How to Save Energy

How to Save Energy

In this article we will list some small changes you can make in your home to save energy and money.

Save Energy on Heating and Ventilation

Insulate your house: Close the input of your fireplace, install a ventilation system timer in your bathroom, insulate the ducts and exhaust fans.

Cool your house naturally: Open windows on summer nights. Use low energy light bulbs or LED bulbs, hang clothes to dry on the outside. Make your outdoor grill. If you live in a house, plant trees on the east and west forming the shade house. Install a ceiling fan with an energy efficient system. Choose to use a natural gas boiler to heat the water and set it to a medium heat.

With these changes, you can save up to €4000 per year on energy.

From an ecological standpoint, if one in ten households option is to use efficient appliances and natural gas boilers, the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions would be equivalent to removing one million five hundred thousand cars off the road.

Save Energy on Lighting

Replace incandescent bulbs with energy saving light bulbs or LED bulbs. These lamps are more expensive but use 70% less energy and last much longer.

Use proper lighting for each task. Like you would not cool the whole house just to keep your food cold, you should not light the whole house just for a particular task. Install reducers in all the lights in your home. Install timers or occupancy sensors for outside lights. If possible, consider outdoor lighting solar energy.

Enjoy all the sunlight you get. With the curtains open and some decorative mirrors in the house, the sunlight can be used to illuminate virtually all divisions.

With these changes, you can save at least €75 per year on energy.

If all Europeans replace five incandescent light bulbs with energy saving light bulbs, could save about five billion euros in energy.

Save Energy on Electronic Devices

Turn off the TV, DVD, mobile phone chargers and systems Hi-Fi, or turn them into outlets with safety switch that can disconnect. About 60% of the energy used by these devices is wasted when they are in a "Stand-By" mode.

Disconnect the plug on your computer when in use or put it in power saving mode. The energy saving mode uses about 70% less energy than normal. All peripherals such as printers, scanners, copiers, etc... Should be turned off when not in use.

With these changes you can save about €150 per year.

Do you know how to use energy saving on your computer, you can save about 900 kilowatt-hours a year? In terms of emissions of carbon dioxide is the same as driving your car for 6000km.

Save Energy on Appliances

Replace your old refrigerator. A model with more than 15 years can cost around €120 per year on energy. A model with 10 years could cost around 50€ per year, but a model with less than 10 years costs just 15€ per year in energy.

For proper operation, keep your refrigerator full and as recalling products will go up leaving the shelves empty. Do not forget to clean the condenser coils once a year.

When washing, make several machines followed. This way will save the energy that the machine needs to warm up and start working properly.

If you have a dishwasher, you know that 80% of the energy expended by the machine is used to heat water? Always select the colder programs and if your machine has the option to dry dishes, always opt to dry without heating the air.

These changes will save you about 300€ per year.

Did you know that a modern washing machine can save you the same amount of water a year that you would drink for a lifetime.

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