "demote" yourself or have another page admin remove you as the Admin of the page if you are the page creator.


This leads to a real problem. Since most pages are created for businesses, you run the risk of having an employee create your company's Facebook page and then have them leave the company. If the parting was not amicable, the ex-employee can then deface your page and there is nothing you can do about it. You CAN'T KICK HIM OFF!!!

The only real way to handle this is to violate Facebook's rules (They FORCE you into doing this because they still don't have a solution to this problem after over a year!) You need to create a fake employee at your company that has their own e-mail address. Then have that fake user sign up for a Facebook account and create your company's page. That way, the e-mail address associated with the page creator is always in control of the company and you can reset the password on the Facebook account when you terminate the employee.

Be forewarned, it is against Facebook rules to create fake users. So don't do something dumb like name your user FirstName: "Hewlett" LastName:"Packard" if you work for HP. They are constantly scanning for fake accounts and will shut them down (taking your company page with it). Instead use a real-sounding name, a real-sounding e-mail address, have some people become "friends" of this fake user, and have the fake user post every once-in-a-while.

Hope this helps.

feasibilitystdy 6 years ago

Wow it's really a great lens. Here are some good information about create a facebook page. And also some great books. I think that these books are very effective.


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FlynntheCat1 6 years ago

Awesome - wish I'd read this before making mine! Lensrolling to this from my Lord of the Facebook page :D

BrianBrightHub 6 years ago

Finally! A complete guide without a bunch of unneeded fluff or marketing garbage. Thanks for this.

ongkungg 6 years ago

if you are Thai you can visit,

telling Facebook page in Thai language.

BackLinkFast 6 years ago

Thanks for the useful information, I just might sign up for an account with them and see if it improves traffic, I may also buy seo book which I hear is very useful.

haroldw 6 years ago

Fantastic !!! Thanks for saving me a month worth of development effort.

SoManyColors 6 years ago

This is the best! I had to figure out most of this in bits and pieces but I still learned things I missed. Thanks!

vmills 6 years ago

Excellent tutorial! I kept thinking "I didn't know you could do that!"

anonymous 6 years ago

Wow, thanks for such a great facebook page lens. I also have a lens on facebook at I especially love the pictures.

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visualNZ 6 years ago

Excellent lens I will need to read it several times to take advantage of all the information in it... 5 stars

bwoodsdesign 6 years ago

Hi Pixelrage. Great tutorial.

However, there's something wrong with your logic about how "Adding a page as a favorite" works. If you are on a page on Facebook, you can add it to YOUR page's favorites, not what you have written--which you make sound as though you can have some other page "favorite" yours. Not the case.

Just thought you'd want to know that so you can clarify it.

SusanFuller 6 years ago

Can you tell me how to add a discussion to my page? Everything I see says go to the applications and select it but it's not there. I am, once again, tearing my hair out trying to figure out how FB works. My page needs a discussion.


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giacombs-ramirez 6 years ago from Montana

Great tutorial! I'm off to try it out. Blessings and stars...

JuliaMitchell 6 years ago

@BrianBrightHub: Thanks heaps for sharing great information.

Jayplayshocker 6 years ago

@SusanFuller: hey Susan i can help you out if you want to.

if you need help reply me back.


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YehuditSteinberg 6 years ago

This is one of the best explanations for Facebook Fan Page "How Tos". Thank you for giving up the current updated version, as things change quickly at Facebook and I was looking for current info. You let us know right up front we were getting 2010 info!

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JenniferAkers LM 6 years ago

Excellent resource on creating Facebook Fan Pages. I'm lensrolling and featuring this on my lens on Squidoo Lensmasters' Facebook Fan Pages.

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JanieceTobey 6 years ago

With your help, I've just created my first Facebook page! Thanks for all the info!!

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slcalvin 6 years ago from San Luis Valley, Colorado

Lots of great ideas here! I will have to come back for more. I would like to share this on my blog,

Thanks a lot.

paullete 6 years ago

Hello there,

I created a profile and then a business page for my company, they have different names, friends and news feeds only appear in the profile, and not in the business page as I would like... What can I do?

Thanks in advance!

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purplelady 6 years ago

Oh how I love surfing and searching for answers to questions I have and ending up finding them on my favorite source: Squidoo! I have wrestled with getting a Facebook page and now I have my own tutorial: your lens. I will be saving this as I think I will need to read and reread before I can actually complete one. 5 FB pages, 1 Fave and some socializing.

onlinepresence 6 years ago

Thanks for an informative squidoo without the hype typically associated with this topic.

sandhan 6 years ago

This was a seriously great ... and valuable... lens. Like the previous commentator said... informative and to the point! Thanks a lot..

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Dianne Loomos 6 years ago

Thanks for the Facebook tips! Got a new fan page made!

tammyallen43 6 years ago

Thanks for the hot tips.

nixmaster 6 years ago

A wonderful lens. Be sure to update it with the new and improved privacy control settings! Also, If facebook is blocked at school or work, here's a free proxy to access Facebook at School

Insegnante 6 years ago

Excellent post! And very useful. My only question is that postings on the Facebook page do not seem to all appear automatically on friend's pages?

Pixelrage LM profile image

Pixelrage LM 6 years ago Author

@Insegnante: Thanks, Insegnante! Check to see what your friends' settings are for showing feeds on their main page. At the bottom, there's a link that says "Edit Options." Ask them to make sure your page isn't in the "Hide" list. Also, their "Number of friends" count might be too low, and might not be showing enough feeds. I set mine to "999" so that I don't miss anything from my friend list.

Energale 6 years ago

Finally, found someone to teach me how to do this. I am not much of a facebook user but I knew there was a way to use facebook for my internet marketing business but I did not know how.

This is exactly what i have been looking for and need. Thanks for such an informative and easy to understand posts about facebook.

BChomica 6 years ago

Awesome tutorial. Today is FB Page creating day. Hey, can I change the order of tabs, i.e. put events in front of discussion, or put videos first?

Hope you can help, you've done so much already.

Steiny 6 years ago

Great tutorial, I am close to spending a day to create my page. I am still a little confused on a couple things though. If there is not a category that fits my business, how do I know what is closest? Is there a way to see what info and tabs each category has by default?

Takuru 6 years ago

This has to be my favorite lens on the entire site.

friday111 6 years ago

This was very helpful! I have a question though, I have a fan page and I've been noticing lately that on other pages you have to "like" the page first before you get to the content. Is there a way I can do that to my page?

shubhammalhothra 6 years ago

Thanks for your article on facebook page.I also created a facebook fan page . I like fan page than facebook group. Pixelrage I read your other lens also and very quality information you post in the lenses. Facebook fan page is now the need of hour and everybody should know how to made this.

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Badbreathguy 6 years ago

Nice all in one resource for those, like me, who do not have a Facebook page. I have already bookmarked your lens for future reference.

mymobileskins 6 years ago

great lens..!

elogichick 6 years ago

great lens, I learned a lot about how to improve my fan page, thanks for the advice!

ChrBrennan 6 years ago

Thanks for the help - clear and concise. I went from zero to a live page in a short time based on your tutorial.

ChrisFarrell 6 years ago

The effort and time and work that has gone into this lens is extraordinary. This is great great work.

I really enjoyed reading this - I didn't even realize you can have a LIKE button here on a squidoo lens.

Great work - keep it up.

Chris Farrell

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davebr 6 years ago


The lens is very informative. I am also thinking to create a page on Facebook.

Earlier i have created some groups in Facebook.

Thanks for sharing!


lburns 6 years ago

How long does it take for the facebook vanity url to show up in a general browser search without being directed to the main fb login page?

alexlion 6 years ago

Wow, some great info, I'll put this to good use!

anonymous 6 years ago

ahaha found something new today in this lens. and i would never tell my friends about it.... hahaha very nice one!

kleslie21 6 years ago

I am having great difficulty completing a creation of a fan page for my music. I have 40 facebook friends that "like" my page, and now I want to create a user name for my facebook url. I type in my user name choice, I check availability, and when I click confirm, a "loading" box appears. Nothing else happens after that point. Can anyone tell me what is possibly wrong? Thanks!

kleslie21 6 years ago

Is it mandatory that I create a profile page to have an aritist page on facebook?

seanyd 6 years ago

Hey love your info on facebook pages , was really stuck on how to promote it and get fans , liked the fact that I could do nothing and still get fans

ksenia 6 years ago

everythigg is great!!!

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jimmielanley 6 years ago from Memphis, TN, USA

A fantastic tutorial, even for a newbie like me. I'm not a Facebook fan. When I read the thing about not having multiple accounts, I was left scratching my head. WHY? I just don't trust FB.

Pixelrage LM profile image

Pixelrage LM 6 years ago Author

@kleslie21: Yup! A profile account needs to be created first, and the Facebook Pages would be attached to that account.

Pixelrage LM profile image

Pixelrage LM 6 years ago Author

@kleslie21: Which browser are you trying? Sounds like some kind of weird Java issue. Try Google Chrome (assuming you've tried IE and Firefox)

Pixelrage LM profile image

Pixelrage LM 6 years ago Author

@jimmielanley: Thank You! I think one of the reasons is due to scammers, cheaters (think: multiple Mafia Wars accounts via multiple Facebook accounts) and the whole thing about online predators.

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hlkljgk 6 years ago from Western Mass

super handy tool and so well done. thanks!

eric7160 6 years ago

Very qualityful tutorial, also Facebook Insight tool will keep you update on user statistics including number of male/female visitors of your page. Couple of example of nice Facebook Page,

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Rita-K 6 years ago

Great tutorial....have you thought of writing an e book? Excellent lens.....thanks!

Pixelrage LM profile image

Pixelrage LM 6 years ago Author

@Rita-K: Thank you!! I hadn't, but now that you mention it, I think it would be a fun project :)

Pixelrage LM profile image

Pixelrage LM 6 years ago Author

@hlkljgk: Thanks! I'm about to revitalize this entire page soon.

premrao 6 years ago

Excellent tutorial. Many thanks for all the info packed in here.

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Darla Dixon 6 years ago

This is an excellent Squidoo lens, you cover everything very well - maybe even better than Facebook does! Actually, yes...better than Facebook does. Well done!

katehawes 6 years ago

I have recently made a page for my student exec, however, have realised that our status updates don't appear on anyone's homepages so no one can really be updated on what is going on without them looking at our page (which I doubt anyone will remember to do). Why is this? Any help?

katehawes 6 years ago

I made a page for my Student Exec but our status' don't appear on any of our fans' news feeds... what do I do!? We need them to. :/

Pixelrage LM profile image

Pixelrage LM 6 years ago Author

@katehawes: Go into your page's settings section and make sure "Published: Publicly visible" is set to "Published." I once had a page set to private and didn't know it - it was having this issue.

Pixelrage LM profile image

Pixelrage LM 6 years ago Author

@Darla Dixon: Thanks :)

anonymous 6 years ago

Very nice lens - great info!

anonymous 6 years ago

Terrific. Thanks!

anonymous 6 years ago

Both my perosnal page and my fan page show up when I perform a search on my company name. How to I get the pseronal page to NOT show on the search but allow the fan page to show?

anonymous 6 years ago

Informative lens.Very helpful for one to know more about facebook. Thanks for sharing this information with us.


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anonymous 6 years ago

This is an incredibly useful post. I have one question: in the second paragraph, you mention: "Oh, and it's an awesome way to create a mailing list that you can take advantage of at any time!" I'm curious as to what you are referring to. The reason why people use their personal profiles to create business pages is because they can send an e-mail (message) to all the "fans". Some use Groups for the same reason because Groups can send e-mails to all their members. However, the big disadvantage with Facebook Pages is that there is NO way to send an e-mail to the fans. I'm optimistic that this will change in the future but this is a big turn-off for some businesses. Sorry if I didn't get it right. Thanks for the great post!

Pixelrage LM profile image

Pixelrage LM 6 years ago Author

@anonymous: Hi Diane, I've actually just changed the wording on that as it did sound a little awkward! What I meant is that FB Pages behave much like a mailing list. (i.e., amass a fan list of 10,000 people, and reach out to all of them at once with a single post on your page). Thanks for pointing this out!

anonymous 6 years ago

@Pixelrage LM: Great! Yes, I believe that a Facebook Page is a micro-blog whose RSS gets posted on the Wall of every Fan. How great is that? Unbelievably great. But let's be hopeful that we'll be able to send private messages to the fans as well. But on the other side, I can understand Facebook not offering this feature as it will be abused and might discredit the value of Facebook Pages. Love your site!

uroszizek 6 years ago

great... one...

anonymous 6 years ago

Great information. With a "fan" page are you able to go a "friend" those who you believe may be interested in your product or service? I didn't see it in your post.

anonymous 6 years ago

how can I capture an image of the group page I created? to post on a flyer?

learner37 6 years ago

Very helpful. I could not get unique link for my page . Need to check again

Pixelrage LM profile image

Pixelrage LM 6 years ago Author

@anonymous: Hi Dale, I think the only way would be to do a screen shot. Simply hit the "printscreen" key and then open MS Paint (Start &gt;&gt; Programs &gt;&gt; Accessories &gt;&gt; Paint), then press Ctrl V to paste it. Then, save it and import it into your flyer (That's considering you're using Windows and don't have Photoshop). It will get the job done, though!

Pixelrage LM profile image

Pixelrage LM 6 years ago Author

@learner37: Thanks! Do you have 25 fans on the page yet? The option only gets unlocked if you do.

Pixelrage LM profile image

Pixelrage LM 6 years ago Author

@anonymous: Thanks! You'd have to do it the traditional way - visit their profiles individually and friend them one by one. Be sure to attach a message to the friend request, or most people won't know who you are (simply say "thanks for being a fan of my page *PageName*" and introduce yourself to them)

anonymous 6 years ago

When we started facebook we didn't know we should have a page. We have a profile page instead and want to convert to a page. Do we delete that account when the page set up and ready to go?

anonymous 6 years ago

this was extremely helpful! just to clarify something: if i already have my own facebook account that i use for strictly personal use am i able to create a facebook page for the company i work for without having my personal account information directly linked to it???

Pixelrage LM profile image

Pixelrage LM 6 years ago Author

@anonymous: Hi Sylvia, if you delete the account that 'owns' the Facebook Page, then the page itself goes into limbo. Make sure that a relative or very close friend gets appointed as page administrator. Then, you can delete your account, and your relative/friend becomes the new "owner." Then, he/she can simply reinstate you as the administrator again, and you can remove them as one.

Pixelrage LM profile image

Pixelrage LM 6 years ago Author

@anonymous: Hi Jessica, absolutely, this is what most business owners do. When you create a Facebook Page, nobody ever knows who the owner is - EVER - which is what I like about them :)

grayth lm profile image

grayth lm 6 years ago

This is by far the ultimate facebook help page going, favorite and bookmarked so I can always come back to it, so many details in here, 2 hairy thumbs up

anonymous 6 years ago

@Pixelrage LM: I am not sure I understand. Would it be easier to just start over with a page that is not connected so heavily to a profile page? We have way more "friends" than "fans" and will soon be upon our 5000 limit. Do you have to have a profile page and a facebook page? I guess I don't understand how you can manage a profile page and a facebook page since they aren't linked to each other. Sorry for being a facebook nerd!

anonymous 6 years ago


anonymous 6 years ago

I've been searching all over the place for helpful info about FB pages but could hardly find answers to my questions. Your awesome lens spells everything out in perfect detail. Thanks so much for your in-depth knowledge and insight about this subject. You totally rock Pixelrage!!

Pixelrage LM profile image

Pixelrage LM 6 years ago Author

@anonymous: Thank you sir! It's a lot of work, especially because Facebook keeps changing the way things work every few months!

VarietyWriter2 profile image

VarietyWriter2 6 years ago

Blessed by a SquidAngel :)

Pixelrage LM profile image

Pixelrage LM 6 years ago Author

@VarietyWriter2: Thank you!! :)

anonymous 6 years ago

Hi there!

Thanks for the tutorial!

I've notice some facebook pages with extra cool things that I need for mine. There are pages with

tabs for their own music and a preview of their websites. How can I do this or is what is the App for this kind of thing?


anonymous 6 years ago

how can i get my facebook page to be visible to people who are not logged into facebook? as of right now, if i am not logged in, i cannot see my facebook page at all.

Pixelrage LM profile image

Pixelrage LM 6 years ago Author

@anonymous: Hey Nikko, thanks for visiting! Those tabs can either be add-on modules that you can download for free, or in many cases - people simply hire programmers to add those features to them. In your admin menu, look at the bottom for "More Applications" and click "Browse More," you'll find a TON of extras you can add on to the page!

Pixelrage LM profile image

Pixelrage LM 6 years ago Author

@anonymous: Hi Erin, make sure the page is "published," and the settings are set to "visible/everyone" otherwise it should say "This Page has not been published. To make this Page public, publish this Page." at the top. The visibility settings should be at the top of the admin area for your page.

ssomu007 6 years ago

Thanks very much, this article help to modify good facebook page. anyway thanks.

anonymous 6 years ago

I have a page for myself, but it is quite empty in the info section. I want to make it more like my personal page, and add lists of books, movies and TV shows that I like, but that option is not available.

In my personal page, those categories are already there. And if i type a film name, it will pop up automatically, and I just have to click on it to add it.

But that same function does not seem to be available in a page.

How can I add more categories and information about myself?

Any ideas? here is the page. It's so empty. Do i have to type in my own categories and make my own lists?

anonymous 6 years ago

" would not want to create it within your personal account, but you'd want to create a new Facebook account entirely, for the business."

What about Facebook's TOS that says a person can't have multiple accounts? As the 'person' administering a business account, doesn't that jeopardize my personal account? Or is this some loophole of judicial corporate personhood? Or is it that I simply need a different email address and physical address for the business account?

I haven't seen anyone else post on this issue and Facebook's documentation is either vague and prohibits this. Any clarification would help.

Pixelrage LM profile image

Pixelrage LM 6 years ago Author

@anonymous: Hi Kevin, in the case of FB business accounts, it should be fine. Think of it this way: isn't being housed in some employee's personal Facebook account! If you were to do this, it would be best to create a new account under your company's email and mailing address. You're right though - this is not truly made clear on FB's help section whatsoever.

puzzlerpaige profile image

puzzlerpaige 6 years ago

This page is VERY helpful. I'll be back - I know I will when I'm ready to make a business page. You've made it easy to understand.

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wyrm11268 6 years ago

So glad I found your lens and yes your Facebook pages tutorial really helped me. Thank you very much.

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PennyHowe 6 years ago

Just wanted to say thanks for your help with setting up my fan page. Your tutorials were very helpful.

Thanks again and wishing you the best.


anonymous 6 years ago

This is a great page - full of good, useful content. I did get a few gold nuggets that I did not know about. Thank you!

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Othercatt 6 years ago

This is amazing. I was finally able to create a Facebook page thanks to your easy to understand instructions. Blessed by an Angel!

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MirandaBrooks LM 6 years ago

I showed this to my mom when she was making a facebook page and it helped her a lot, thanks!

scar4 6 years ago

Very informative. I had a business facebook page, but I will make a personal one too. Thank you for the lens.

anonymous 6 years ago

thanks for this post, good information to create facenoook page..


OvaisMirza 6 years ago

This squidoo lens is really very informative and contains lot of information.. thanks for sharing with us .. i i will keep all the above mentioned things while creating a facebook fan page..


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PleasantValley LM profile image

PleasantValley LM 6 years ago

This lens is one of the most comprehensive introductions to Facebook Pages that I've found so far on the web. I learned a few things I didn't know before Great job!

anonymous 6 years ago

Great article!

But I must have done something wrong. I still get the: "Page Not Found Error" (The page you requested was not found). I've checked the "Published (publicly visible)" settings and is Public. I've switched my account settings to be searchable (by Facebook and search engines) and nothing. I have no idea why... Maybe I don't access the page correctly...

WebIsFun profile image

WebIsFun 6 years ago

thanks for sharing all this information!

anonymous 6 years ago

many many thanks for this great article! very helpful :)

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TopMovieSoundtr 6 years ago

Great job taking the time to explain this application.

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Very thorough, excellent lens.

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wow, didn't know there was so much to Facebook. Thanks for the this very enlightening Lens. I was aware of some of this stuff, but didn't realize how much you could really do with facebook. Thanks for this outstanding resource you have created here.

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John Dyhouse profile image

John Dyhouse 6 years ago from UK

I had no idea of what a facebook page is or could be. I have an account but rarely use it. I will be looking into this asap. thanks for the heads-up and the info

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willypo 6 years ago

If we can get tons of fans without any friend it will Rock!!

CherylK profile image

CherylK 6 years ago from Minnesota

This is fabulous information. I've been toying with the idea of creating a facebook page for my blog and squidoo fans because I do not want my personal information, family and friends involved at all. So....guess I'll give it a go. Thanks!

johnsmith10 6 years ago

I have recently heard that Facebook has a fantastic way of advertising your business using the ad service. But this info has just simply blown that concept out of the water.

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anonymous 6 years ago

Preparing to setup a fb page for an animal shelter on long island. Any suggestions on naming it (for `search` purposes) ???

ie. `Commack Long Island Dog &amp; Cat Animal Adoption Shelter`

kind of long - but includes the main keywords...

Pixelrage LM profile image

Pixelrage LM 6 years ago Author

@anonymous: Rick, it should definitely be named after the actual center. You'll want the FB page to rank for your center's name on search engines. Can you abridge it - i.e., "Commack Animal Adoption Center"? Commack will already be associated with Long Island.

lasertek lm profile image

lasertek lm 6 years ago

Pretty helpful! Thanks for sharing.

anonymous 6 years ago

When I created my facebook page, I selected friends of friends but now after using it I want to open it to everyone. How do I change it, so that it is visible in search for everyone?

anonymous 6 years ago

When I created my facebook page, I selected friends of friends but now after using it I want to open it to everyone. How do I change it, so that it is visible in search for everyone?

buelaben profile image

buelaben 6 years ago

I've been toying with facebook in games and chats. But I found a great informative way of advertising in this lens. Awesome lens

gnomee 6 years ago

actually thinking about fb page.. i think it will come in next two weeks :)

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tamalds 6 years ago

Wow this one is very clear and well explained! a big thanks to you pal. So many things in this tutorial that I didn't knew before :)

anonymous 6 years ago

i made a fb page, but when I'm searching it, the fb doesn't find it. what should I do?

Mortira profile image

Mortira 6 years ago

Fantastic resource! I've rolled this over to my own little Facebook tut.

wppluginsblog 6 years ago

I followed the steps but i don't know what is going wrong. I entered my techmaish for Link this badge but it says the page is not available, I want to show a badge on my blog home page.

Can you help me in this.

MiseryBusiness519 profile image

MiseryBusiness519 6 years ago

Thanks, this will really help me manage my existing Pages!

Thanks for sharing! :)

anonymous 6 years ago

Thank you very much!!

You Save my day.

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mockingbird999 6 years ago

I've been putting off making a facebook page. You have made it sound a little easier. Thanks.

ssomu007 6 years ago

Here I found what I need. Get more followers and expand business around the world.

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HarleyDude 6 years ago

Love Love Facebook! A great way to catch up with distant friends &amp; family!

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siryellow1 6 years ago from New York

Great helpful lens. A few things I definitely did not know about but will get to using immediately!

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Jack2205 6 years ago

I'm going to create a facebook page. Thanks for the help on this lens.

Sarra24 6 years ago

Thanks. very helpful

SEOtoppage 6 years ago

Add an interesting, eyecatching bio photo..having a look at my hanging photo.....very effective

anonymous 6 years ago

Nicely, Nicely! Very useful information.

AllyVuitton 6 years ago

Thanks on everyone else's behalf. If only I had read this when creating my Facebook account.

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Ben Reed 6 years ago

Really helpful - thank you...

nangaye-steve profile image

nangaye-steve 6 years ago

I never realized there was so much to Facebook. I just thought you put a few pictures up and that was it. Thanks for the info.

anonymous 6 years ago

thanks so much for this. really helpful, very clear and informative

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thesuccess2 6 years ago

Thanks for help with this confusing subject! Squid Angel Blessing

anonymous 6 years ago

Very helpful tips on Facebook page, I do not use facebook much but is said to be a very popular social network. I will definitely use some of the tips and ideas presented on this lens.

hariza 6 years ago

great stuff, thanks for sharing

anonymous 6 years ago

ok proper stressing out about this now! why do facebook keep changing and hiding the most obvious things!!!! Im not sure how old this post is or if they function and layout of facebook are slightly different for US and UK accounts but there is no 'application settings' under 'account' on my UK facebook account. I have several facebook pages, and to create a new one all I used to do is go to any page and at the bottom it said 'create a page' that link is no longer there so how do I actually access the 'create a page' page without knowing the direct link? The create a group link is right there on my feed page but not the create a page.

Any help appreciated!

Pixelrage LM profile image

Pixelrage LM 6 years ago Author

@anonymous: Hello Nick, do you see an icon that looks like two speech bubbles (one green under one blue bubble) in the icon list on the left hand sidebar of your front page? It should say "Ads and Pages". Click it, then find the icon that looks like an orange banner on a pole that says "Pages," and that will take you to the Facebook Page dashboard.

anonymous 6 years ago

@Pixelrage LM: Hi Pixelrage. Thanks but it isn't there. I've just logged into my wifes account and its there on hers! But not mine, so strange. I can't see anywhere to add it as an application or anything? So frustrating!!!

RosePetals LM profile image

RosePetals LM 6 years ago

I just joined FB and have no clue how to get it going. You are very thorough.. FB should pay you. I will have to come back a number of times, so much to digest. But thank you so much. I see your very recent reply... so now I know you're real. :)

anonymous 6 years ago

Best resource EVER! I teach social networking for business beginners and this is the best.

anonymous 6 years ago

nice tutorial about facebook creation

Pixelrage LM profile image

Pixelrage LM 6 years ago Author

@RosePetals LM: haha...thanks :D

Pixelrage LM profile image

Pixelrage LM 6 years ago Author

@anonymous: That is really weird! It should be a default icon for the sidebar. I have to click "more" for it to appear, because of all of the apps I've bookmarked on that list. It's now a little yellow icon that says "Groups" - FB keeps changing things around!

Pixelrage LM profile image

Pixelrage LM 6 years ago Author

@thesuccess2: Thanks for that!!

anonymous 6 years ago

Great tutorial - thank you! I'm just getting started creating my FB Page and this has been helpful so far. I still have some things to figure out, though. For example, I have a "Get Started" tab. The first item is "Tell Your Fans" and it will import my contacts. Does that mean my contacts from my personal profile, and if so, will they automatically be notified of my page or can I select them individually there? I don't want to click on that quite yet until I know for sure. I don't want to make the same mistake of sending out invites without a personal message. Thanks for any help!

cherylsgifts2go profile image

cherylsgifts2go 6 years ago

I appreciate this information and was thrilled when I found it. It is excellent. Although I do have a facebook page, you had a few things I didn't know I could do. I bookmarked this to reference back too. Thanks again for sharing!

BarbaraCasey profile image

BarbaraCasey 6 years ago from St. Petersburg, Florida

Thanks for all this information. I have FB pages connected with my Typepad blogs, but didn't know what else to do with them.

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remanon 6 years ago

Super info filled lens, found at the perfect time! Thanks for a great lens.

anonymous 6 years ago

amazing! very informative. The site (facebook) though has one major issue, it's a pool of masquerading people. A lot of users claim to be someonelse, like celebrities and public figures.

anonymous 6 years ago

I love you! Thank you so much :)

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KDimmick 6 years ago

That was helpful! Thanks!

anonymous 6 years ago

Thanks, I updated my church's Facebook page after reading this. Thought I knew it all, but I didn't. Thanks for the insight.

samiam123 6 years ago

i learn a lot about facebook thank you ....... A+ lens

bvanloo 6 years ago

Great info on how to use Facebook pages! I was looking for that for a while. Thanks a lot Mark.

anonymous 6 years ago

Excellent, excellent tutorial and archive of how it's done! i will refer to this when making Pages for clients, and explaining the options. One correction: the real estate available for profile photos (personal or Page) is 200-by-600px....quite a lot! Stand out from the crowd and make the most of that space by uploading a nice large image! (Of course, this pushes some sidebar data down the page.)

anonymous 6 years ago

@samiam123: wuz up samiam123

anonymous 6 years ago

@samiam123: what are you doing

anonymous 6 years ago

@remanon: wuz up

anonymous 6 years ago

Thank you Pixelrage!

Love this! For once - an all inclusive (long but amazing) page with everything that you need to do or could go wrong, when setting up a facebook page. Very relevant to me as I'm working on doing this for a non-profit. Not much out there comparing groups to page, the why's and hows, where things could go wrong, etc.!

anonymous 6 years ago

Any advice? I started a page not connected to my personal profile, and now I would like to connect them. Is this possible??

anonymous 6 years ago

One of the questions I was asking when I came here is: how exactly do I prevent my facebook page updates appearing in the wall posts on my personal page? The facebook help FAQ says it is managed under my account's privacy settings, but I couldn't find the option.

Pixelrage LM profile image

Pixelrage LM 6 years ago Author

@anonymous: Hi Jonathan, when you see your Page's post appear on your account's front page, you can click the "X" on the upper right of it (it appears when you hover) and choose to hide all posts from that page.

Pixelrage LM profile image

Pixelrage LM 6 years ago Author

@anonymous: Amie, if you are able to do so - become a fan of the page with the account that you'd like to "own" the page. Then with the other account, set yourself as the administrator. Then remove the old profile as the administrator. Your new account will now be the admin of the page.

Pixelrage LM profile image

Pixelrage LM 6 years ago Author

@anonymous: Glad it helped, thanks for visiting :)

Pixelrage LM profile image

Pixelrage LM 6 years ago Author

@anonymous: Nice, I remember something about that image size changing earlier this year. I think regular photos have actually gotten smaller by around 10 pixels or so.

anonymous 6 years ago

@Pixelrage LM: Apologies, I may not have been clear - what I meant was, how do I ensure my personal friends don't get inundated with updates from my pages page? As far as I can see (although it is confusing, and I may be wrong), my pages updates are going out in my personal news stream. I'd like to stop, or at least be a bit more selective about this!

Pixelrage LM profile image

Pixelrage LM 6 years ago Author

@anonymous: Hi Katjo, that would only mean that people who have clicked "like" on your Page will get the message.

Pixelrage LM profile image

Pixelrage LM 6 years ago Author

@cherylsgifts2go: Thank you Cheryl!

Pixelrage LM profile image

Pixelrage LM 6 years ago Author

@anonymous: Oh - in that case, I think your Page is showing in your personal stream only to you (none of your friends are seeing it unless they are also fans of the page). Only things that appear on your actual profile wall will show to your friends, but not on your front page feed (I hope this makes sense).

anonymous 6 years ago

@Pixelrage LM: Aha, that does make sense now. Thanks. Your page on pages is brilliant!

mythphile profile image

mythphile 6 years ago from California

Thanks for walking those of us who are still wary of FB through making a fan page! I am allergic to FB, but I did it.

I used Static FBML -- -- to create a landing pane for my fan page featuring my own custom HTML and CSS, because, well, I want to decide what people see first.

Here is the result:

I am waffling over which parts to allow fans to post in, which I shouldn't. Spam is a concern. Chiefly, I can't decide if it's a good or bad idea to open the floodgates to links. (Someone's posted an acai berry ad on yours, by the way.)

bestcomedyfilms profile image

bestcomedyfilms 6 years ago from UK

excellent lens - very detailed which is just what I've been looking for, thanks!

cdugan 6 years ago

I am soooo curious, how are business creating personal pages and adding friends?? I see this all over facebook.

anonymous 6 years ago

Thank you for this tutorial!! I acted on extremely bad advice and deleted myself as the sole administrator of my business' page (I was the creator, also). I now cannot manage the page (my personal profile says I have no pages to manage), and anyone can post on it. There don't seem to be any answers on any of the fb help forums. 2 people said they had some luck with the fb copyright people re-instating them as administrators. I've filled out one form and was told by fb that they couldn't manage the page. I've filled out a second form and am waiting for a response. If you have ANY ideas, I would greatly appreciate it!

spunkyduckling profile image

spunkyduckling 6 years ago

Argjjj I see lots of lensemasters have their facebook fan pages at the side bar on the right of their lens . How do I get my own?

LouieWrites profile image

LouieWrites 6 years ago

Very helpful especially for newbie Facebook users like me. Two thumbs up! =)

chrissuard lm profile image

chrissuard lm 6 years ago

Fantastic lens, I just lensrolled it with my Eduardo Saverin page, keep up the good work!

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JJGJJG 6 years ago

Outstanding lense, this is a great reference with so much detail. thanks

Nexgen-Grafix 6 years ago

Great lens, very detailed, just what I've been looking for, thank you!

anonymous 6 years ago

How can I make a comment on someone else's page using my business profile? Since I created my business page under my personal account, every time I comment on something my personal account picture is shown.

Pixelrage LM profile image

Pixelrage LM 6 years ago Author

@spunkyduckling: I asked this question awhile ago on the Squidoo forums. Evidently, it was a feature that used to exist, but Squidoo HQ pulled it. It's a real shame as I would have LOVED to have that feature, too.

Pixelrage LM profile image

Pixelrage LM 6 years ago Author

@anonymous: Hi Susan, unfortunately that cannot be done *unless* your actual Facebook Account is also your business account. You wouldn't be able to post as your business' FB Page while logged in as yourself on your personal FB account.

Pixelrage LM profile image

Pixelrage LM 6 years ago Author

@cdugan: They're most likely creating new Facebook Accounts and naming them after the business, then adding friends as a personal account would. I think it's legitimate in FB's eyes as long as the account is actually converted to a Business Account.

Pixelrage LM profile image

Pixelrage LM 6 years ago Author

@anonymous: Is anyone actually a member of the Page anymore? Or better yet - a page Admin? If you un-fan a page and you're the admin, that's basically the end of your ability to be admin again...unless your friend/partner is already an admin, and can re-instate you.

anonymous 6 years ago

Very nice work, thanks!

anonymous 6 years ago

Very nice work. Just a question that i can't find it. How a fb page could be fan of other fb page? or could share events that I'm not the owner?

Michey LM profile image

Michey LM 6 years ago

A lot of good info in this lens. Thanks Mark

ggalea profile image

ggalea 6 years ago from Willemstad

Well done!, it is a great explanation!,

Thanks by share!

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katiecolette 6 years ago

Wealth of information!

LivingLife 6 years ago

Awesome tutorial! I have been putting this off for a very, VERY long time ... just like I did my first lens. Guess I better get busy now. Will definitely be using the info found here. Thanks!

anonymous 6 years ago

Maybe you can help me: I want to select a friend of mine as a new administrator. But exactly this friends is not listed in the auto-generated options, it's not possible to select him as an admin. For every other friend i've tried so far, it worked. Why is this?

MattCranfield 6 years ago

Wow, I donât think I've ever seen a lens with this much information before. Nice job.


Check out Facebook Advertising.

RanjeetaP 6 years ago

OMG!!!!!! This is the best tutorial I ever encountered on any topic related to facebook. Simply awesome. Keep it up.

anonymous 6 years ago

Mark - you are AMAZING. Thank you for this indepth presentation. Question: the CEO of the company I work for has asked me to set up the company's FB Page. I have a FB profile and when I get to the question 'do you already have a FB account,' I don't know what to do. Thoughts anyone? Thank you!!

ssblog 6 years ago

Awesome lense. Great information. Just one point: the description of "Facebook business accounts" gives the impression that creating a business account is a viable option if you don't want to identify a specific business page with your personal account. When I tried this FB gave me a big warning that creating and managing more than one account, FOR WHATEVER REASON is a contravention of their user agreement. Which makes you wonder under what circumstances anyone could start and manage a business account. This seems very odd to me, as though they haven't really thought this through properly. They obviously have made it a primary objective to protect the purity of their accounts - to cut down on spammers creating multiple accounts I suppose - and in the process force everyone else to conform to what seems like a ridiculously narrow way of approaching this issue.

Pixelrage LM profile image

Pixelrage LM 6 years ago Author

@ssblog: Thanks! You raise a good point, and it's a very ambiguous topic on Facebook's part. For instance, an LLC, S-Corporation or other organization is considered to be 'its own entity' for tax, would this mean that the LLC's Facebook account is considered separate from yours (you = the human being creating the FB account for that LLC?) That's something that isn't explained by Facebook. Also, if they were to enforce situations where a person who creates a 2nd business account on Facebook were to get penalized, all of the big names: Verizon, Ford, etc. - would also have their accounts expelled, which would obviously never happen. None of those companies created a situation where they hired an employee and said "by the way, you may not own a personal Facebook account because we need you to create one for the company."

Pixelrage LM profile image

Pixelrage LM 6 years ago Author

@anonymous: Thanks Ande, glad it helps! If I were in your situation, I would create the account under the company name, and under an email address like "" - since it's the company's account, everything about it should be registered for the company. Here at work, we hired a top 20 media firm to put together our entire campaign. It's running under a company-owned email account like the one I've listed above.

IntuitiveHealer profile image

IntuitiveHealer 6 years ago

Wow, this is AWESOME! I have bookmarked it, so when I get back to it on Monday, I'll be ready to make my page. Good on ya! ~Jeanine

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Diana Wenzel 6 years ago from Colorado

Impressive lens. Thank you! I learned a great deal.

bkbalance 6 years ago

please check my facebook page and let me know if it reqired any improvement!/pages/Bankruptcybalance/124914754222135

anonymous 6 years ago

Thanks for this tutorial, it helped me a lot.

tdude234 6 years ago

I like this lens a lot. Now I know there is so many things to do with facebook!

anonymous 6 years ago


KateRose 6 years ago

Mark - thanks again for a great article. Agree with ssblog re the pain FB inflicts on business owners - it'd be soooo much easier if we could have the same status as a personal profile. Oh well, maybe when FB think it'll make money, it'll happen!

chocoloid 6 years ago

Thanks for the great article :)

sugunalinus 6 years ago

Wow! such a wonderful information.

anonymous 6 years ago

This Article Rocks. It is so consistent and clear.

navimerian11 6 years ago

Hey Your lens is awesome man. You have really very informative and Help full stuff on it. Thank you very much for sharing this stuff.


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anonymous 6 years ago

I'm a Page Administrator and I can't comment on my Posts. Something has changed. I was able to originally but now can't. Can you help

anonymous 6 years ago


i have understood that i can't have more than one facebook account, but can i have one facebook account and one facebook page?


sukkran trichy profile image

sukkran trichy 6 years ago from Trichy/Tamil Nadu

thank you very much for the useful info and clear step by step instructions. i love your lens.

kathysmith lm profile image

kathysmith lm 6 years ago

This helps as an easy to follow tutorial. I appreciate all of the hard work that went into this and will let my fb group know for our public.

anonymous 6 years ago

Here is what I do not understand (help): Can any Facebook account holder just pull out the Wikipedia biography of any person he/she wants, and create a Facebook page for him/her without his/her knowledge, consent and approval? I have seen that happen with so many people who have Wikipedia entries.

Please advise how to proceed if someone wanted his/her Facebook page deleted because he/she did not know about it, did not want it and did not authorize its creation.


anonymous 6 years ago

@kathysmith lm: I need help. Can anybody just set up a Facebook page based on a Wikipedia clip of that person's bio even without his/her knowledge, consent and approval? How can that person remove his/her unauthorized Facebook page?

Please advise. Thanks.

anonymous 6 years ago

Great lens about facebook and some really good tips 10/10

Cashflowmaker LM profile image

Cashflowmaker LM 6 years ago

Thank you for the in depth information. I'm trying to use social media to build my traffic to other lenses and websites. Thanks again on the info.

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SpellOutloud 6 years ago

Excellent tutorial. I just used this to start my own fan page.

budakoyot 6 years ago

Thank's kakak =)

Terima kasih ^__^

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NoYouAreNot 6 years ago

Very well explained, many topics covered, tips and tricks -- it seems more like a mini-report to me, than just a lens on FB page creation. I will definitely come back soon to follow your advice. Thanks

doddid 6 years ago

What a great resource!Thanks for posting this informative write-up

doddid 6 years ago

What a great resource!Thanks for posting this informative write-up

anonymous 6 years ago

this was very helpful and has given me plenty to think about. Time for some serious planning - certainly encouraged me to set up a page unlike the actual facebook site.

anonymous 6 years ago

i m trying to create a page for a business i represent. why Fb cannot accept the name? It says "our automated system cannot accept the name....." why is that. thanks for the great article

Pixelrage LM profile image

Pixelrage LM 6 years ago Author

@anonymous: Hi Dori, sometimes, Facebook will not allow anyone to register certain words. That was the case with my own business (which is a registered trademark). I had to manually request the page name, and they gave it to me. The section above about registered trademarks explains how I did it! You might want to fill out that form to request it.

anonymous 6 years ago

@Pixelrage LM: can i get the link here pls...i m confused. Facebooks help centre says you cannot have a personal account and a business page? How can i go about it? I am very confused with FB

newbizmau profile image

newbizmau 6 years ago from Mobile, AL

I love how Facebook can connect to all the sites I love, especially Squidoo and Twitter.

JVandewalker LM profile image

JVandewalker LM 6 years ago

Who knew that making a facebook page was so in depth! Thanks for all the tips.

anonymous 6 years ago

Hi, Pixalrage!

I've just taken over a group with 9000 members (Lav-karbo oppskrifter!) Why can't I send a message to them all? Is there a limit of members to do this?

Is there any other way I can contakt all my members in one-go?

Please help! Ronnie

Pixelrage LM profile image

Pixelrage LM 6 years ago Author

@anonymous: Hello! There is no way to send an actual message to your entire group - but, posting on your wall will post your message on all of your fans' walls. That is, unless they have blocked your posts from showing up on their front page!

ImproveMeU profile image

ImproveMeU 6 years ago

Thumb up on your lens, thanks for all the great info

anonymous 6 years ago

Hi All,

Our Facebook Page (as opposed to our website) serves as the hub of our online presence,

and is being developed as a true mashup implementation i.e. it includes YouTube-based

video's, Flickr-based pictures, tweets from Twitter, blog posts from Tumblr etc.

That being said, the (fan)page itself includes a fully-functional, embedded website, as

well as integrated social media channels....all within just one (of the ten) Static FBML

tabs that we can add to a Page. Needless to say, visitors first land on our "embedded"

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We've also made use of social sharing and social bookmarking strategies to allow for our

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Finally, we're actually providing incentives for our visitors to both "Like" us, as well

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tanvii 6 years ago

Thanks for sharing this useful information..

puranroy 6 years ago

Great lens :) It helps in creating facebook page much faster

BrooklynBeka profile image

BrooklynBeka 6 years ago

So, I don't have the options you list on the left side of my page to get that screen. Any thoughts as to why? The 'Ads &amp; Pages' link is nowhere to be found.

Pixelrage LM profile image

Pixelrage LM 6 years ago Author

@BrooklynBeka: There's no "more" link that shows more icons?

ksrpraj profile image

ksrpraj 6 years ago from New Delhi

Wow a business person who wants to join facebook and want to create a facebook fan page would definitely get everything he needs in this page. I also have written one lens on advantages of facebook for business, but this is really more helpful.

BrooklynBeka profile image

BrooklynBeka 6 years ago

@Pixelrage LM: There is but nothing that reveals a 'ad' or 'create a page' section....I'm at a loss as to why.

Pixelrage LM profile image

Pixelrage LM 6 years ago Author

@BrooklynBeka: Can you take a screenshot of the left sidebar of your main Facebook screen and email it to me? pixelrage at gmail

ViqiFrench LM profile image

ViqiFrench LM 6 years ago

What an awesome tutorial -- extremely clear &amp; helpful. I'd been avoiding creating my first Fan Page, simply because I didn't understand ... anything! :)

Other than for the SEO backlink, I didn't understand what the purpose of a page would be, where the button was to get started, or what value my Page might offer anyone. Facebook should pay you for this excellent tute!

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NicoleDean 6 years ago

This lens is amazingly helpful! Full of so much information - seems like everything one needs to know about pages! Thanks for taking the time to put this together!

anonymous 6 years ago

That's gr8 helped me a lot. Thanks!

MumbaiFlower 6 years ago

Thank you for another fantastic blog. Where else could I get this kind of information written in such an incite full way? I have a project that I am just now working on, and I have been looking for such information..


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mantasticman 6 years ago

Great lens! Here is one of mine that also gives some helpful FB Page tips and Advice --&gt; -- Obviously it needs some work... Any Suggestions?

dragonlow 6 years ago

Wow! Great lens with good information. Thanks!

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danny79 6 years ago

Good stuff, do you have a good programming site for fb-html?

I tried once, not that easy

Thanks, happy new year

Realitychick 6 years ago

This is a fantastic resource! I am working on a business launch and the information in this lens is pure GOLD! I'm looking forward to reading more of your lenses.

Question: Do you create pages for all of your Squidoo lenses?

BTW - BrooklynBeka is right - the icon is gone. I found Pages using either the Help file and your link. I thought I had just deleted the icon during some customization exercise.

anonymous 6 years ago

Excellent information. How often do you update your lens?

BrooklynBeka profile image

BrooklynBeka 6 years ago

@Pixelrage LM: Sent! Thanks! Sorry I didn't see this earlier!

Socialize-Media 6 years ago

This really is an awesome lens! Very informative, you've spent a lot of time creating this, well done. We have just started making lenses and have posted some info about facebook pages and why you should have one for business. Hopefully ours will compliment yours and you don't mind me posting links here....


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Ellen Mitchell 6 years ago

Helpful information. I'll soon be creating my page. Thanks.

Oleetha 6 years ago

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Adriana Daniela 6 years ago from New Market

Very well detailed lens, and right on time, as I am getting ready to create a facebook page for one of my sites.

samson77 6 years ago

The Squidoo DE will enhance Firefox to show even more information on the dashboard. Also check out the global squidoo statistics on lensmaster levels and amount of lenses . Thanks for sharing the info.


Samson - seobridging

glenanail 6 years ago

This is a superb lens the best FB toturial I have seen online , big props, if I was a Squidoo angel I would have blessed this one (hint hint)

anonymous 6 years ago

Good article and useful for a FB Page noob. Have found a strange issue with FB though in that it won't let us use the name Norwich Print Fair for the page. After investigating further I have found that it is the word print they do not like - I tried some dummy names using the word sprint and printmaker and they were rejected as well. Can't see no explanation for that. Do you know why?

gregprince 6 years ago

great lens! this covers about anything i have ever wanted to know about facebook fan pages

Steve-SEO-UK 6 years ago

Brilliant. I've been a Twitter man for some time both for myself and clients who I look after marketing for. Got to get into Facebook as I am always being asked - so armed with your very informative and easy to follow instructions, I'll be up and running this week. Many thanks.

nagiracbe 6 years ago

Thanks for the guidance in creating a Facebook page. I have updated my page and interested in groups also. M6.Net Affiliates

anonymous 6 years ago

This is a great lens. Although most of the info is in the help sections of Facebook, few people ever read it. Further, I've seen so many companies creating a personal 'friend' account for their business, and groups for their businesses - it is ridiculous. Facebook is used in such a poor way most of the time, what a shame.

Titia profile image

Titia 6 years ago from Waterlandkerkje - The Netherlands

Oh wow, just what I needed. Wanted to make a fan page for my store for a long time.

robotpixel 6 years ago

Nice! I've seen a couple of 'tutorials' similar to this but defiantly none as in depth and as good as this one... nice work

robotpixel 6 years ago

Nice! I've seen a couple of 'tutorials' similar to this but defiantly none as in depth and as good as this one... nice work

Michey LM profile image

Michey LM 6 years ago

This is excellent tutorial and info.



Socialize-Media 6 years ago

Still can't access 'ads and pages' from my home page. I know how to access it but it just annoys me that I can't do it from the sidebar. I followed your 'how the heck do I access facebook pages' section but it doesn't follow true?

This sequence below doesn't seem to exist on my account?

To do this, select "Account" &gt; "Application Settings" on the upper right of the screen, then find "Ads and Pages" on the list (if it's not on the list, choose "Authorized" from the drop-down box, and the list of applications should be more expansive)

I don't have application settings under account, nor ads and pages, nor authorized? In fact facebook states that you cannot create these bookmarks..

Any help on this one?

RocklawnArts 6 years ago

This is just what I needed. Thank you very much! I often find FB's arrangement of things non-intuitive, so I really appreciate the level of detail you used to describe how to set up and edit a fan page.

greetingcardsinfo profile image

greetingcardsinfo 6 years ago

I really like this article I have a facebook page i will now try to make it look better a big thank you

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ReccoR 6 years ago

excellent detail!

vickeylynn 6 years ago

Man, there seems to be a lot to this... You seem to have a lot of knowledge.... Thanks...

anonymous 6 years ago

Many thanks for taking the time to put this lens together. I found the tutorial really helpful.

PaulaMorgan profile image

PaulaMorgan 6 years ago from Sydney Australia

Fantastic resource Pixel. I manage a corporate facebook page.. have done since they were released and this info is spot on!

ClockRepair 6 years ago

I found this really helpful - now I know why my page isn't coming up when I type it's name in!!

(It's until I can get 25 fans).



najem lm profile image

najem lm 6 years ago

Very good tutorial. Specailly because facebook is always changing everything and I do not know what to do in newer versions.

Pixelrage LM profile image

Pixelrage LM 6 years ago Author

@Socialize-Media: You're right - looks like they've changed things again. In order to get that icon to appear, you have to have used the application (I'm guessing a use = a creation and update of a Facebook Page). It looks like FB is listing my last used apps at the top of the list. Overall, this was yet another bad idea on their part :/

anonymous 6 years ago

How can I get people to "like" the page before they get to the content? My page is one of those where you can come to the page, read it, and then leave without pressing "like", is there anyway I can get more people to like my page?

anonymous 6 years ago

Thank you sir!

anonymous 6 years ago

Really a good an thorough tutorial. Congrats!

I myself disliked facebook for a long time. I still dislike it and don't use my profile very actively, but the idea of creating facebook pages for businesses is really great!

ezpostcard 6 years ago

I love Facebook, so many things and applications too offer. Well done lens!

Pixelrage LM profile image

Pixelrage LM 6 years ago Author

@anonymous: Hello, you'd have to set the page to open to a particular tab which is "locked" unless the visitor clicks the "Like" button. Just note that this is kind of seen as spammy and a little underhanded, there were lots of pages like this (like the "This girl killed herself after her father told her this" page which forces you to Like the page first). It would be better to just be more traditional with getting likes, and by promoting it through friends and other people who would find it interesting.

Maria-Zuzeena profile image

Maria-Zuzeena 6 years ago

What happened to your poll? I wanted to participate but couldn't. I created a fan page following the steps you gave us in this lense! Thanks! And I found it via Google! :)

anonymous 6 years ago

thanks, really clear and helpful - you are a star!

Pixelrage LM profile image

Pixelrage LM 6 years ago Author

@Maria-Zuzeena: Is the poll dead? :( Please try again, maybe it was a temporary Squidoo issue? Regardless, thanks for visiting!

thetruthtosixpackabs 6 years ago

informative lens, I have not started one yet as I am not sure I have the time, but I will bookmark your site when ready

tobejim profile image

tobejim 6 years ago

Nice - you should add a section about FBML coding for FB pages as well.

samsons1 6 years ago

I had no idea this could be done...

estrerae 6 years ago

@ClockRepair: thanks for the great info. now i know the difference between them.

Manjurul profile image

Manjurul 6 years ago from Chittagong, Bangladesh

Thanks for this lens. A very useful lens.

HiatusBath 6 years ago

This offered great info that I wasn't aware of. Thank you!

DNixon 6 years ago

Thanks. Great info. I haven't read it all but will certainly do when I create a facebook page for my website.

anonymous 6 years ago

Very well written and answers all essential questions! Just one suggestion - perhaps you could also describe how to delete a page or group.

nancymcconnell 6 years ago

Thank you, very informative. Great lens, I enjoyed reading it and learned a lot from it. Kudos !!!!

anonymous 6 years ago

This is the clearest explanation of what to do with 25 'likes' on a business page i've found - thank you so much for making this clear...ish :-D I doubt my page will win any visual awards, but at least I have that vanity url now. yay!

askhelen 6 years ago

I already have a fan page and wish to add another. How do I do that please?

anonymous 6 years ago

Hi Guys

Thanks so much for this amazing information. I have been trying to figure out the first step for days and your helpful link solved the whole issue.

Not to mention the helpful tips about choosing the right name, category etc.

This page is going on my bookmarks bar to ensure each step I take is an educated one

Fred-17 6 years ago

Very nice and detailed explanations, I learn a litter more about FB pages.


Oliversbabycarecouk 6 years ago

Wow! Great Page - So much information but so helpful! Thanks

hershel01 6 years ago

Some of these things I did not know ...thanks

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laladida88 6 years ago


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LakeMom 6 years ago

Thanks for the info! I was wanting to create a FB page but wasn't sure where to start - now I know. Will let you know about my page when I create one!

Swisstoons profile image

Swisstoons 6 years ago from Michigan

Excellent! Just what I've been looking. Set up a FB account earlier today...and a Page...and will return often to this lens to find out how best to exploit it (them). Thanks! Thumbs up and a Favorite.

anonymous 6 years ago

Thank you for this very informative posting. I created a Fan page for a client and found it to be a truly frustrating experience (and I'm a software developer). The FB user interface for developing pages, the "if you choose this, you'd better get it right the first time because you can't change it ever again!" selectors, and the inability for anyone to figure out where the heck things are (FB designers have apparently never heard of a menu bar) makes me wonder how this tool became so popular. And of course, visiting the FB help pages for the purpose of actually getting useful help is a rather comical exercise (the words, "utter futility" immediately spring to mind). I've bookmarked this page to help save me from this the next time. Thanks again for taking the time to do what the FB monkeys should have done in the first place.

anonymous 6 years ago

thanx.for the information.its great

anonymous 6 years ago

If you "like" a page can the owner of that page look into your profile? (read wall-post and see pictures). thanks.

auntjennie profile image

auntjennie 6 years ago from Canada

This is a great help. I recently created a personal Facebook page, and didn't really understand how to use it. Thanks:)

Pixelrage LM profile image

Pixelrage LM 6 years ago Author

@anonymous: Nope! Liking the page won't be like adding someone as a friend...your security settings will still prevent them from doing that.

Pixelrage LM profile image

Pixelrage LM 6 years ago Author

@anonymous: Hey Paul, thanks -- and I totally hear you. For such a big and important organization, Facebook is ignoring key elements of how these pages should function. You SHOULD be able to change the category. You SHOULD be able to edit the title. However, these things and many other features don't exist, and it's very frustrating. If you ever visit Facebook's "Facebook Pages" page and click the tab for conversations, it's jam packed with Page owners who complain about these simple, dumb things...sometimes you wonder if they're even listening. My current biggest problem is that one of my project websites has a FB page whose slogan has changed. I set the name of the FB page as the old slogan, and the page has a few hundred followers, so I can't change it. I'm basically screwed.

anonymous 6 years ago

Is there any way you can know who created a particular page? Who's the owner/admin?

anonymous 6 years ago

Is there any way you can know who created a particular page? Who's the owner/admin?

anonymous 6 years ago

I want to have a news category on my info page. How do I do this? Isaw it on A Class Act NY.

mscaramelle lm profile image

mscaramelle lm 6 years ago

Fabulous content.....definitely a "go-to" for a "How-to" Much appreciated!



GaryBryant1 profile image

GaryBryant1 6 years ago

Good work! Not sure why FB is so paranoid. What if I have two businesses? You can only have one "personal" FB profile, and two Facebook Pages?

Dantheman4U 6 years ago

Hi there. Help!!!!

2 questions please:

1. If I open my art business page under my personal profile, will both function independently from each other? I would like to keep business apart from pleasure under the same account..

2. I have tried opening a business page for my art, and can't find the "publish" button/function. Am I blind?

anonymous 6 years ago

You can make cool pages with FBML tabs like this one here!/FrndzCafe or this one here!/wieredlove with feeds and even videos is very easy to make if you know some FBML. Learn how to add an FBML tab here

108thTaoist 6 years ago

Thanks for this, I just created a FB account and am learning what I can do with it. This is a great help! Thanks.

anonymous 6 years ago

Very Helpful!! I have a few pages that I run, but this definitely gave me some good answers. One of my pages says no insights are available for this post. Is there a reason why? And how can I change this?

Steve Dizmon profile image

Steve Dizmon 6 years ago from Nashville, TN

I could say I learned something about what to with a Facebook page, but there is a more honest answer. I think I just found "everything" about a Facebook page. I still don't know much, but I now know where to find some excellent answers. Thanks.

anonymous 6 years ago

very helpful!

anonymous 6 years ago

Thank you for this very informative lens.Thanks for

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fashionality lm 6 years ago

pretty awesome tutorial.

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Pnorway 6 years ago

Great lens. Thank u

anonymous 6 years ago

thanks for your excellent advice

anonymous 6 years ago

I recently created a page for my non profit organization under my personal facebook account. I have reached 25 fans and able to establish the Usernane and vanity URL. However, when I provided my friend with the vanity URL (ie,, my personal facebook show up instead of the organization page. Any thought? Thank you

anonymous 6 years ago

good lens

anonymous 6 years ago

Thanks for the guide! But is there any way to invite people anonymously as well? I really don't to have any affiliation at all with this page, but I'd like it to get around to the kids in my school. I'd rather not go into details, but it's for a good cause, I just don't want to be associated with it.

Spook LM profile image

Spook LM 6 years ago

This is exceptional and just what I needed to read. Now let's hope I don't forget? Blessed by an Angel.

anonymous 6 years ago

Thanks for this - I just made a page for my local historical museum (Historisch Museum Haarlem), and I really needed these tips - I basically clicked as I read your post. Of course I eventually want a kickass page, but I am just relieved it is up there now with a picture. An additional tip for anyone reading this: use something else than Chrome to get your profile picture in there!

I especially appreciated your advice about the fact that I could go ahead and make this page as myself and give others admin rights without worrying that I needed a new facebook account just for the museum. Now my next challenge is what to do with the fact that I want English-speaking AND Dutch-speaking users to feel at home with this page...I need to go figure out how the multi-language options of fb work now!

SandraKS 6 years ago

I recently created a fan page in facebook and had no idea what will I do next. This lens really helps a lot. Thank you very for sharing all these.If you are interested, here is some info about facial exercise.

anonymous 6 years ago

@anonymous: Wow, i thought i was stupid or something. I totally concur with your comment. Today I created a first FB fan page for my website, and it was a completely frustrating experience. I too have strong software developing background. The page i created does NOT look at all like any of the tutorials i have taken the time to read before tempting the experience. It seems the notion of tabs at the top of a page has disappeared, how come i still see them on pages i visit everyday? The pages and steps i went through to create the FB Page did not look like any of the tutorials i have tried to follow. The buttons and options wre not at the same place. No Publish option either, i am not too sure if my page if actually live or what. And of course the FB help provides no help at all, it seems it is not being updated to follow the constant changes to the interface. What a disappointment and an unproductive environment to work with.

Thanks for your tutorial, although as far as i can see, it is already partly out of date!

JublyJem profile image

JublyJem 6 years ago

great page, really informative. :)

anonymous 6 years ago

I only have one small question... do i have to pay in order to make a facebook page?

anonymous 6 years ago

I've set up my companies Facebook page boosting off my personal profile. When i try to create a Username for the company it creates it for my personal profile. This is crazy!

Pixelrage LM profile image

Pixelrage LM 5 years ago Author

@anonymous: Nope! It's free :-)

KateRose 5 years ago

@anonymous: Rejean, Facebook made some major changes to Business pages last friday, without really any warning. I'm not aware of any updated tutorials as yet although I'm sure they'll be along soon - but couldn't agree with you more, the way that Facebook manages these upgrades does make it a VERY frustrating environment to work with!

If it helps any, there's an article covering some of the things you can now do that you couldn't do before here:

KateRose 5 years ago

@anonymous: Rejean, Facebook made some major changes to Business pages last friday, without really any warning. I'm not aware of any updated tutorials as yet although I'm sure they'll be along soon - but couldn't agree with you more, the way that Facebook manages these upgrades does make it a VERY frustrating environment to work with!

If it helps any, there's an article covering some of the things you can now do that you couldn't do before here:

anonymous 5 years ago

Great article - very helpful. I work for a marketing company and we're more and more frequently being asked to set up FB pages for our clients. Am I correct in thinking that the only way we can do this within Facebook's T&amp;C's is to ask the client to set the pages up using their own profile and then make us an administrator so that we can populate and manage the page? Also be good to know if it's possible to have more than one business page attached to your profile? I recently created two pages under the same profile however one of them has now disappeared without any notification from FB. Have tried contacting them several times but no response :-(

rishabverma 5 years ago

Nice information there. I have one question how can i change display name on my page.

SHWebb 5 years ago

Great article, really helpful. Perhaps you can answer another question though? I've searched high and low for an answer to this one, to no avail!

I have already created a business page for my employer and he now wants me to create about 6 more pages for the company representing the company's different branches in different cities (eg. Sample Company London already has its own page and now I need to create a page for Sample Company New York, Sample Company Tokyo etc.)

How do I do this?

We are only a small start-up website so don't have a lot of staff, so I've just been using my various personal email addresses to create the pages. I cannot work out how to create more pages without always using a different email address.

I hope this makes sense and that you can help!

anonymous 5 years ago

So basically to make your page easier to find, you must gain more fans and post more content?

anonymous 5 years ago

if I send an update to my company's FB fans, will it come from my Fan page name or my personal name. Need it to be from the company, not me. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

DougHouse 5 years ago

wow!!! lots of info here...but u know, facebook is a big part of my life. Because of facebook, i found my father and his family, haven't seen them for more than 20 years!!! thank you facebook!!!

Chocolatealchemy profile image

Chocolatealchemy 5 years ago from London, United Kingdom

Thanks for this great Lens - have learned a lot and am going to keep your Lens handy for when I make my Facebook Page.

aakashmittal92 5 years ago

@anonymous: it's free

aakashmittal92 5 years ago

I want to create a fan page.

petilar09 5 years ago

That's something I'll have in mind when I start creating my facebook page. Thank you

Elenaind 5 years ago

Great page, well done!

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RascalO 5 years ago

This is an awesome len! My wife has been trying to figure out how set-up a page for here website. this is perfect. Thanks!

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dustytoes 5 years ago

I've heard of a lot of people doing this, but I am FB clueless so this is VERY helpful. Thank you for writing an easy to understand tutorial.

bead at home mom profile image

bead at home mom 5 years ago

thanks for this very informative page about FB. I hardly know what to do with mine and haven't taken much time to learn but know I'm destine to if I want to continue down the road I'm traveling. This will help.

greetingcardsinfo profile image

greetingcardsinfo 5 years ago

good lens thanks for sharing it with us

anonymous 5 years ago

Hi there! You probably heard that Facebook is going to be doing away with Static FBML. I just coded up a replacement for it, Static HTML. Creative, I know. :)

Anyway, check it out and let me know what you think! I hope it's helpful.



mike-seo 5 years ago

facebook is the most visited page over the internet.

Lunaholistics profile image

Lunaholistics 5 years ago from UK

Thanks for all the effort you put into this tutorial

anonymous 5 years ago

Great work, thanks alot We hope to use these articles to better our Facebook Fan page of Student Brands

anonymous 5 years ago

I have hit 5000 friend on a facebook site, can i allow more??

anonymous 5 years ago

@anonymous: no, facebook is free

anonymous 5 years ago

great information, thank you for this, I am a little behind in the times.

anonymous 5 years ago

Very informative and easy to follow.

Globester_Travel 5 years ago


I can't explore about your useful knowledge. Its dominant knowledge of Face book I hope for batter result if i will follow your suggestion. Thanks you very much...

anonymous 5 years ago

Thanks for the information. Your info above saved my sanity. I spent all day trying to figure out how to create a page, launch &amp; everything in between. WHAT a nightmare. Thank you thank you!!!

anonymous 5 years ago

This is a fantastic article - thanks! however as of tomorrow it seems they are changing pages again - boo! - and admins are no longer anonymous - boo! - so if you have to do facebook for work do you - either - violate their TOS or get a facebook business account??

referencement 5 years ago

again a very good article : in my bookmarks !

I have had to try to build a Facebook page, not from my account but with the button "create page" on other pages : it was very restrictive (i could not use to FBml for exemple)

séjours linguistiques

kevinfahey1 5 years ago

By far the most impressive guide to facebook. Over the past week I purchased two guides which provided less imformation with more hyped crap other than stating the facts. Pixelrage you got a fan for life :)

backrevolution00 5 years ago

a great post. lots of information to create a fan page. i m gonna to make one.

SussexOnline 5 years ago

Hi Can you also give a post on how to put sign up button on your facebook pages?

Chem Dry

anonymous 5 years ago

I´ve found this post very useful...but I´m still wondering How many pages can I create with my account? I didn´t see the answer to this question.... Can you help me please?

Thank you!

anonymous 5 years ago

The bad thing is that Facebook keeps updating layout, options and buttons...It would have been easier to find if it where like on your tutorial. Anyway really good job...

lankanwriter profile image

lankanwriter 5 years ago

Thanks for this great article about FB pages and also about the comparison between pages and groups. I have created few FB pages but haven't done much with them, maybe I should :-)

navasri 5 years ago

Hiiiiiiiiiii, nicely given the information about facebook. This is very helpful for the people who are new to the facebook.

anonymous 5 years ago

Hi there,

Great page and full of useful information! However, as facebook has changed itself I'm having trouble editing the settings for my page. And was wondering if someone could help! I'm trying to modify the Wall Settings to have fans land on a specific page. Anyone know how to do this? The wall settings does not appear anywhere. Thanks!

anonymous 5 years ago

Thank you for this excellent article. Just set up my first FB page...of course I can't have a username until I have 25 fans!

TheBookGarden1 profile image

TheBookGarden1 5 years ago

I was blogging about fan pages and why you should have them. Was a lot briefer than this, but have linked here as you seem to have done a great job covering it all! Well done!

anonymous 5 years ago

how come i didn't get the "nice, my facebook page has been born....." and I can't find the "publish" button. If I do not share or invite my friends, will they be able to see that I created a page?

anonymous 5 years ago

How come when I created a facebook page I didn't get the message "nice, my facebook page is born....."? I also can't find the "publish" button. I am getting so confused!!!

So when I create the page using my personal account, my friends won't be able to see that've created the page until I, either, LIKE the page or personally invite them?

I also can't link my faceboook to twitter!!! Do you know how I can fix this?

anonymous 5 years ago

This is one of the best FACEBOOK 101 presentations I´ve read. Thanks.

Khalid-Osman profile image

Khalid-Osman 5 years ago

Although I liked this lens because it is informative, I found face book to be legal hacker and legal spammer. It downloads spyware and even prevents people from accessing it when it knows they want to delete their accounts.

They have 5 steps for security protection to your account. The process is long, because when you took time to complete it, you will read in the next page: you took too much time to complete etc, they present in the second step what they think pictures of your friends to identify them, but those are not personal pictures, but images uploaded by those friends. I think they implement this to prevent people from accessing their accounts especially, when those people intend to delete their accounts. However, I am not sure why they do this.

anonymous 5 years ago

Nice Squidoo, I really enjoy reading Squidoo's of any kind.

theconkeyboy 5 years ago

Wow! That was a great article :-) I'm just starting out on Squidoo, but you really set the bar high with this one.

anonymous 5 years ago

Is it possible to create multiple fb pages with 1 account?

Fcervantes 5 years ago

I really want a facebook please

anonymous 5 years ago

New to facebook &amp; found your tutorial really helpful in setting up our facebook page, thanks. Here's our page for you to checkout:

But we think there's something wrong with the page as:

1 Our facebook page isn't showing up on google

2 Also tried to send this to you via facebook, but this message appears "something wrong with facebook data"!!

Any ideas?

michaelmoore5 5 years ago

Thank you for the great information about Facebook Fan Pages.

anonymous 5 years ago


I read the fb tutorial, its really nice. But I don't know in my fb profile I have no fb page link. Fb has updated again or not. I mean I don't understand from "Click the "Pages" Iconâ section of the tutorial. Can you tell what the problem is?


magento-templates profile image

magento-templates 5 years ago

basics are good, but boring =) How about something more creative?

tabitha-stuart profile image

tabitha-stuart 5 years ago

This is great! Everything I needed to know is right here... and some stuff I didn't know I needed to know! Thanks for this awesome lens. It was a tremendous help to me! Off to make a Facebook Page for my blog!

anonymous 5 years ago

This post is fantastic. Thank you for being so detailed. There is a new Application that has been launched by Expand2Web as part of their SmallBiz theme for Wordpress. The Theme allows you to build pages within WordPress, click save, then your Facebook Page is updated. it is super easy and it looks just like your Website!

mantasticman profile image

mantasticman 5 years ago

Thanks For The Good Info!!

anonymous 5 years ago

Hi there,

thanks for a great tutorial! I have created a page for my business. How do I send out an inbox to all of the fans of the page? I need to send weekly messages. I know there is a way to send an update, but my fans are telling me that these are not coming to them in the form of an inbox! suggestions??

goliveuk 5 years ago

Hi, you did really good and detailed work! I believe many people would benefit from your hard work! cheers!

anonymous 5 years ago

I have a "connect with us on facebook" button on my website, however when a customer clicks it, it takes them to the log-in wall of facebook and not the actual page with a prompt to log-in above?

anonymous 5 years ago

Hi maybe you can give me some insight we had a help page for zooworld it has over 20,000 members yesterday morning the page just disappeared. we still see it in a search but all members and all admin can not accesses it .. but if you put in ZWHG Players helping Players. ( there are 2 now that show up in the search because we started a new one ) I think my question is if the page is gone where there is no way for anyone to get in how is it that it is still there and is there any way to get it back ?

it wont let me post the link but this is part of it


Thank you for any help you can offer in this matter


tgnyc00 5 years ago

Great lens!

I SquidLiked you! When you have a moment check mine out:

anonymous 5 years ago

Do Facebook business pages obtain even IP addresses of their "fans"? Is that part of the statistics also? Or do they get only the basic info (gender, age, location, interests etc.)? Thank you for you help.

rhtmdn17 5 years ago

Hi, You really deserve a big applause from my side. You really did an informational work through your post.

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heehaw lm 5 years ago

great lens and wonderful info you provided to us all.

anonymous 5 years ago

That's the awesome article. A little technically but yet gives the things you really want to know about facebook pages. I also like another not technically &amp; detailed article about same, sharing for users:

Hope, it help others!

DVDFab 5 years ago

This is very useful, to establish a page is easy,but how to manage a fan page well and how to attract fans is really important.

anonymous 5 years ago


here is my page :

anonymous 5 years ago

You have put a lot of effort into this lens!!!

Hillbilly_Direct 5 years ago

I am beginning to do Facebook Fanpages for local business clients. It is an amazing job as so many people haven't a clue how, but are very interested in being on Facebook. With the recient changes to Facebook it has become so easy to build a unique, branded and potentially viral fanpage. thanks for a great lens!



ramupfast8 5 years ago

Very informative, although a little outdated. Facebook's product page looks a little different these days with trouble logging in and creating a specific product page, not an account page.

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bkarsono 5 years ago

Nice and detail information about Facebook. Facebook has helped me make money too. Thanks for sharing and please visit my lens when you get a chance,

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If you want to gain a lot of facebook fans, use these techniques: ways to build backlinks (

anonymous 5 years ago

Awesome, thanks--great to have so much relevant info in one place. Great job!

anonymous 5 years ago

This is a great resource! Thanks for posting it. However, I have a question that I CANNOT find an answer to! I just got a job working for a nonprofit foundation and no one knows how to access our facebook page. Is there anyway to access the page when we have no clue who had the account for the initial set up?

anonymous 5 years ago

Thanks for sharing :) man I really like your stuff for dummies :) well suggest you to mention more detailed material on posting status &amp; photos

anonymous 5 years ago

Nice post! very helpful. Just a suggestion, i think you need to update a little on creating pages. Facebook changed some steps just last February 2011. Anyway, for those who don't have time to create beautiful facebook pages, just visit:

anonymous 5 years ago

Far and away the BEST tutorial on creating and maintaining Facebook Pages that I've read...and I read many. Finally feel ready to tackle this. Thanks!

anonymous 5 years ago

Thank you for your help. I greatly appreciate it! - Clint Dolenz

meridian6 profile image

meridian6 5 years ago

great page! extremely informative and helpful!

anonymous 5 years ago

Right now the FB Page for my work is connected to an empty personal account. Is there anyway to remove the personal account and just have it as a business account?


BunnyBoiler 5 years ago

Daaannnnggg...Gina!! I wish I'd had this lens when I created our facebook page! Tons of great lenses like this.

anonymous 5 years ago

Thanks for the GREAT article! For some reason I can not figure out how to get a discussion forum on my group. I have gone through all the settings over and over and there is nothing there...and I even tried apps. Any suggestions? Here is the group...

rcelano lm profile image

rcelano lm 5 years ago

Interesting and Informative lens. I will be featuring it on my lens:

anonymous 5 years ago

Nice article! Which category do you recommend for a sportsclub? When I look at the page of, say, FC Barcelona, I don't see what category they have chosen.

ereddm3a1r4 5 years ago

Outstanding information on how Facebook works.


atenatm 5 years ago

Hi, you really did a great job. I wanna ask that my company want to create FB page for our brand. However, the name that had been used by a community who is our fan. The problem is I can't contact them : the creator may not manage the site anymore (they haven't updated any thing for a long time). Besides, we don't want to post the reason we want to contact them on the wall (since there's no personal message for fan page). Do you have any suggest that we can take back our name???

Many thanks in advanced

anonymous 5 years ago

Hi, very interesting article. I used it to setup my page :)

You could maybe mention that one of the downsides with pages is the number of bugs left (especially with photos and tagging).

reidwalley 5 years ago

Fantastic, in-depth article on creating a Facebook Page. I was searching for advice on creating my FB's name - should it be with a space or not (eg: CleverClay or Clever Clay). Your entire article is awesome. And I leaned a couple things I never knew. Thanks!

Pixelrage LM profile image

Pixelrage LM 5 years ago Author

@atenatm: Hello, and thanks! In your case, I would pursue the "Trademark infringement form." Nobody but the rightful owner of a trademark has the right to use/represent that intellectual property [even Facebook stated this]. Try doing this through the TM infringement form shown in my article above, and be sure to be a little "pushy" to get those people at Facebook knowing that it's a serious matter. Hope this helps!

SeanVernall LM profile image

SeanVernall LM 5 years ago

Some real nuggets in this one. Loved the part about getting the page name set up without the standard 25 fans.

achraf lm profile image

achraf lm 5 years ago

thank you very much for this great tutorial.

I'm saving it and will be probably working tonight on creating my first FB page.

Pixelrage LM profile image

Pixelrage LM 5 years ago Author

@anonymous: Thanks - and you're right, it was already outdated. FB keeps changing so much that it's hard to keep up with this page! I just spent the entire weekend redoing it all!

Pixelrage LM profile image

Pixelrage LM 5 years ago Author

@ramupfast8: You're correct - just spent the weekend redoing this entire resource :)

anonymous 5 years ago

Hi Pixelrage,

Just been hitting a little issue with our Artof2 Designs page. We have posted up some photo's of an engagement party album &amp; shared the link on the couple's pages, but their friends &amp; family can't seem to comment on the photos. Do you know why? Is this because they are not fans perhaps?

Do you know if there is a way to easily get people to like the page before they can see the album?


Artof2 Designs

anonymous 5 years ago

Hi Pixelrage,

Just been hitting a little issue with our Artof2 Designs page. We have posted up some photo's of an engagement party album &amp; shared the link on the couple's pages, but their friends &amp; family can't seem to comment on the photos. Do you know why? Is this because they are not fans perhaps?

Do you know if there is a way to easily get people to like the page before they can see the album?


Artof2 Designs

anonymous 5 years ago

thanks for sharing this informative post. it helped me in creating the page for seo promotion of my client.

anonymous 5 years ago

Hi the article was really uselful but theres one more thing I´m stuck with! I work at a language school and we already have a fan page and we had a place which I managed to check into but the appear as separate pages. I would like people to check in using our fan page as we already have some likes. I have tried changing the settings and the type of business but it didnt work. Can anybody tell me what I need to do?


Rankography profile image

Rankography 5 years ago

Very nice lens. well done.

tjc007 5 years ago

great info , and i made my page base on your information , thanks

would you please visit my page

anonymous 5 years ago

Hi , great page, thanks for the info! I have a do I remove the anonymity of the people who have liked my page? I want more of a "group" feel on my page where "likers" can see who all the other "likers" are...

anonymous 5 years ago

Thank you, with your help I was able to name my FB page:

awestricken1 profile image

awestricken1 5 years ago from Tacoma, Wa

WOW nice lens... The is a great guide for facebook.

CarynJSwift56889 profile image

CarynJSwift56889 5 years ago

promote your facebook page in other websites~ that's good

speaktolearn 5 years ago

Gotta love Facebook

BSieracki profile image

BSieracki 5 years ago from Corbin, KY


anonymous 5 years ago

I REALLY LOVE THE WRITTEN TUTORIAL.. I also watched this video...good for anyone else who would like to see a video on it

AngelaDaun 5 years ago

What an amazing tutorial! Thank you!

anonymous 5 years ago

What a great post, thank you for sharing your knowledge - exactly what I was looking for

anonymous 5 years ago

Kudo for the great post.

I have always wanted to "like" some pages which is of interest to me.

But have not done so due to privacy issues.

Question is can the page administrator view my friend's list??

What info. can the page administrator view??

Thanks and looking forward to your answer.

Downloadsoftwar1 profile image

Downloadsoftwar1 5 years ago

Cool lens. Thank you for sharing good stuffs

thommo1962 profile image

thommo1962 5 years ago

Now i know what a facebook page is,thanks.

bilbram 5 years ago

How amazing..!! great tutorial..!!

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