Other search engines?

  1. advanceconsult profile image59
    advanceconsultposted 24 months ago

    Anyone know how I can get my websites ranked by all the other search engines ie other than Google and Bing?

  2. Mohanavamsi Srt profile image59
    Mohanavamsi Srtposted 23 months ago

    SEO - Search Engine Optimization

    follow some basic steps while placing content into your website.

    1. The url's must follow good naming conventions
    2. the content and the title should have good common words so it can be easyly identified by search engines.
    3. Include Keywords that apt for your content.
    4. Use meta tags and some description about it which makes search engine read your html pages easily.
    5. Don't place unwanted keywords it may increase the traffic at first but it will make users frustrated when it is not the correct content they are looking for.

    Hope it will helps