Finger Mouse USB

Finger Mouse USB

For those who seek greater precision in the work done on the computer or simply a passion for new technologies, can not fail to have a finger mouse. The optical finger mouse usb is an extension of the user's body, increasing sensitivity and performance, from simple to complex jobs. Available on the market just over two years, the device can still be considered a revolution because it allows multitasking, ie, write and use the mouse functions simultaneously.

The finger mouse is very easy to use. For starters, forget the time lost due to software installation. To use your finger mouse, just plug it into a USB port on your PC or notebook. The recognition is instant, and from that moment on, the finger mouse usb is now ready for use. The second step is to set the unit on the index finger. The adjustment is done through an elastic-ring and it is important to leave some slack so that the blood flow is not interrupted. Once adjusted, the finger mouse usb functions are controlled by the thumb, the selection buttons and scroll.

Finally, to move the cursor, point the finger at a flat surface (if not directly to the computer screen, use an opaque surface to prevent glare).

With so many benefits and cutting edge technology, many people think the price this mouse is high. They are wrong. Having a finger mouse costs about $50 or less depending were you are buying it.

If you liked all the convenience that is having a finger mouse usb, see all the features and technical specifications of the product and plan your purchase:

  • Easy to use and adjust by hand;
  • Can be used on the right and on the left hand;
  • Allows the execution of multitasking;
  • Do not cause pain in the hand as it is light (weighs about 40 grams);
  • The cable is 1.2 meters;
  • It has two selection buttons and a button scroll;
  • USB interface;
  • Reading system through sensor;
  • Resolution 800 dpi;
  • Has a manual.

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