find the factorial of a given number using c programming

To find the factorial of number, multiply continuously from 1 to that number.

for eg:- Factorial of 3 (ie. 3!) = 1 * 2 * 3 = 6

Factoria of 5 (ie. 5!) = 1 * 2 * 3* 4* 5 = 120

and so on.




void main()


int f=1,i,n;


printf("Enter a number\n");




f=f * i;



printf("Factorial of %d is %d",n,f);




NB: stdio.h -------------> header file

conio.h ----------> heade file

int f=1 ----------> variable declaration & assigning values

scanf ---------------> getting value to the variable n from keyboard

f=f*i ----------------> value of f is multiplied by the value of i and save the result in to f.


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thajuudin 5 years ago

out put is 1 for every number witgh dz program

Tamanna Jain 3 years ago

Incorrect program

agarwal 3 years ago

Incorrect coding

k.d.shukla 2 years ago

it does not work for long integers

Somnath Karmakar 2 years ago

This is a bad programme ever ... so this is wrong please don't copy this anywhere;;;;;;;;; bogaaaaaaaaaassssssss

Johna86 2 years ago

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Pharmd588 2 years ago

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blaze 2 years ago

abe kabhi jindhgi mai program banaye tha kya

Mantu 2 years ago

Your program is wrong. intialize i=1 above while loop. Then the program will execute correctly.

See this :

baba 2 years ago

sahi hai bhai bawkoof bnana raha hai

u.h shukla 2 years ago

Best programs

ashish 2 years ago

wrong program

ABC 2 years ago


A.b 2 years ago

ok ,this is correct;

ashok rana 2 years ago

Nice program

raj 2 years ago

Isko program banane nahi aate ...

Aajaate hai program likhne...

Guru 2 years ago

Superb program

indumathy 2 years ago

very usefull for me

abi 23 months ago


deepak 23 months ago

Not bad

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