Finis SwiMP3 Waterproof MP3 Player

The History of Finis

The Olympic Games have a long tradition of producing champions and introducing them to the public. Occasionally, these men and women provide insight into their successes in sports and create products to enhance your performance as well. In 1993, Olympic gold medalist Pablo Morales joined Mr. John Mix to found the company Finis. Their line of high-tech swimming gear includes Barracuda ear plugs, Mack’s Aqua Block ear plugs, and the sensational Swimovate Poolmate, a wristwatch-style training device that measures swimming tempo.

Finis underwater MP3

The latest innovation from Finis is the new SwiMP3 waterproof digital music player. The revolutionary design has broken new ground by allowing the user to enjoy his music underwater….without using earphones! Working on the same principle as some high-end Bluetooth mobile phone headsets, the SwiMP3 conducts the sound via bone conduction. The unit can be used with earphones if you prefer, and the sound quality is somewhat better with the earphones in place. But if you are after minimal drag or maximum comfort, eliminating the earphones may be beneficial.

Sound Quality

Many users of other underwater MP3 devices have complained about the poor sound quality of their devices. The sound transmission method of the SwiMP3 player eliminates this problem. Further, when using the player with the specially-designed swim goggles provided in the kit, the system is completely streamlined and minimizes any distractions from your workout or leisure swim.


From a user interface standpoint, the SwiMP3 comes equipped with a standard USB port for connection to your PC. Onboard storage is 256MB, and the player allows the creation of customized playlists for your music files, podcasts, and etc. WMA files and MP3 files are supported right out of the box, and iTunes files can be easily converted.

Final Word

Pick up the Finis SwiMP3 today and try it out. You’ll find added enjoyment in your favorite underwater activities, and less distraction from the ambient noises around you. Bring along the music that motivates, excites, or relaxes you – create a soundtrack for your water sports.

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