How to Create Themes For Mobile Phones?

There are two good online theme creators. So many good themes are available but what to do if we want to create our own theme? With our personal touch! So just pick up two good photographs and now we are ready to create themes online.


This is the very good community for the mobile phone users. They provides us the tools like voice maker, ringtone maker, screensaver maker, wallpaper maker, personalizer and the theme maker. Just register at the and then go on 'tools'. There is a option 'theme maker' at the bottom. Click on it! Now you can upload your photos and create the theme. Please remember to select your mobile phone model.

Advantages: The advantage of this theme creater is that, the quality of your theme is as much as your uploaded wallpaper or pic.

The second advantage is that, you can upload two photos for your theme. One pic for your main screen and the second one is for the background of your menu.

Disadvantages: The disadvantage is that, you can not upload the pics and change the icons of your folders listed in the menu.

Create a Free Theme for Mobile Phone
Create a Free Theme for Mobile Phone | Source


The is another good option to create the theme. Here also you must first log in or register. This website is especially dedicated for creating the mobile themes. Click on 'Make a theme'. You can select your mobile handset. Now with some simple steps you can create your own theme.

Advantage: Here you can change the icons of your folders listed in the menu.

Disadvantage: The quality of your theme does not depend upon the quality of your uploaded pics. The quality of theme will be less.

The image for main screen and the background of menu must be same.

Now you can create your own themes. You can also upload your own photographs. Create one beautiful theme from them and share this theme with the others.

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meeyour 7 years ago

how can i create a menu icon on my phone sony ericsson k750 an on which site can i do that?

Nokia 5800 Applications 6 years ago

Thanks a lot for reminding me about how to create theme for mobiles. I have downloaded many wallpapers and themes from but never know that i can still make themes from the site.

Second site is also good one, next time when i return to your hub i will have lots of themes created by myself....


mymagicview profile image

mymagicview 6 years ago from Maharashtra Author

@ meeyour

I think you can do it at

@ Nokia 5800

I am so glad that you found this hub helpful!

mithun 6 years ago

hi please send me how to creat a themes on my own

priyanka 6 years ago

it's really gud,now i make my own theme

shanil 5 years ago

how can i create my own theme

mymagicview profile image

mymagicview 5 years ago from Maharashtra Author

@ Mithun and Shanil : hiii! Please Read this article and then you will know how to create theme? for your mobile phone.

@ Priyanka : Thanks! for the nice comment! :-)

Mabendi 5 years ago

I 2 creat a theme now.

Kathijah 5 years ago

tnx a lot for sharing ur ideas.!!

DB & *MC* 5 years ago

Can you tell me what program to use for editing some themes. Im living actualy in RM and i have a UNITE 3G Mobile ... so can u help me?

hencil tauro 5 years ago

good stuff to use

mukesh 5 years ago



scha93 4 years ago

how to create a theme using different picture for every folder

shah rasel 4 years ago

how can I remove my corrupted pictere frome my nokia n97 mini gallary?

boluwatife 4 years ago

I am just trying to make my own theme

vamsi 4 years ago


Omotydlaw19 4 years ago

i dot get hw 2 create themes wit my pix...plizz cn sum1 help

Zedge 4 years ago

I want to make theme now

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