How to Extract Facebook Emails to Outlook

How to Extract Facebook Emails to Outlook

Hello guys, today i will give you something that perhaps can help. Has we all know, usually when needed email contacts and even more urgent when your company needs to create new audience, email visit cards is a good way to do that. The important is that people know who you are. You certainly have a Facebook account and a lot of friends and other people that might be interested in your business to invite and to talk. Using Facebook you can enter in a network system that allows you to create a target audience for your business, a local audience where people should know your company. For that you need a free or cheap way to promote your business, and that is the internet social networks emails.
You can use the extractors but if you don't know your account could be closed or banned by doing that, so you can do it my way, it gives a little but not to much work an zero problems.

How To Extract Facebook Emails to Outlook Step by Step

First Step: You enter your Facebook account and also in your Windows Live ID. Then in Windows LiVe ID you go to add friends from another network, you choose Facebook and allow the Facebook to share contacts with Windows Live ID. After your friends contacts are in the Windows Live ID page, you will copy them all to an excel spreadsheet and filter only the emails address, for that is better to create a label on Excel, after that put just emails contacts aligned since the first raw cell until your last contact and written in first cell EMAILCONTACT and save the spreadsheet in CSV format (when you save the Excel spreadsheet with that structure he will automatically save in CSV, you then say ok to all that appears).

PS: With the new way of sharing contacts between Facebook and Windows Live ID, only allows three or four people a day to the Hotmail list ,so forget that if you have a lot of new friends every day on Facebook and you only can had 10 or so new friends a day to Windows Live, and you only can send 150 emails or 200 a day imagine that you have 2000 emails to send, it will take you a lot of time to send to all.

Second Step: You open Outlook and go to File -> Open and click on Export/Import content on the left side of the toolbar, automatically Outlook goes to a raw that say Import File or Archive, from among others that appears, and you click Ok.
Then for all the options that are given to you in the next step you choose import CSV file.
Then the Outlook ask for you to create a relation between Excel file and the Outlook contacts, you simply drag and drop EMAILCONTACT on the Outlook email contact and click Ok and should work fine, after this you will have the Facebook contacts on your Outlook list and you can now send 500 emails day.

You can check my Hub about sending bulk email with a free gmail account, and you can directly import your CSV file to the program used in there.

If you need a more professional system to manage your newsletters or your email marketing campaigns check my AWeber How To and see how easy it is to use and it only costs one buck in the first month.


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