Convert OST to PST to gain access to vital email data

How to convert OST to PST?

In the present times, communication has become the key to success of any large or small organization. Today, majority of organizations prefer Microsoft Outlook as their email client. Hence, we can say that the popularity of Microsoft Outlook is increasing day by day. Microsoft Exchange Server piles up the entire user information in a single database that is known as EDB or Exchange Database. Microsoft Exchange Server has varied profiles or mailboxes for individual users that can be accessed by them using their Exchange email client i.e. Microsoft Outlook.

Do you know which file acts as an exact replica of data saved on User mailbox over Exchange Server?

The answer is OST. OST files are stored offline, locally on your computer and prove to be a valuable resource for working in the Outlook offline mode. Huge importance is attached with OST files and there are numerous benefits of an OST file. An OST file enables you to work in the offline mode when the connection to the Exchange Server is not made.

All the tasks like creating, deleting, sending or receiving emails, etc. that you could do in the online mode; you can do in the Offline mode using the OST file. Although there are many benefits of an OST file, there are some disadvantages as well.

The drawback of an OST file is that it poses the issues of inaccessibility. The inaccessibility of an OST file may be due to the following reasons:

  • User trying to access an Orphan OST

  • Synchronization problem with the Exchange Server

  • OST corruption

  • User mailbox deletion from the Exchange Server

  • User trying to directly access the OST file

To deal with the above mentioned issues, you need to convert an OST to PST file.

Let us take up an example:

Suppose while trying to access user mailboxes on the Exchange Server, you get the following error message:

"Unable to display the folder. Microsoft Office Outlook could not access the specified folder location. The operation failed."

When the above-mentioned error occurs, the inaccessibility issue persists, halting the synchronization process and stopping the OST to PST conversion half way. OST damage or the synchronization problem with MS Exchange Server and MS Outlook leads to the above mentioned error. In order to regain access to the OST data, convert OST to PST file.

Now, you must be thinking, how to convert OST to PST files?

With the help of Kernel for OST to PST convertor tool, you can easily and flawlessly perform OST to PST conversion. Another functionality of this tool is that you can easily convert Unicode characters. Thus, OST to PST conversion tool proves to be an appropriate solution to resolve the inaccessibility issues of OST file. Once you convert OST to PST, the newly created PST can be readily accessed with MS Outlook and can be used to access data from MS Outlook. The evaluation version of this tool is available for free download. You can download the same to check the functionality of the OST to PST conversion tool.

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BrendonTaylor57 4 years ago

To retrieve the inaccessible offline data, one needs to repair the OST file and convert it to usable PST file. For this, a good OST to PST converter is required which can efficiently retrieve unusable OST data and save them in new PST file so that they can be used with MS Outlook.

bertleen profile image

bertleen 4 years ago

Sometimes outlook emails deleted by mistake and exchange server becomes down then Outlook user face problem like enable to open ost file, in that situation use Kernel OST to PST conversion software to recover off-line storage files (.ost) from Exchange Server on Off-line.

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