iOS and iPhones or Androids?


So which is it?

Many new users have heard a lot of good things about iPhones and Androids but are still confused which one is the right one for them. Neither operating system are better than the other one, it is which one is better for you. It all depends what you’re looking to get out of your phone.

For new users who want to use social networking features and basic calling/texting, an iPhone is a better choice. The iPhone and Apple in particular has always made easy to use and easy to figure out products. Their iOS does not break this trend. If you’re just getting used to touch screen interfaces, the Android is a bit more complicated to figure out.

There are all different prices of smart phones. Android is an operating system ran on many phone brands so prices vary from 100 to many hundreds of dollars. An iPhone will run you $300 and has quality hardware to make that price tag worth it. If you want a phone with excellent top of the line hardware, you should probably get an Android. If you’re looking for a fairly top of the line phone, an iPhone is the best choice.

Android’s by their nature are a more open smart phone. They play many types of media files and have an open market. iPhone apps are screened before they’re accepted, so quality is better. However this has negative effects such as losing key applications that Apple deems not allowable.

Both phones are considered equally secure, however, the Android needs more attention than an iPhone. Since Android’s market is open, some malicious apps can be downloaded. You’re required to check the permissions the app is requesting before installation. With the iPhone all apps are filtered by Apple so the bad apps are weeded out before they get to you. This is why if you’re not tech savvy it’s recommended you choose an iPhone.

Android has a great ability to sync with Google accounts. You can sync email, calendar, contacts, and every other Google service available. This is handy because you can pick up where you left off on your PC. You can even sync the web pages you were browsing on Google chrome on your computer to your smart phone.

In short, there really is no better choice. Consider what you’re going to use the phone for and decide from there. There are positives and negatives to owning each of these phones, so the choice from user to user varies – it might not be either of the two!

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