Ways on How To Get More Twitter Followers

How to get more Twitter followers
How to get more Twitter followers

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How to Get More Twitter followers

Twitter, or should we say social media in general, is very important for businesses. Why? Well skim over some ideas listed below as why business marketers should include Twitter in their marketing plans.

  1. First and most importantly, it gives the business an image of being legit and reputable. Let’s say you are an avid Twitter user interested in a product which two specific businesses provide. One business Twitter account has a lot (thousands) of following whilst the other only have a couple. Which of the two providers would you choose? Well commonly, you’ll go for the one with the huge number of following as you’ll get the image that that business is popular and their products are legit. This is often important for photo oriented businesses. Imagine two businesses with different Instagram accounts; of course you’ll opt for the one with more followers. That’s why many opt to buy Instagram followers.
  2. It connects you with customers more quickly and efficiently. Using Twitter would help you save a lot of funds dedicated for offline promotions. One single tweet (plus retweets of course) is definitely better than using lots of flyers for giving out promos. The power of social media to relay information quickly over a network of customers is one of the most important aspects of it that businesses must take advantage off.

Buy Twitter Followers
Buy Twitter Followers

Why need lots of Twitter followers?

The answer to this question is dead simple - greater market reach. Imagine you having a pool of prospective customers that you can connect to in a click of a button. Nice isn’t?

Those above are two of the most important reasons why get a significant following. The question here now then turns into how you would get followers. Lucky you listed below are some of the best ways:

  • By mutual following. Probably the oldest way of getting followers. Here, you follow a lot of people, often targeted to the business’s location or interest. You wait for a week or so, and then unfollow those who don’t follow back. The primary disadvantage of this is that the business account would follow a lot of people, and having a lot of following gives an image of not being an ‘authority’ over the business’ niche.
  • Direct messaging. This is effective if you have a lot of prospective Twitter users listed already. Random messaging wouldn’t help, and would infer you as being a spammer. Doing so would likely even hurt your business, and your messages would be ignored.
  • Online promotions. Coupons, discounts, freebies, promos and stuff. Who wouldn’t want these? You can use Twitter to relay these promotions, like tweeting coupon codes. Doing so would entice many prospective customers to following your business account for more. You can also put something like ‘follow us for more’ to entice them further.
  • Use offline marketing as well. You can add a line like follow us on Twitter on the receipts or any promo paraphernalia of your business. Even better, do contests requiring customers to follow you on Twitter to join.
  • Buy followers. Good if you’re just starting as this will give you the authority you need.

Twitter is very important for marketing purposes. But getting a huge following isn’t enough. The key here is to engage them.

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