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Touchscreen Gloves | Operate Tablets without Removing your Gloves

GloveTips allow you to use your touchscreen devices without removing your gloves. Sure there are other companies making gloves that work with your iPhone or other touchscreens but it's a waste to buy a new set of gloves. They are expensive and you have to choose the style of glove that they make, with GloveTips you decide which gloves you want to make touchscreen compatible. You use GloveTips by placing tips on your gloves that allow you to use any touchscreen device.

GloveTips Demonstration Video

GloveTips attach to your glove to work on any touchscreen device like:

  • iPads
  • iPhones
  • iPods
  • HTC Devices
  • Samsung Devices
  • Palm Devices
  • Dell Devices
  • Microsoft Devices
  • and even ATM Touchscreens

Video of Complete Installation of GloveTips

How Do GloveTips Work

Installation is quick, easy and can be done in under a minute and a half like the video to the right will show. After you have installed the GloveTips you can easily use any touchscreen device without removing your gloves. When the silver strip that is included in the kit comes in contact with your skin the silver ring on the tip of your glove will allow you to operate your touchscreen device without removing your glove.

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GloveTipsGloveTips Use Your Touchscreen Device without Removing your Gloves
GloveTips Use Your Touchscreen Device without Removing your Gloves
GloveTips Use Your Touchscreen Device without Removing your Gloves

What is Included in The GloveTips Kit

Everything you need to install GloveTips is included in the Glovetips Installation Kit. There is nothing more to buy and the installation is quick and easy like it is shown above in the GloveTips Installation Video. You can find detailed installation videos below.

When you buy your GloveTips just come back here to find out how easy it is to install your into your favorite pair of gloves.

GloveTips Installation Kit Includes

  • Glove Tips (3 Included)
  • Strips of Fabric (3 Included)
  • Pull Through Needle (1 Included)
  • Needle Threader (1 Included)

Detailed Glovetip Installation Videos

In the videos below you will get detailed instructions on how to install your new GloveTips. You will definitely love the ease of use that comes with your GloveTips and will want to recommend them to your friends.

Step 1 Glovetip Installation Video

Step 2 Glovetip Installation Video

Step 3 Glovetip Installation Video

Step 4 Glovetip Installation Video

Step 5 Glovetip Installation Video

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cameciob profile image

cameciob 5 years ago

I think this gloves are very useful in the winter. I have tested some other kinds of touchscreen gloves and they work. I did not see this brand but is defenitly very interesting.

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