I was reading through the Whirlpool Forums last week and noticed a post enquiring about a prepaid sim card for a friend visiting Australia for a few weeks. Specifically the enquirer was after free calls.

I started to think and look around and it seems there are lots of options when it comes to prepaid sim cards that will allow you to make free calls to others on the same network.

This type of offer is not only useful for those traveling to Australia but it is also great for students and for young family members who are most likely to call or receive a daily (or more frequent) call from their parents.

I have prepared a detailed list of the best value plans for you below.

  • Virgin Your Cap $19 - Unlimited calls/txt to Virgin
  • Vodafone Text & Data $30 - Unlimited Vodafone calls
  • Optus Bigger & Better $30 - 300 free call mins to Optus prepaid
  • Crazy Johns Crazy Caps $19 - Unlimited calls to Crazy Johns
  • Dodo Prepaid $15 - 225 minutes to Dodo/Vodafone
  • Lebara Mobile $10 - Free 10 min calls to Lebara (flagfall applies)
  • gotalk Straight Talk Plus $10 - Free 5 min calls to gotalk (flagfall applies)
  • Three Prepaid Bonus $30 - 150 free call mins to Three

So as you can see free calls to customers within the network is very popular and many providers offer it. Some offer you unlimited calls, others place a cap on it depending on how much you recharge eg Optus.

Obviously the amount of free calls is one aspect to use when comparing a plan. You should also consider the cost for each call, the flagfall and the expiry of the credit.

To compare all of the best value prepaid mobile plans click here.


I remember Vodafone launching per second billing many years ago, but at the moment Just Mobile seem to be the only provider offering this service. Just how much of a difference does it make to your call costs?

The clearest way to see the savings is to compare the same phone call, using per second billing, per 30 second billing and per minute billing. Let's say our sample phone call lasts for 3 minutes and 23 seconds, and call costs are 30c per 30 secs (60c per min) plus a 35c flagfall:

  • Per second billing would charge for exactly 3 minutes and 23 secs = $2.38
  • Per 30 sec billing would charge as three and a half minutes = $2.45
  • Per minute billing would charge for a full 4 minutes = $2.75

So the savings can make a real difference. Just Mobile currently offers per second billing with the Just 15 Plan. Call costs are 1/2c per second with NO flagfall. You can visit our site to learn more about what Just Mobile offers you. Lots of our customers are using it and we recommend it.

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PrepaidPlans 5 years ago from Melbourne Author

Virgin is probably the most popular of the lot when it comes to free calls.

crystolite profile image

crystolite 5 years ago from Houston TX

Virgin is really doing their best in free calls.

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