6th Generation iPod Nano: How Do You Lock iPod Nano 6th Generation?

6th Generation iPod

Do you know the secret on how to lock the 6th generation ipod?

This does bogal many people's minds.

Unlike previous models their was a specific button for this feature.

You may be asking yourself:

"Is there a secret on how to lock the 6th generation ipod?"

There doesn't seem to be a lock button like previous models.

What if for instance I accidentally hit the screen and manage to switch songs, or worse blow-out my eardrums?

How to turn off the ipod

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The answer to this question is simple.

Unfortunately there is no "lock" functionally on the 6th generation ipod.

You could simply press down on the "sleep/wake" button located at the top right of the device

Let me ask you a question:

"Have you ever experienced the screen to go dark?"

Ha Ha Ha....Trick question, of course you have.

If you own a 6th generation iPod, which I am assuming you do, or at least are interested in it.

This is a normal function. Usually after a minute or two.

Apple calls this "timing out".

When this happens the display disappears, which in turn, makes it literally impossible to adjust volume, change songs, or even fast forward from the multi-touch screen.

Now if their was a lock function, I am sure Apple would have stated it with in the user-guide.

This can be found on their website in PDF format for those of you interested.

Also, what if you wanted to turn the volume up on that remaining last mile of your jog, or that final set of muscle tearing curls.

Or even skip to that one track that gives you just enough energy to finish.....without having to look down at the screen.

Nothing worse then having to stop what you are doing, and switch the functionality.

Guess what?

There is a solution!!!

Hands free devices made specifically for the 6th generation ipod

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ipodgal 5 years ago

i myself have an ipod nano 5th gen but i cnt find the charger so for my brithday im am thinking of buying myslef an ipod nano 6th gen but i have not the slighted clue about one, please casn someone post back and tell me about the cololurs and cases

christopher9882 profile image

christopher9882 5 years ago from Chicago, IL Author

I would first like to say thanks for stopping by.

Next, if you are happy with the 5th gen ipod nano keep it!

Just purchase a replacement charger, they are pretty reasonable on www.amazon.com.

you can click here to access them


If you you still would like to know more info about them feel free to check out some of my other hubs:




Hope this helps

joe566578 5 years ago

i am happy i have the nano 6g because the multitouch

christopher9882 profile image

christopher9882 5 years ago from Chicago, IL Author

The Multi-Touch interface makes it very useful.

Amanda 5 years ago

A very good article ideed. Found it both informative and entertaining.

All the best!

christopher9882 profile image

christopher9882 4 years ago from Chicago, IL Author

Thank you

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