Honey Badger Don't Care Meaning

What Does Honey Badger Don't Care Mean?

Honey Badger Don’t Care is the slogan made popular after a National Geographic video about the Honey Badger went viral when You Tuber Christopher Gordon spun a hilarious voice over using the voice of his alter ego Randell. The Honey badger is notorious for its near narcissistic ways .The fearless creature is seen stealing honey from bees, eating a cobra-to chasing a fox-it seems the Honey Badger really just does not care.

The hilarious spoof of the documentary by Gordon has spawned a new ’Honey Badger Don’t Care’ cult with the production of t-shirts, plush toys and other honey badger memorabilia. Wearing the slogan naturally implying you are perhaps as oblivious or fearless as a honey badger.

Honey Badger Eating a Cobra
Honey Badger Eating a Cobra | Source

What Are Honey Badgers

The Honey Badger is native to Africa, the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent, bearing more resemblance to weasels than to badgers. Known for its thick skin and ferocious defensive abilities the Honey badger has few predators.

Honey Badger Dark TShirt
Honey Badger Dark TShirt | Source

Honey Badger T-shirts

Celebrities sporting the Honey Badger T-Shit include Olivia Wilde (star of Cowboys and Aliens). Popular themed Honey Bader –short includes badger motifs with the popular slogan.Shirts are available in kids and adults sizes.

Two of the most popular Honey Badger Shirts includes the light colored shit with red edge detail featuring a color print honey badger.
The second is the dark colored shirt with white graphics.

Honey Badger Shirt
Honey Badger Shirt | Source

Honey Badger Don't Care Video YouTube


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