iPad 2 Starter Kits


iPad 2 Starter Kits

The Apple iPad 2 has finally arrived and so have the queues of people lining up to get a piece of the action.

I believe prepaid broadband providers should have been hanging around the queues handing out free microsims with a small amount of data (say 300MB) in order to get iPad 2 customers on their way.

Below are the Starter Kits that you can get your hands on if you have either a iPad 1 or 2.

Plan                                      Price     Data         Expires
Virgin iPad Starter Kit        $5               300MB    30 days
Vodafone iPad Starter Kit  $15             1.5GB     30 days
Optus iPad Starter Kit        $30             3GB        30 days
Three iPad Starter Kit         50c             Nil           NA
Telstra iPad Starter Kit       $30             3GB        30 days
Amaysim iPad Starter Kit   $9.90          1GB        30 days

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PrepaidPlans 5 years ago from Melbourne Author

Want an Ipad but waiting.

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    A better iPad

    With so much talk about the new iPad 2 you have to wonder if it really worth all of the chatter. Some are saying that it offers no real value, whilst others say that it is worth the upgrade. One thing is for real when it comes to technology, the longer you wait the better the technology gets.

    So why is the iPad 2 better?

    It’s thinner than you might imagine, which makes it much easier to handle and enjoy. It is not only the size that has changed, so has the weight. The iPad 2 is a whopping 117g lighter, that is significant for a tablet.

    If you are into your video technology then you have been looked after. The iPad 2 comes with a front-facing camera that has been designed for big-screen video calls. It also sports a bigger rear camera which can capture 720p high-definition video.

    Probably the next biggest improvement is in processing power. The new iPad comes with twice the RAM, twice the processing speed and much improved graphics. This make it so much easier to move from app to app and view photos without the delays.

    Last but not least is that it comes in white!

    Everything that was annoying about the iPad, unfortunately still is. Like the fact that you need to start with a sync to your computer when you first get started with it. As magical as this device is, it still needs a computer to work. Why can't it just work on its own? Google atleast have made some gains in this department.

    And there are a couple of other things. Notifications are really annoying and the screen itself looks a little outdated when compared to the iPhone 4. Sometimes you just expect a little more from Apple.

    iPad2 Pricing

    There are 6 versions of the iPad 2 and this is the Apple pricing:

    iPad with Wifi
    16GB - $579
    32GB - $689
    64GB - $799

    iPad with 3G
    16GB - $729
    32GB - $839
    64GB - $949

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