how to unzip files

Unzipping Files

File compression is a popular method of keeping the files that you send across the Internet as small as possible. When you compress a file or group of files you are actually wrapping your files up in another file that uses a bunch of mathematical formulas to make them smaller.

You will have to open the compressed file to gain access to your compressed files inside. Compression technologies are very safe, and provide error checking capabilities to make sure that the same files you put in, are the same as the ones you pull out.

There are many different types of compressions available, but the most widespread, and popular is winzip. You can tell if you have had files compressed into a zip because the extension will end with .zip

You need to download the winzip program, and use this to extract your files.
I would recommend the winrar software though, which is an alternative compression program, but allows you to extract .rar and also .zip

If you planning on sending someone alot of files through email, then putting them all into a zip file means you can send just one file to you recipient, and they can then open the .zip file at their end.


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