Turkey and Pocket Camcorders

Turkey 2009

Turkey 2009
Turkey 2009


It's the end of summer. I'm back on the work and on my passion: blogging. I bought some gifts for my kid few days ago from Amazon. I was going to buy for this trip some recording gadgets, but I went for Kodak Zi6. I am very satisfied with this amazing camcorder. I was reading some bad review about Zi6 some time ago, but I'll tell you they're not true. They say the lack of image stabilisation in the device is the main downfall in this gadget. If you use it right, you'll see that Kodak Zi6 brings great video quality. I'll be back with some video samples soon

I think I'm going to play some XBOX games again in the near future. I got a lot of free time. I was thinking it will be great to finish Devil May Cry 4. I was looking for some party games to play with my friends when we play poker later in the night. I couldn't find anything but Rock Band. I couldn't find tough if the game can be played or not with the native XBOX 360 controller.

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