How to Get More Follewer on Twitter?

Twitter Tips

Follow The Famous People

Following the celebrities is the most easy way to show yourself to the others so as to gain more follower. Also do not forget that the boost of Twitter is resulted from famous users.
And i suggest you to visit and in order to find celebrities.

Use Hashtags

I think everybody out there heard something about Hashtags before but i still want to mention that. Hashtags are the same way to give tags while you were posting on your blog. Hashtags are allow the sites such as or to find you micro-post. One thing you need to do is just putting # sign in front of your keyword. With this way you can inform people that try to find same subject with you. For instance, "#Netbooks" hashtag makes easy to found by other people that try to find a subject about Netbooks.

Follow The Trends

What i mean is that you can catch the conversations that is being now. For instance, if there is a popular subject, you have to catch it so as to you can be fresh and there is a website that allow you to trace trends immediately, you can login that site with your Twitter acoount which is called

Change Your Background

This is very important thing in order to advertise yourself to people. If you have a attractive and opalescent background, you can be easily-remembered by your visitors. Also you can make your own background and maybe you can put some extra informations on your background such as your blogs list or some extra photos and so on. Also i want to recommend you a site which allows you to change your background easily. It is called

Make Effective Tweets

Make beneficial tweets which means your tweets might help people. For example; you can tweet beneficial links for others. Therefore; if your tweets are effective, you would have more follower. More links or more effective tweets are equal to more followers

Always Tweet

This is my last suggestion and finally i just want to say always tweet. Which means always be fresh. If you always tweet, you would be fresh and owing to this you can attract more and more people. There are numrerous websites out there and and one of which is which allows you to tweet from now to future. I mean you can tweet to future via this site. Also, thanks to this way you can be more fresh and you can have more followers.

I hope this suggestions will become beneficial for you.Also you can watch this video for more twitter tips to get more follower. Thanks for reading.

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