find the sum of first N natural numbers

sum of first N natural numbers



void main()


int s=0,i=1,n;


printf("Enter a value ");


while(i <= n)





printf("Sum of first %d natural numbers is %d",n,s)




NB: // ---> this is a comment. compiler will not execute the statements after this '//'.

#include<stdio.h> --------> header file

void main() --------------> main function

int s=0 -------> variable declaration & value assigning

clrscr() -----> built-in function for clearing the screen

printf() -----> built-in function for print a message and print the output.

scanf() ------> built-in funtion for accepting a value

getch() ------> built-in function for accepting a character.

for running the program you should press Ctrl + F9 keys together.


thanking you.

hope u get the result....... :-)

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Ishan 6 years ago

In the last printf statment u missed a semi-colon.

shijo 6 years ago

give an output also

kirti shinde 4 years ago

it's a very easy. it is understand lauguage.

jewel 2 years ago


jewel mathew pm 2 years ago


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