Homemade Wind Turbines and Wind Generators

Homemade Wind Turbines and Wind Generators

When the whole world is trying to find ways to circumvent the severe energy crisis, what is the least we can do? We can start by saving energy and we can generate more and more energy by using alternative energy solutions such as wind energy and solar systems.

The installation of a wind turbine or a wind generator is not considered very cheap, yet it becomes a major source of saving money in the long term, when production costs reach a zero tariff.

It has been observed lately that there are people who are installing wind power solutions even where the average wind speed is less than 11 miles per hour. Preferably, the average wind speed in the area where you want to install your wind turbine or wind power station will be 11 miles per hour, but a slightly lower average has also given satisfactory results.

One factor deterrent to people installing wind turbines or wind generators to generate wind power is its initial cost. However, one person can install a wind turbine at home for a very low price. It is, however, very important to take certain things into consideration when installing your own wind turbine.

Get a good project to build a homemade wind turbine. Be well aware that the power output that you want your wind turbine will generate. Try to find robust pieces. Your wind generator should not be damaged by strong winds.

Compare prices of equipment on the market and choose the components that are within your budget and close to your area. When looking for a plan for a wind turbine or a wind generator, please note the following characteristics:

  • Illustration: The visual descriptions are better than those with just text. If your installation guide comes with illustrated descriptions will make your task much easier.
  • Language available: If your installation guide uses lots of slang and technical terms, you better start looking for a different one. Look for one that has a simple language to understand what your task may easily flow.
  • Overview of components: Your guide to build a domestic wind turbine will provide you with detailed descriptions, both textual and visual of all the components that will be required. It is also very important that the installation manual tells you what type of components that work best in your situation.
  • Local Information: If your installation guide, homemade wind turbine will provide information on the best equipment available in Europe and you are living in a rural area of the United States, then your manual becomes completely useless. Look for one that will provide information on equipment available at locations near you.

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