How to get free internet access for your mobile phone

For more than two months, I've been enjoying free internet access from my operator, TRI. I use the modified version of Opera Mini. Of course, before I can get this free GPRS, I need to know how to trick the operator using query address, proxy and internet handler applications. Using internet handler applications, such as Opera Mini Labs, enable you to enjoy browsing, downloading, blogging and even hubbing for free, just like what you're reading right now -- I wrote this hub from my mobile phone when my airtime balance was $0.

First, let's see the characteristics of Indonesian operators. In Indonesia, there are at least three major operators of cellular network, and they can all be hacked if you follow the updates of hacking and cracking forums in the internet. First, we have Indosat. Then we have Telkomsel, which has been the big rival of Indosat since the beginning of its appearance. And finally we have TRI.


Indonesian young people, especially students, use Indosat a lot because of its low price. It costs only $0.1 per SMS. Sometimes when you're lucky, you can get free SMS by tricking the message center number, or free IndosatGPRS by adding a front query address to Opera Mini handler. Im3, Matrix and Mentari belong to Indosat.


Telkomsel is used particularly by businessmen and important people. It's cheap for calling. There's a time when it allows you to enjoy free internet access and free calls. Telkomsel includes AS and Simpati.


This is my favorite. I started using Tri about two months ago. The only reason why I moved from Indosat to Tri is because Tri lets me browse the internet and download for free, even if I don't have pulsa. Three and 3 are two spelling alternatives for this operator. I'll see whether it remains free until fasting month of Ramadhan or will die before August.

How to setup the handler applictions

There are many handler applications available in the internet. Those applications are mostly in Jar files, which makes them work only in Java phones like my Sony Ericsson K310i. Search and download those applications for free. As for me, I use Bolt handler and Opera Mini Labs, the download links posted in my previous hubs.

To setup the handler menu, you must know the trick of free GPRS for your providers. Some use MMS settings. Others may require you to configure the proxy and port numbers. My TRI card, for example, is easy to be tricked. Supposing that you're a TRI user and have had handler applications with you, all you need to do is run the application, and then type the front query address in the Front Query box. Don't forget to use the HTTP connection.

Know other tricks? Share your GPRS tricks in my comment section!

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chad 5 years ago

what is front query? how it differ from a http server in operator trick page ?

Roshan 5 years ago

I m using nokia 3110c. Opera mini is working as usual free bt i cant download any type of program, imgae, sftware etc. Plz tel me which type of version is good 4 downloads in opera & plz send me the advance seting 4 my nokia 3110c.

Plz send me the seting in my id { I wil also share u som of my known tricks. Thnx

Escape2Paradise profile image

Escape2Paradise 5 years ago from Bangkok Thailand

Can you so with a wifi? I wanna have free wifi to use but it's impossible because my apartment where I'm living right now they provide as a user name I've to pay like $15 a month and the connection is so damn poor :(

davidkhoirul profile image

davidkhoirul 5 years ago from East Java, Indonesia Author

Paradise, I don't know how to hack wifi. For over a year, I've been enjoying free internet from cellular operator. I can do anything in the internet, including posting this comment here. :)

Hey, thanks for the comment. It's very nice to know you.

vince 5 years ago

hey men can u help me out i need to get free internet on cellphone plz help

mar 5 years ago

can u help me how to get free internet on cellphone cos i dnt knw how.

coolboy 4 years ago

can someone tel me the settings for opera mini 4.2(hanbler) to get free internet??????!!!!!!!

Rahmat 4 years ago internet is free now..with operamini operator trick..i can do anything..coz it was free

Ismail 4 years ago

Please i'm in tanzania and i have downloaded opm lab can you tell me how to set up query adress, and proxy to get free internet please get back to me at

imjoe 4 years ago

I downloaded the opera mini browser, here can you teach me the query address and the proxy? I'm from Philippines, :) Thank you, here's my email

Ian 4 years ago

Halo bro, nice trick but sorry 2 say right now all trick for three is death, would u share ur trick for facebook card from telkomsel & a new trick from three if u already have it to my mail (if u don't mind) which is, thank you & nice 2 know u and i apologize for this matter.

bi man 4 years ago

is there any trick for ethiopia?pls share it with me on,thank u

jasmine 4 years ago

how do u do it to get free opera internet

kagiso 4 years ago

Im in botswana and i wanna knw how to use free internet on my mobile phne

denisa 4 years ago


Lund 4 years ago

Chutiya Saala

waseem 4 years ago

please i m in pakistan and using telenor, if there is any trick for free internet in telenor

ramya salian 4 years ago

I want to free internet in my mobile, how to access?

jheny porras del castillio 3 years ago

I want free mobile internet

smith 3 years ago

i am very much interested in this ur words but pls as i; already been ur fan; pls send me the configuration of my motorola vodafone

smith 3 years ago

my email is

alfredo peru 3 years ago

i want to know what is the proxy server for free in movistar operator from peru,

alfredo peru 3 years ago

i want to know what is the proxy server for free in movistar operator from peru,

Ria manalo 3 years ago

hello sir,mam how to get free internet to my mobile,please help!this is my email,

Celine bianes 3 years ago

how can i have a interenet in my mobile? pls help me how to take the gprs and setting in my android mobile

elly 3 years ago

hi am in uganda using MTN, airtel and warid sim can I get access to free internet using these sim card.I have huawei 300 adroid phone

pliz help mi because internet data is too expensive.send mi a msg (

chelsee 2 years ago

Please help I live in the United States and I have an HTC one m7 EVO TOUCH! I'd as well very much like to have the internet and WiFi for free!!! If it's possible? Not that I doubt your intelligence... I've been searching for a year on how to make it work... Please email me with precise directions, I'd greatly appreciate it from my whole heart.

Thank u and it was nice to have conversed with someone who actually knows what they're doing! ;-)

binkadir 2 years ago

i want to know how to set up operamini so as to get free internet am in Tanzania plz help me through my email will appreciate your help

alex 2 years ago

Hello please can u help me because I want free internet acces this is my email

isaac 2 years ago

Haw do I get free intannet

vignesh 2 years ago

hello plz said i am using free internet in mobile phone and my id is

Steward Manex 2 years ago

Hey! Woul'd pls help me to access free internet....thanks

My e-mail address:

Furicky Negii 2 years ago

hi..thanks for sharing your idea.

can u pls send me the steps or configurations to access free internet.

pls and my operator is digicel here in papua new guinea..your neighbour countryman in need.

email add:


Shady 2 years ago

Please dude ...please send the steps or codes man please...Www.smalai59@gmail. Com

SnY 2 years ago

How to fill in the opera mini Handler... just a little help on that please.

freeg 22 months ago

Such a good News. but this service is now available

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