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The NEW iPhone 5 Is Released THIS YEAR

Are you as excited about the release of the new iPhone 5 as I am? Probably not, because I'm the one writing this hub and you're the one reading it (hopefully). I hate to admit it but somehow I've managed to become one of those Apple fangirls that you see walk into the Apple store and spend 30 minutes asking the employees all sorts of uber geek questions.

For one reason or another I've taken it upon myself to find out as much as possible about the new iPhone 5 so that I could spread this knowledge. What do I get out of it? The benefit of knowing I'm helping rid the world of lesser non-Apple phones (*cough HTC Evo cough*).

As if the iPhone 4 wasn't groundbreaking enough, the iPhone 5 is going to revolutionize the world of cell phones. Here's why:

One of the biggest benefits of owning a new iPhone 5 is that it'll come with dual core processors that will make it load at super fast speeds. Not only that, but it will be incorporating even more powerful graphics chip cards, which will provide you with better video and still images. As if the 20 gigawatt gazillion megapixel already in the iPhone 4 wasn't enough...

Right now it looks like the new iPhone 5 will be running on a 4G network (instead of the usual 3G). That means that some of the most likely network carriers to get a plan under are Sprint, T-Mobile, and maybe AT&T and Verizon. But we've all heard a lot of complaints about AT&T's network in the past, so I'm not sure how many people would opt to go with them for the new iPhone.

In fact, one of the reasons behind the increase in Jailbreaks of the iPhone 4 was that AT&T's network had way too many problems with it. Rather than deal with AT&T a lot of people ended up jailbreaking their phones instead, a fair deal considering you can get free ringtones, themes, and apps when you jailbreak your phone.

Also, anyone who says Android based cell phones are going to be able to compete with the new iPhone 5 are completely delirious. They won't even come close to the capabilities offered by the new iPhone when it comes out.

If you're thinking about buying the iPhone 4, you'll be better off waiting for the iPhone 5 instead, as it should be coming out really soon this year. Here are some of the expected features:

  • The new iPhone 5 is expected to have Face Recognition Security so that you don't have to worry about other people stealing your phone and trying to use it... That is, unless they steal your face too. (Anyone seen Face Off?)
  • Video Chat on a 4G network instead of a slow 3G one
  • Much nicer overall body design of the phone. It's going to be even thinner and have a shiny black piece.
  • Shatter Resistant and Scratch Resistant Screen
  • The lowest model will come with 32G of space and 64G of memory. I'll be able to store my whole computer on the lowest model of the iPhone 5. Yippeee for me.
  • Longer Battery Life - Up to 14 Hours of Talk Time On The 3G and 7 Hours on the 4G. With 14 hours of talking to my girlfriends, I'm only going to have 10 hours to sleep =(
  • HD Audio - The quality of sound is going to be extra crisp.
  • Built In GPS - You'll never get lost or have to download one of those stupid GPS apps.

How much will the new iPhone 5 cost? I can't speculate on that, but I'm going to assume it'll run you over $500. It's definitely going to be worth it though, and I can't wait for it to come out.

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Mike 6 years ago

I'll definitely be buying the iPhone 5 when it comes out, the iPhone 4 I have now is amazing and it's so much faster than the iPhone 3.

I'm sure that this new one will be amazing, I'm hoping it can finally support FLAC audio files.

Alouise profile image

Alouise 6 years ago

Will Sprint ever get the Iphone?

Canadian 6 years ago

I do have to wait longer for the i phone 5 because i am in canada? i have been waiting to buy an iphone for years !

chiquita 6 years ago

How much will the iphone 5 be with the 2 year contract?

IPHONE 6 years ago

If the iphone 5 is 4G network will the data plans for Verizon be more expensive? if so, how much do you think?

Simon 6 years ago

HD Audio??? hmm

Chyna 6 years ago

I can wait for the iphone 5 to come out I have been waiting for years for Verizon to get the iphone and now that its on the way...I definitely can't wait to get the newest version...I love my Droid X but I just have to have a iphone....Just call me NuNu cause I just have to have the New New...lol...great write up keep them coming...

TIME 6 years ago

I've heard that it is too thin to allow for earphones....if this is true, why bother with I-tunes app! Is this true?...I can't imagine not being able to plug in to my tunes

Dulce 6 years ago

ciaokatherine - thank you for putting in all your infos & review, it sure helped a lot in my decision to wait for the Iphone 5. I am excited!

I sure hope AT&T keeps up with the Iphone 5!!!

SJobs 6 years ago

@TIME, if that is the case you had better get yourself a set of bluetooth earphones

iOS & Android dev. 6 years ago

Wow. You are the reason people hate Apple. I use Apple products almost exclusively, but your statement about Android is one of the most ill contrived assumptions I've ever heard. Get off your high horse and accept the fact that there are other phones that can compete with the iPhone (The EVO included).

édaa:) 6 years ago

Wow that sounds awesomee!!

I was thinking of buying an ipone 4 but now i just gotta wait for the iphone 5 :)

anna 6 years ago

same thing, wanted to upgrade mine for iphone 4 in just four days for lower price, but... will wait for the 5th edition and switch to verizon... half-a-year countdown...

Steve Jobs 6 years ago

Hello everyone :] Hows the rumours about Iphone 5 going? Just WAIT, LOSERS!!!!!!

james 6 years ago

you people talk much, there is no iphone5 coming u better buy iphone4 cos it takes minmum 2-3years before makin another one.he s not that stupid2make new instead of sellin first the 4th one its all about the benjamin!!!!!!!!!!!.

chika 6 years ago

cant wait for the iphone5!!

blaa.. 6 years ago

Is the iPhone 5 gonna be the 4G or will they release the 4G and after a couple of months release the iPhone 5... Sounds a bit too soon for a 5..

Dee 6 years ago

Well, im sure the initial Iphone 5 will be better than iphone 4 BUT, with all new designs there will be problems. I got the I4G and its nice with its issues...so, ill pass on the 5G and wait for the 5GS to come out. You know it will have the tweaks more resolved by then.

Didier 6 years ago

Why not jump one version and wait for iphone 6?

DJ 6 years ago

Ive had every iphone 1st gen thru iphone 4...i was very sad 2 switch over 2 verizon (droidx) due 2 crappy at&t service...im super excited 2 get back 2 the iphone yes im waiting for the 5...in my opinion the iphone is light years ahead of ne android based phone....Y....the iphone is so much simpler and user friendly...i went from s basic flip phone 2 an iphone way back when and apple made the transition super simple...

dusko 6 years ago

i have iphone 3gs.its very very good phone...and i will buy iphone 5

TT 6 years ago

I know your reading this Eve, as now, loads of time on hands...

Got Iphone 5, and i'm guessing that there will be a software up date on phones release..

looking forward TO UP GRADE, but not buying a new phone..

Apple - Morden day crack dealer. ,,Keeps on coming out with new product, that you just can't wait to try..

Create a need, then get you hooked...

I wonder what would happen if i had a phone fast..

would i really miss it that much..

enjoy, have fun, and .....

to be cont.....

Mostly crap.  6 years ago

Well like 90% of this is pure shit. The only things that are reputable here are that the iPhone 5 will have "a new form factor" (or something like that) so it'll look cool. And NFC which you didn't mention. As one of the chris is gay-ers said android does alot of this (nexus s I believe has NFC). iPhones do have an advantage over android just because it's apple. Guarantee when apple adopts NFC it'll explode and you'll be able to pay for almost anything with just your phone.

profile image

Niko1969 6 years ago

honest question

Ive only had android phones, but i am considering purchasing the iphone 5 when it comes out. The only problem i have is with flash.

ive read that without flash, one would not be able to access many websites.

how does iphone solve this problem

Holly 6 years ago

Yippeeee! Can't wait for IPhone5! Thanks for the info & taking time to help inform.

Loved that u r as excited as me;)!

What. 6 years ago

Megapixels are used to measure camera image resolution. Gigawatts are a measure of energy conversion. The fact that the iPhone 5 will have a dual core processor means that it will be keeping up with competition, not exceeding it (apple needs to buy its chips from somewhere and that somewhere is the same place Android-based phone manufacturers are buying from). Same deal with the dedicated graphics processing chip. The only thing that's truly remarkable about the iPhone in my opinion is the quality of materials used to manufacture the device.

Bruno watt 6 years ago

64 or 32 g of memory would put this device in the database server range. iPhones are great, this article isn't. It was more of a love note.

Rhiannon 6 years ago

Is the iphone 5 release date in june 2011 just for US or Canada too?

iphone 5 6 years ago

hopefuly they will be some decent photos of the iphone 5 , i have seen nothing yet except photoshoped ones.

sunil george 6 years ago

Hoooooooooo!!!!!!!! I can wait .But i don't have money

Elisa Ashley 6 years ago

hopefully i will have enough money from my 18th to buy this . it will be my first iPhone i currently have a LG Arena. since i got my MBP for xmas i want all my gadgets to be apple!!

Letmeout 6 years ago

Don't know about you guys but here in the UK we are tied into 24 month contracts with iPhones. Therefore those of us with iPhone 4s will have to wait another year or, if their provider allows it, pay a hefty fee to upgrade early. How much would you expect the iPhone 5 to retail at sim free? If it's more than the iPhone 4 I'm gonna be a bit annoyed especially if it is so much better. I love my iPhone but couldn't apple at least allow people with the previous model to send it back and pay a smaller price? I mean I got mine in september and if the iPhone 5 comes out in June mine will still be under warrantee. Anyone agree?

Nathan 6 years ago

i will be getting the iphone 5 when it comes out i have a 3Gs now nd i thnk it kinda sux!!! BUT i do hpe apple stps bein greedy considerin they've mad lods of mny frm da iphone 4 nd make the iphone hav BLUETOOTH!!!

Oliver 6 years ago

I like stuff

The One 6 years ago

If the Iphone 5 will not be LTE, as Apple has gone on record saying that. So, I wonder what the author of this article means by "4G"? VZW already has a LTE network, and ATT is gonna start theirs later this year. If Apple wanted to have one LTE model for both ATT and VZW, it would come next year(2012). This year's model is said to be a complete redesign, and dual core processor. Question really is, how often can you actually upgrade to the latest model of the Iphone without being forced to pay full retail?

Sjf707 6 years ago

Where did all these specs come from? Would be great if they are true, but who knows. Guess ill have to wait and see.

Nextgen 6 years ago

Not all UK iPhone 4 customers are tied into 24 month contracts, there are 18 and 24 month contract so it's up to the customer what they choose. If u choose a 24 month one then that's your own bloody fault numbnuts. And you can ask the apple people as many questions as you like cos no matter what they tell you it's bullshit. No-one knows yet what the iPhone 5 is gonna look like or have integrated into it except the people apple Pay millions to have it designed and I think it's very doubtful that anyone in any forum personally knows these designers. Remember this time last year all the shit people said was gonna be in the iPhone 4 and look what happened it was a totally different phone to wat was being reported by people who know fuk all. I work for o2

T lov 6 years ago

You are absolutely right bro.. no one can compete with IPhone..

I really caaaaaaaant wait for Iphone 5..it is gana be wow!!

Iphone 5 6 years ago

Here is your attention - ATTENTION WHORE!

Kwazzy profile image

Kwazzy 6 years ago from Jacksonville, FL

There is ZERO evidence of what the iPhone 5 will look like nor the features it will host. Creating a hub suggesting otherwise is lying to the public. The iPhone 4 mis-release was a huge embarrassment to Apple, and they wont be making the same mistake again. "The lowest model will come with 32G of space and 64G of memory" that does not even make sense. space is memory. And "HD Audio"? The human ear cannot even hear above 320kbps, so again, no sense made. Show your "sources" when posting some BS like this.

ammo 6 years ago

Why do all of these comparisions tend to be an all out Apple Vs HTC (or something else)? Most of the comments are from Apple lovers who are just plain excited. I have also read comments for the Iphone4, where people comment how cool it is without even owning it.

Just get real. This 'review' is biased towards Apple. It doesn't really shed any useful information, but is in fact just an article by an Apple lover looking to put down the competition.

I Own HTC, and think they have done a wonderful job. Although, it needs improvement. Apple products are very good too... and I may even switch. Im not an Apple lover, nor an HTC lover. I just go with whoever offers the best technology and bang for the buck.

As a developer, Googles Android is offering stiff competition, and it will only improve. Apples applications are very good, however there are lots of issues for Developers on what they can and cant do.

And dont forget, its only with the Iphone4 that they have even allowed multitasking (AFAIK). Lets not forget the Battery issues, and the antenna issues also. Oh and not to mention the Flash issues either.

If you are going to review something, just review it - dont drool.

Personally, I consider all options, then go for the best one. It doesn't matter if it has an apple logo, or Dell, or Samsung or HTC. Im not bothered, as long as it can do what I want it to reasonably well, and offer more technology to last me a few years. Perhaps more of you people should too.

Asif Jamil 6 years ago

I am in Saudi Arabia , how long will I have to wait to have this great Phone .????????? I need a reply Please.....:)

HDVRII UK 6 years ago

I'm an iphone lover and is about to buy the iphone4 to upgrade from 3gs. It's good I found this site, now i'm going to wait for the iphone5. Thanks a lot for the info and keep it up.

Bron Taylor 6 years ago

I need speech recognition for doing email with a smart phone. The droid's is amazing. But i'd prefer an iphone. will it have speech recognition, not just for speaking in folks you want to call, but for email or writing notes etc?

Peter 6 years ago

I have iPhone 4, bought several months ego and bind with two years contract with AT&T. When contract ends I will buy new version of iPhone.

Vandry 6 years ago

Thank you!!! I was going to buy the iPhone 4 in April when my contract ends but I'm definitely going to wait!!!

Do you have any references/sources for this information though?

fashion girl 6 years ago

Only if they make it round again. I hate this squared Iphone4.

Fone insider 6 years ago

U moron, the htc evo is way better than the dumb iphone. Bigger screen, better cameras, hdmi output, kickstand, does not lose signal when holding the phone a certain way, becomes a hotspot and is 4G. The iphone was great 4 years ago its time for a change and the evo sure did that.

gaw777- Puerto Rico 6 years ago

I will Wait for it no doubt about it. I hope it could play flash vids

Jim 6 years ago

Im gonna wait until iphone6 comes out

EILEEN 6 years ago

What about being able to video chat without needing wifi? is that guaranteed with the 4G???

Fone insider 6 years ago

to eileen, yes it should. htc evo does it on 3G so one more reason why htc evo is better.

twills77 6 years ago

is T-mobile gonna HAVE THE IPHONE 5 SINCE ITS 4g

fone insider 6 years ago

Twills77, t-mobile doesn't have 4G they have 3.5G its not only the speed that counts but the technology behind it as well. Hspa+ is not 4G if it were then why would t-mobile try to bid in on clear.

maurice M 6 years ago

i've already put a side the money, bring it out!!!

Dogmadude 6 years ago

I have had my 3GS for 2 Months it is the best phone/entertainments centre I have ever had my contract is up in June and I am waiting to see what mods apple have made, I work for O2 and will probably have to wait a couple of Months till the hype has died down. Looking forward to it though. I also prefer the old rounded look and hope it has a working blue tooth.

Maahhty 6 years ago

You mention Jailbreaking your phone! What does this mean?

Maahhty 6 years ago

You mention Jailbreaking your phone! What does this mean?

Apple Employee 6 years ago

The official release date for the iPhone5 is September 6, 2011. It will be priced at $199.99 for the 32G version. You will receive a 50% discount if you are gay and/or liberal and if you are a lesbian with armpit and leg hair, the phone is free. Also each phone comes Obama stickers and hemp jewelry.

Dogmadude 6 years ago

Jailbreaking[1] is a process that allows devices running Apple's iOS operating system (such as the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and recently Apple TV) to gain full access (root access) to all features of the said operating system, thereby removing limitations imposed by Apple. Once jailbroken,[1] iOS users are able to download additional applications, extensions and themes that are unavailable through the official App Store, via installers such as Cydia, one of a number of current means for older iPhones. A jailbroken iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch running iOS can still use the App Store and iTunes and other normal functions, such as making telephone calls.

Eric 6 years ago

Take a look at the iPhone 5 specs compared to it's competitors specs. Not only are they similar, but the processors, video, battery, networks, etc will all be out by march for less than half the price on the Android platform versus waiting until summer for the apple platform. Apple: Behind the curve my friends!

Jon 6 years ago

LOL, you sound so desperate to shove your opinion down everyones throat it's sad. I'm sorry you have tunnel vision but the iphone is not the king anymore. You compare the iphone 5 to CURRENT available android phones to make it look groundbreaking, yet android phones are coming out with all the things you mentioned, before the iphone 5 will even be released. Dual core processors, HD video/audio, blah blah blah, android already can output HD via HDMI but you seem to leave that out. Android has the step up because you now have dozens of companies competing to make the best android phone, which results in quicker updates to phones and always the latest technology. The iphone will never have that. The Iphone is still a great phone and it will be interesting to see the updates coming to it, BUT it is not any better than upcoming android phones so try to be a little less naïve, it just makes you sound stupid.

dale 6 years ago

Guys,my advice to you,just wait for the Iphone 15 to come out...it has more advance features...i'm sure of that...these are some features of Iphone 15,it can transform into:

1.car- while the car is running and someone is calling you,the car will automatically transform to phone.

2.flat iron

3.jet ski- same as number one..

4.baseball bat

5.faucet- when you are thirsty

6.thread mill

these are just some of the features..but there are lots more,more than you can imagine..so stay tuned..

Chis Is A Fukin Gaybag 6 years ago

First Of All Who The Fuck Says Uber But Seriously WTF Why Do People Waist Time Worryin Bout What The Next Iphone Gona Look Like And What Its Gona Do Like Get A Life. Hell Be Glad That You Can Afford One People Like ((((Chris))))) Cant Cause Hes A Poor White Thrash Gaybag That Lives With His Mom In The Trailer Park Who Drives A Raggedy Pinto Rollin On Walmart Fake Spinners With A Tape Deck In That Bitch No Need For Cds Cause He Cant Afford A Em




SPEAMER 6 years ago

@TIME, If you believe that apple would be stupid enough to actually not allow headphone to be connected to the new iPhone, you are too stupid and unqualified to own one.

moonlight 6 years ago

check out iphone 5g its cool cant wait


laxative 6 years ago

you're a dummy, android already has a 4g phone with visual calling (which is OLD technology).

Melissa 6 years ago

Will Sprint ever get the Iphone?

Who knows! Never thought Verizon would because both Sprint and Verizon are still on CDMA technology, but they are soon to get the iphone on Verizon, it will still run on CDMA which will more than likely crash the network withint the first quarter, but lets wait and see!

Jordna 6 years ago

Any seen that futurama EYEphone? I think that's how the iPhone 10 should be.

OMIDAA 6 years ago

Hi just wanted to ask anybody here that if anybody knows that which Network Carriers are going to provide iphone 5 in Canada? and what is your speculation of when the iphone5 is going to come out?


Bob 6 years ago

I have never had an iphone but i have thought about getting the iphone 5. I think it should stay the same price as the iphone 4. $500 is too much for any phone with 2 year contract. Did apple fix the problems with the iphone 4? If they did maybe I will just get that phone when the 5 comes out. First coming out they always have so many problems.

k8monster 6 years ago

Here's the information I have for those who are interested in facts. I work in a company that uses a lot of smart phones, and I'm typically the one ordering them, setting them up, and teaching end users how to navigate the phone. Android is more versatile than the iPhone (any generation) thanks to the ability to write your own apps if you can't find what you are looking for in the store. HOWEVER, if you load a third party (not downloaded from the Android Market/not approved by Google) you have voided your phone's warranty. That means if you load an app you created and it bricks your phone, you are in the same boat as iPhone users who decided to find out if iPhones have a lighter density than water, or let their dog use it as a chew toy. You still have to purchase a new phone at full price (typically $500+) if you are outside upgrade cycle.

In my experience, the Android OS phones that seem to have the most issues are HTC and LG. Some of the models are better than others obviously, but that is part of the reason HTC tends to be a scapegoat.

iPhones are attractive because they are trandy and "just work"... except when they don't. I've had nearly every problem that can be fixed by a factory reset and many hardware defects not caused by rough handling.

Technologically speaking, iPhone is behind. They still do not have expandable memory which most smart phones have(Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Android). For instance, Droid X has 8GB on-board memory and takes up to a 32GB micro-SD. It comes with a 2GB micro SD installed, but if you decide you need more, you only have to buy a new micro SD card instead of a new phone. Many Windows Mobile phones and Blackberry's are similar even if they don't have the same max capacity (8GB on BB for instance).

Switching 6 years ago

The iPhone 5, will without a doubt, be a great phone, but a lot of the new functions and features you mentioned the iPhone 5 will be getting will already be not-so-new by the time it is released around summertime.

Please, look up the Motorola Atrix, which is coming out either this month or in March. It has a dual-core 1GHz processor, 1GB RAM, 16GB built-in storage (expandable with microSD card), 4G, 720p video recording (will be upgraded to 1080p through software update), video chat on 4G, Flash 10 support, 1930 mAh battery life (good for 8-hours talk-time), 540 x 960 pixels 4.0 inches display (1/4 HD), Gorilla Glass screen, built-in GPS guidance, FM radio, HDMI output to watch HD on TV, DLNA (share multi-media files over network). In addition, you can turn it into a netbook using a docking station. Available on AT&T soon.

Also, check out the LG Optimus 2X with similar specs. It will be releasing in the first half of 2011.

MartyMcfly  6 years ago

I doubt the new iPhone 5 will be costing $500 dollars. If it does I'll stick to my iPhone 4

Samurai 6 years ago

Well,I sincerely appriciate the mindset of

all iPhone users wether first or the fourth

version. The truth is,its features are diffe-

rent from every other phones I've come

accrossed and it's durable and essential.

Conclusively,it's motivating...can't wait to

buy me d iPhone 5. Samurai

Getti 6 years ago

Thank u for the info! The Face Off part was funny :)

Great article!!!

Informed 6 years ago

Why is anybody taking what this woman has to say as truth? She, like millions of other bloggers out there, is guessing what will be included on iPhone5. She sits back and bashes other products because she's an Apple fan. I get that. I like Apple as well but when the time comes to upgrade this summer I'll choose a product that works on Verizon's LTE network. I don't think iPhone5 will be that phone. Maybe iPhone6 in 2012?

FDC 6 years ago

If you ask me what did change my life completely, besides my wife and my two kids, I would say, the iPhone! Just to understand how valuable it is to me, I would say that, when I die, I want to bury with it. Going against what some people say, I want it on AT&T. It works wonderfully for me. Iphone, the most useful thing that I ever bought.

alanz 6 years ago

ill be waiting for the next iphone. My 4g is fine. Unless i break it I can't see any reason why I would wasye tey more money....

Mike L. 6 years ago

Yes I will be buying the Iphone 5 when it come out, and giving my son my Iphone 4.

Ric 6 years ago

Android > iphone. The facts don't lie.

M Bilal Shabbir 6 years ago

i will surely bw buying it but when is it coming out

Fury 6 years ago

@K8Monster Ok as you seem to be one of the few with real knowledge of the smartphone Market, would you make an estimate for me, I work for a cel provider - but not directly with hardware, I have been trying to find the release date of the Galaxy S2 not Feb 13 but the date they are available for purchase. The people I know have been very tight lipped about all the smartphones coming out. I was going to do an upgrade yesterday and my friend who is in that sector said "wait" I know the LG release is next month and Iphone5 this summer what is your opinion on the time for the S2??

profile image

dtn111 6 years ago

I hate that they cost so much money.

x7866x 6 years ago

Deffoooo...uppp 4 d iphone 5....arrrggghhh cant wait people...but im skint.....!!!

sbc850 6 years ago

Will the i phone 5 work with t-mobile since its a 4G network??

Berete 6 years ago

Wit apple iPhone in your life, u will never miss the sweetness pat of life ,if don't have it u her lost.I just love my iPhone .I still Ned the new iphone5 .my iPhone is my best friend- godless apple

Simon 6 years ago

Wow. There will be plenty of dual core phones released before the iPhone 5. There is nothing revolutionary about Apple's device. It is playing catch up.

In fact, the first dual core phone is an Android - so eat your words.

Patricia 6 years ago

I am so glad that I saw this article... I can't wait to get my hands on the new iphone... I don't using this word often, but I sort of "hate" my iphone 4... ugh... please keep the comments coming, especially when we can sign up for early ordering... whoo hoo..

anna 6 years ago

hahahahahahahahahahah yall are funni

luke 6 years ago

when they realesed the iphone 4 they said it would be the best iphone ever to be made? clearly not cause they have made a better one now =(

Josh 6 years ago

I love my iPhone. But I hate apple. They really are the worst company with the worst god complex. They don't trust their customers with a single ounce of freedom. Come on, how stupid do they have to be to not allow us to put custom text sounds in our iPhones?! And it took until IOS 4 to get wallpapers without jailbreaking. Oh, and the comment about the cost, off the shelf it'll probably a lot more than $500. More like $750. But since carriers will be selling them with contracts, it's almost a guarantee that they will continue the trend of $199 with a new contract for the lowest models. But even though I hate apple and their decisions, I do love their technology.

Jabingo 6 years ago

You said that the android phones won't even be able to compete? Android already has the capabilities of this fictional iPhone 5-not that I am an android fanboy, as I actually am writing this on an iPhone 4. It's just that android already has dual core processors. Ever heard of the Tegra 2? I just had to write this based on how poorly researched this article was.


dsmythe profile image

dsmythe 6 years ago

I just got the iPhone 4. I'm curious where you got your information from. The face recognition thing sounds cool so no one can jack your phone.

Ria917 6 years ago

Is there any point in waiting for an iPhone 5 that runs on a 4G network, if you're a Verizon customer who won't have 4G access (I live in the back of beyond....)

pz 6 years ago

Thanks for the info, your writing was awesome. Connected with me, (girlie faces) thanks again =]

Will 6 years ago

While I don't prefer one to the other, the current android phones have already surpassed the iPhone 4 specs and within the month they will have already passed up the specs you speak of with the iPhone 5... and we still wont see that guy for another 6 months.. so like others have said here, while we get why you love the iPhone, don't trash talk the android with misinformation.

Firefighter/Medic 6 years ago

I cant wait for the Iphone 5, it sounds like a great phone. Do you happen to know about when it will be released? I currently have a Droid X. It is a very good phone but I have wanted the Iphone since they first come out but did not want to take a chance on the AT&T network. I have high hopes for the Iphone on the Verizon Network.

6 years ago

@ Ryan

LMAO that made me make a puddle on the floor hahahaha funny dude

Mike  6 years ago

Lol the guy above me...complete liar. And in terms of your "feature" list, well unfortuneatly, thats what you want, NOT what its going to have.

Charchar 6 years ago

i really want one but im only 11 almost 12 but i dont know if my parents will actually pay 500 dollars for a phone for me but who knows i dont think it will be 500 dollars i think 250 at most because all the other ones have been 199 than reduced to 99 once a new one came out

Jessica B 6 years ago

I just hope it comes with an indicator light, i have a bb 9700 now and am waiting for the new iPhone .....

Abby 6 years ago

Ok this iPhone five crap I mean really there's no difference between the others expect with more crap on it

Matias 6 years ago

Motorola Droid Bionic will make the iPhone look like a toy. Unlimited Verizon plan will make AT&T yesterdays news. Honeycomb Android 3.0 will make iphone 0S look like it has to keep getting fixed


Al 6 years ago

You just listed everything that HTC has had on their phones for the past 7 months.. Minus the Apple logo, iPhone5 will be a step down from an Evo or even HD2... Sad story.

king 6 years ago

its goin be cheaper then 500 more lik 300

Steve Jobs 6 years ago

Hi people, June 10 2011(Tentative) would be the launch of our latest technology in handheld devices at our factory in California. The 5th generation iPhone.

Chris henson 6 years ago

I'm so getting this, just for the fact the lowest model will come with 32G of space AND 64G of MEMORY... that right 64G of MEMORY!!!! AMAZING!!!

Trev The Brit 6 years ago

Firstly well done on a good review on a product you don't have. All my friends have a iPhone 4 but I thing I'll put up with my slow iPhone 3G till the new one is out. I expect it will be like upgrading from a comadore 64 to the latest quad core ?

Riri 6 years ago

I read from another site, that there's a possibility that iphone 5 wont be having rear camera. I'd rather buy iphone 4 then..

Andrew 6 years ago

Presumably most people with iPhone 4 will be more interested in the iPhone 6, as contracts tend to be two years. So the iPhone 5 will appeal to iPhone 3 users. Katherine do you have any info on the 6?

Dave 6 years ago

Just like all of you guys I'm a slave to anything Apple. I'll be waiting in line for the iphone 5. Wondering why worship stuff and allow myself to be manipulated into thinking my much of my self worth is wrapped up in a phone in plastic and computer chips.

Moira 6 years ago



Tiffany L. 6 years ago

I have verizon right now, and currently have the Droid. My brother and dad both have the Iphone 4 on AT&T network and I'm super excited that Iphones will be available for Verizon now as well! I wanted to get the Iphone4 for Verizon when it came out... but I am most definitely waiting for the Iphone5! Im sooo excited I cant wait until they announce the release date!

Matt S. 6 years ago

The shatterproof scratch proof screen is already on the Galaxy s phones it's made by corning they call it a gorilla screen. Second the chip for the iphone 4 comes from Samsung same chip as the Galaxy galaxy S an I phone 5 rumored to be using the chip in the Galaxy S 2 by Samsung. Yes, I see how iphone 5 is better than android.

sceptical  6 years ago

64G of memory?????? that alone would run you over $2,000. you might want to check those numbers again.

ha 6 years ago

the 64G of memory is a ridiculous statement no phone in the next 20 years will ever have that much memory.

Sam 6 years ago

It's going to have this and that and this and that, but will it work? and if it works will the battery last longer than 6 hours? if it doesn't will I be able to replace the battery without hiring an engineer? if the batter lasts longer than 6 hours, will I be able to hear the speaker if sombody calls when there's a cricket making noise in the background? If I hear the phone ringing will I be able to finish a sentence without the phone dropping the call? I could go on, but you fanboys and girls probably don't get anything I wrote anyway.

mark 6 years ago

Will sprint get the iphone 5

mark 6 years ago

Will sprint get the iphone 5

Charles 6 years ago

I will be purchasing the iphone 5 with 64 gb memory. I do hope that it will allow FaceTime calling over the 3G and 4G networks. Right now when I am away from WiFi I use Skype to make face time calls but over 3G the video sometimes freezes.

Doofer 6 years ago

I want some Face Time with my gals....im gonna get me an Iphone schmuck 4.3..

JD 6 years ago

The Iphone will be great, but dont be worried about the price, apple has studied done hundreds and hundreds and then hired acct's to do thousands of price impact studies, and they will keep the price around $199 to $299 and then 64gb $399 to $499...

Prince Bilal 6 years ago

i m saving my poket money for it,,

Kaylan Kazemi 6 years ago

But will verizon iphone still have app store??

Brandon 6 years ago

The ATT network is currently upgrading its old 3G network to compete with the more "up-to-date" wireless providers such as Verizon and T-mobile and Sprint. However, the new "4G" network being built by ATT is more close to a literal 6G network, with double layer coverage in areas with reception. This being said, ATT is of course going to obtain the iphone 5, and it is most likely going to be the only one with capable speeds to comply with the abilities of the up and coming Iphone 5.

AT 6 years ago

GPS - wow, that's really revolutionary. I wonder how many phones actually have that.

Htc Fanatic 6 years ago

I'm switching to a iPhone asap! These evo phones lick balls!!

allAboutme 6 years ago

you're all dumb...

Otis 6 years ago

I would love your take on the upcoming Motorola Bionic.

FroneFreak 6 years ago

i got a iphone 3gs and the only reason i still have it is cuz im waiting on the iphone 5 to come out. cant wait! im going to buy it and im only 13

Qwab 6 years ago

What nonsense article is this. Says nothing about the iPhone 5, and comparing a not yet in existence product with a currently in existence product. Shame on this article, I say.

profile image

ciaokatherine 6 years ago from St Jude, Niagara Author

Qwab I never said that all the features I said would be in the phone, but I'm sure a lot of them will be. Yes some of my article is pure speculation.

And for all you apple haters why are you reading this article anyway? My guess is you were searching for a better phone in Googlez.

Louster 6 years ago

Wack!!! Iphone number whatever over rated!!.. they said the same thing about the iphone 4....Whatever!! you guys have fun until HTC drops another one on Apple's head. You see, we don't gotta jailbreak our phones to make them work..they just work!!!!!

The new iPhone 5 is expected to have Face Recognition Security so that you don't have to worry about other people stealing your phone and trying to use it... That is, unless they steal your face too. (Anyone seen Face Off?)

Really!!!!! Whatever!! Not that it matters when your phone is stolen, but you'll tell your friends that "haha, that can't use cause it has Face Recognition" plus Droid already does that, ever heard of Lookout mobile security?..Yeah!! Hot!!!!

Video Chat on a 4G network instead of a slow 3G one

Much nicer overall body design of the phone. It's going to be even thinner and have a shiny black piece.

Shatter Resistant and Scratch Resistant Screen

4g instead of 3g huh??? You mean like how the HTC Evo does it now!! Wow!!!!!

The lowest model will come with 32G of space and 64G of memory. I'll be able to store my whole computer on the lowest model of the iPhone 5. Yippeee for me.

Longer Battery Life - Up to 14 Hours of Talk Time On The 3G and 7 Hours on the 4G. With 14 hours of talking to my girlfriends, I'm only going to have 10 hours to sleep =(

HD Audio - The quality of sound is going to be extra crisp.

HD audio huh? ehhh, Whatever!! Apple will probably say it's their "revolutionary idea, but it's not, it's actually intel's. And the whole memory thing, bet ya I can swap out my 32gigs of memory faster that your iphone can, and don't even have sync my phone in any kind of way, wanna bet????

Built In GPS - You'll never get lost or have to download one of those stupid GPS apps.

Oh, this is my personal favorite!!! GPS is soo old news, I mean really, My HTC PPC 6700 with Sprint Navigation had this in 2005. I like how she says "You'll never get lost or have to download one of those stupid GPS apps"

I know she isn't talking about the Droids, cause we come loaded with Gps native and market apps.

Can't compete with Google maps and Nav even while it's in it's beta stage. isn't at&t the one that charges the extra for Nav???? That's funny!!!

well, Glad to see some one from Apple came up from under that rock and took a look at what the REST of the cell phone world is doing!!

Don't worry, we'll take naps while you guys catch up!!!!

Angelita 6 years ago

By the sound of the IPhone 5, it's gonna cost alot more than 500! It'd probably cost at least £600-£700. In America, probably $800 because at the moment, IPhone 4 cost £500 & £600 in UK. I have every intention to get IPhone 5! I must! MUST! lol

sissy 6 years ago

OMG i was just at the mall and i heard that the iphone5 is getting an early release.ITS COMING TO CANADA FIRST and will be out before the end of FEB.

kingjones 6 years ago

I have had every iPhone from 1 to 4 and I'm writing this post on evo 4g. Best phone I've ever had. Tether wireless connection, bigger screen, no Apple restrictions, and my phone has never froze or had any problems. It does whatever the iPhone 5 supposedly will be able to do except maybe 1080p resolution but its awfully crisp and the screen size makes up for it for sure. Who cares if its stolen and u can't use it cuz of face recognition? Ur phone is still gone. Call ur carrier and get it cut off. Same result. IPhone is more user friendly I must say, but when u learn to use Android its embarrassing Apple OS. It's abilities are endless. Jus wondering, what is 32g of "space"? 64 gigs of memory makes since. Computers don't have 32 gigs of ram. So what is this "space" doesn't make since just fyi. This article is too high on Googles iPhone 5 result list with biased info if u ask me.

Olive6330 6 years ago

In my town we only have 3G. Will the iPhone 5 still work on our 3G network?

Matt 6 years ago

Seems like the iPhone 5 is just adding a lot useless shit (face recognition) or introducing things that have been done before (4g phones, 32g-64g hdd, built in maps and gps). Seems like the iPhone 5 is already behind the curve...

Android 6 years ago

How can someone possibly say that Android phones released in 2011 won't compete with the Apple iPhone 5? The Droid Bionic as well as the Atrix are being released this year. Dual core processors, better resolutions, etc. Bias articles should never be published. Give fair reviews of both sides. This is a review, not a sales pitch (at least it shouldn't be). I too am looking to buy an iPhone 5, but also the Droid Bionic. The Android OS is just as good if not better than the Apple's iOS. It's not as intuitive because it offers so much more. It's basically like comparing the interface of a PS3 and a Nintendo Wii. I love the enthusiasm, but seriously, just review the iPhone and stop comparing apples to oranges. The iPhone is great for me due to the fact I have a iTunes library roughly over 60GB and it sorts much better than the music player on my Motorola Droid. Both have their ups and downs. Hardcore nerds (programmers/tech. enthusiasts) the Android line-up may be right for you, and casual smart phone users, the iPhone may be adequate for your needs. Either way, this is a great year for smart phones. Thank you Verizon for finally changing the phone "...that changed everything".

Cheese Monkey 6 years ago

Your review was helpful and interesting right up until the point where you said Android phones won't even come close. Then you turned in to a biased fangirl with no sign of balance or common sense. There will shortly be way more powerful Android phones (Motorola Atrix for one) than the iPhone 4, and will certainly be more powerful phones than the iPhone 5 around shortly after, if not before, the iPhone 5.

Tracey m 6 years ago

Can't wait for the iPhone 5 to come out

profile image

ciaokatherine 6 years ago from St Jude, Niagara Author

@Cheese Monkey, sure their might be, but let's be honest the iPhone 5 is going to be the best. Phones aren't all about features, they're also about ease of use... and whether or not people like to admit it the iPhone is revolutionary, while the android phones aren't!

profile image

ciaokatherine 6 years ago from St Jude, Niagara Author

Oh and Haters Gonna Hate....

Jenks 6 years ago

That's for the heads up I was headed out tomorrow morning to buy the model4 but I think I'll wait for 5!

Hey 6 years ago

People we do not even know what the iPhone 5 is going to be this is just a person post in crap because they are not the creators and they do not know what the heck it is going to look like. They haven't even released when or what it is going to have so all the people saying yay these new features are going to be cool is wasting time reading this shit. They Are probably going to have like 1 or 2 features! So just wait till AT&T or verizon posts stuff about it till now stop wasting your time on non realistic blogs because there are a million of blogs who have way more different features then this shit!

andi 6 years ago

I am looking forward to iphone 5 release ... so that I can buy the iphone 4 cheaper.

I don't need the fancy stuffs, 4G, better audio, bla... bla. Iphone 4 spec is good enough for me. There'll always better and better version but my income is not.

Talk 6 years ago

Frankly the speculated new options are gimmicks for kids. More interesting would be a feature somehow automatically eliminating solicitors or phone calls initiated by people with nothing interesting to say. Another built-in feature which would have real value is pre sensing via complex data base and satellite surveillance idiots who do not speak your language and are attempting to contact you for God knows what reason. Better yet, its got to have an alcohol content measuring sensor, true flir sensor, satellite radio, inmarsat communication module, COFDM microwave Tx/Rx system, an ear and ass thermometer, heart beat sensor and body sugar level probe. For all you geeks having nothing better to do but drool over a stupid disposable appliance.

speedy636 6 years ago

Motorola atrix is the better phone my daily driver is the vibrant rooted of corse video chat app installed team whiskey v rom is fast enough for me no front face camera which I haven't lost any sleep

Andy 6 years ago

Apple need to do something ' Dynamic ' with their new iPhone 5. I've had every iPhone out apart from number 4, due to antennagate!!! Other makes of smartphones have caught up and maybe overtaken apple. I personally would like to see a bigger screen, more pixel camera and better Bluetooth that works to download photos to print!!!!

Hope Mr Jobs is better as I look forward to his keynote speeches!!! a1p@hotmail.co.uk

maxime 6 years ago

there is a flash based browser for the iphone called "skyfire"

elev 6 years ago

So, lets face the facts, this girl who wrote this does not know anything about the iPhone5. In fact, no one knows. I would not have any expectations yet and it is impossible to tell the price for it. There is no proof that there would even be an iPhone5, probably will, but we don't know. So don't be asking about the price or anything; trust me, no one knows!

Android 6 years ago

Could this article be any more biased? I have an android phone and like it, but I have also owned the iphone 3 and 4 and like android better. Now I'm not saying I haven't had my problems with android and that iphones multifunction capabilities seem better. But both have their flaws. Don't sit there and tell me the iphone 5 will almost be "perfect". Bull****. All phones have their flaws, don't glorify just one brand, at least give me some damn useful info by comparing it to other phones, not just that one will "blow the others out". Thanks for nothing.

Dylan 6 years ago

This is the most poorly-thought-out review by a person who has no idea what she's talking about.

You say haters are gonna hate. No, you don't get it. We don't hate you. We pity you. You're a moron. We might be angry you exist, but we wouldn't waste time hating you.

1. The Android was a million times more 'revolutionary' than the iPhone for one simple and ultimate reason.

Open Source Development on an internationally available mobile platform. You can program anything you want for it and it will run it. This creates a win-win situation for everyone. Apple didn't do anything revolutionary except make a kick-ass design and they continue to do it every year, but it's the only reason why iPhones are great. The design. The software and the development community is god-awful. Every true geek knows this.

About half of the things in this article are completely wrong and/or don't make sense. This woman has too much time on her hands and STILL didn't take any of that time to research anything she was saying.

Haters gonna hate is a way of saying, "I've done nothing wrong but people dislike me anyways, disregard them."

But you have done something wrong. You've done a lot wrong.

You're wrong. Just all wrong. And the worst part is...

you'll probably never know.

Related entitlements: Computer programmer, 3D modeler, graphic designer, web developer, mobile electronics enthusiast.

To anyone reading, please trust me. She's full of it. I wouldn't waste my time posting this if she wasn't.

Steve Jobs 6 years ago

Hello everyone. I am Steve Jobs. Founder of Apple. Im so amazed of how many people are so interested in my products. Especially, the iPhone 4. I can't tell you yet when it is being released but Spring 2011 we are selling the white iPhone again. Thank you everyone for being so interested in my work. Remember the Verizon iPhone has been released and can be ordered online at Verizonwireless.com or Apple.com. Also they are sold in stores at Verizon Wireless and Apple Corp. Thank you again!

- Steve Paul Jobs

~ Founder of Apple; Co-founder of Pixar Studios. Follow me on Twitter!

Aqib 6 years ago

is this really u steve jobs?????

Bill Gates 6 years ago

Salutations my friends I am Bill Gates the founder of Microsoft and I am so stupid to say that Apple is better than Microsoft because I know I am better than Steve because I am one of the worlds richest actually so are you Steve, but I'm in the top 5 and you are in the top 100 or even 200 but I dont care about you I,m better than you!

-Bill Gates

~Founder of Microsoft; Co-founder of Steve Jobs. Follow me on my Car!

Brendan 6 years ago

*cough* galaxy s2 *cough*

Brendan 6 years ago

*cough* galaxy s2 *cough*

Agha Khan 6 years ago

I like any good quality phone. The only thing that I am concerned here is the dictatorship of an AT&T. I was Agent for an AT&T for a while, left them because I did not like the way they run their business. Their phone packages are so little and extremely pricy it seems like they are in the business of gold and silver. T Mobile is the only carrier which has the best and the most affordable packages almost available for everyone. Their customer is terrific and its 5 stars. When it comes to carrying the latest Phones, T Mobile is limited to it and don’t have much verity for selection. It would be great if T Mobile decide to introduce the new I Phone 5 at same time when an AT&T does.

SUSIE405 profile image

SUSIE405 6 years ago from Delray Beach, Florida

Thanks for this information. I have the iphone 3 and love. I am now eligible for an upgrade and will wait for this new phone.

um..... 6 years ago

maybe 4gs

Dawg 6 years ago

Wtf...you are blonde and work as a waitress, right? Dumbest thang i have ever read.

Xishan Ansari profile image

Xishan Ansari 6 years ago from Pakistan

woww iphone 5 is awesome i really like this review and also like this hub thanks

Bob 6 years ago

This review tells us nothing and is just some guys OPINION - Look into the upcoming Samsung Infuse or Motorala Atrix & even the low cost HTC Inspire - Apple is ALREADY behind.

SUSIE42 profile image

SUSIE42 6 years ago

Number 5 sounds great. Cannot wait to get it.

profile image

TexasMarissa 6 years ago

Ok, this is crap. i don't get why everybody is so fired up about every freakin ipohone that comes out. I just got my first ipod touch 2 months ago. I didn't get one when they first came out. Who cares about some dumb new features on the new iphone 5? Society is just so sad sometimes, i'm 11 and i realized this!!

Jack 6 years ago

Ok, so could google's bitches please stop bullying the woman? She merely stated what she thinks the next iPhone will be, and to be honest I completely agree with her (with the addition of wireless payment). The reason why iPhone is so much better than Qndroid is down to branding; Apple have worked so hard over the last few years in developing this revolutionary product, whilst Android has merely slingshot off Apples success, it doesn't matter how good an Android is, it doesn't have the functionality and ease of use of an iPhone! An analogy is with cars; wouldn't you prefer to pay a bit more for a mercedes than a ford of similar spec? The extra is purely for the service and reliability that you get with Apple, for instance last week I fucked up my iPhone software, I called apple and they sent me out a brand new iPhone the next day; picking up my old one free of charge, other brands simply don't have that prestige! Apple has been selling smooth functional phones for years, whilst the best LG seems to have come up with is the KP500 Cookie, which still gives me nightmares! I would also like to wish Steve Jobs well and to have a speedy recovery!


Jane 6 years ago

Really...500.00 dollars? I cannot imagine people would pay that amount of money for a phone. Here is hoping that it will be much cheaper.

Dustin 6 years ago

You say 4G only really(?), they might as well put the gun to there head now and pull the trigger. You do realize not everyone lives in or around the 32 major NFL cities, thus is where the 4G seems to be limited to. There are other US citizens out there(much more then the cities nation wide) that love to get the new technology even though we have to deal with the oh so slow 3G..(whatever) Its fast enough for the majority of us.I think the i5 will be available on 3G as well as 4G. Just like the i4 is able to use the 3G and the (crappy) Edge. I will be switching to Verizon to get my i5 in June/July and will be very happy to be using the 3G network. Where I live now AT&T doesn't offer 3G, and 4G on Verizon is not expected in this area until late 2013.

CorpAu 6 years ago

Just goes into the Fraud File, as the heading reads iphone 5 review, indicating that you have an iphone 5 in your presence and are 'reviewing' it.

Nothing more than an opinion which you ARE allowed to have.

Your statement "The lowest model will come with 32G of space and 64G of memory" shows you are technologically inept (have you proof of this as your statement indicates?)

Juliaheartiphone4 6 years ago

..$500 you gotta be kidding me I mean common every time a new iPhone comes out the lowest price is $200 and the highest is $300 and it's always been that way and I don't think they'll change it I also don't think I would pay half a grand for an iPhone5 I would rather buy the iPhone4 for half the money and it's still just as good but I mean at the most it may be $100 more then usual for a new iPhone because they are making it more like a computer but I mean they won't go to $500 because no one would buy it. But if they are making the screen scratch and shatter repelled I would defiantly buy it because that's what broke my last two iPhones! But over all I can't wait to see it when it comes out regardless of the price

wasting time 6 years ago

wow. this has to be the least informative piece by the least informed person i've ever read. if you're going to write about technology, it might be a good idea to at least grasp the proper use of terminology. of course, even with proper vernacular, actual facts would still be worth more than idle speculation.

Poor article. 6 years ago

A well written article respectfully addresses both sides of the competition. Ridding the world of the lesser non-apple phones? Are you serious? There's nothing wrong with Android. Both iOS and Android offer features that fit peoples' needs differently. Personally, I like android better than iOS. I like using widgets and I think the notifications are much more efficient. But I respect the iPhone, too. I think it's great for people who want a simple smartphone. Bottom line: both operating systems are excellent.

Crass64 6 years ago

Yes, I have all the iPhones so I'll be getting this one.

I was one of the first to get the iPhone 3GS and the 4.

I'll be checking with my apple store to be on the list.

I've been waiting for the IPad 2 also. I've been an apple fan for over 28 years. First saw them at the US Fastival in 83.

RUTH 6 years ago

Never again will I fall prey to the bandwagon. This is the first time I've owned an iPhone and I'm hating it everyday. It limits everything I can do with a mobile phone. Being the noncoformist that I am, the iPhone has made me an unwilling servant. I was hoping I could get the Evo but since it wasn't available in my region, I've decided to settle for the iPhone, which is a grave mistake.

Dan 6 years ago

Haha, this is a crock. Comparing the new iPhone to the current Evo? The EVO crushes the current iphone, both stock and especially if you have the ability and knowledge to root and install custom roms. You mentioned Facetime on 3G? Well sir the EVO did that stock over 4g. The current iphone only support WiFi facetime.

Where is your write up and research on upcoming HTC models? I don't see it. So let's compare a phone that isn't out yet, to one that has been out for over a year? Then say, this is why it's going to change the world? Has HTC stopped making phones or something? Perhaps they are coming out with something new?

Dual core processors are already incorporated into the android scene. Tegra 2 chipsets are already rolling out.

Ladies and gents here is the truth. Apple will fail at this game. They will have their fanboys as always, but they will lose their dominate share of the cellular market. Here is why: Android is open source.

This means that you will have devs from HTC, Sony, Motorolla, Samsung, etc, all working on the Android OS to make it better. Whereas, apple will just have their own. So in essence, Android = lots of developers including third party, and iphone just their own. It's like the movie 300, the Spartans (Apple) put up a fight, but the Persians (Android) just had too many people in their army...

stelios 6 years ago

how much will it cost

Nicolein  6 years ago

Unless iPhone starts to allow adobe flash video content to be viewed I am going back to black berry

morganggregg profile image

morganggregg 6 years ago from Nothern Ireland

Can't wait for iPhone 5!

mat 6 years ago

will i be able to use telstra on it?

STEVE 6 years ago


Bill Gates 6 years ago

I can't wait to get my hands on the iPhone 5. Steve you are a genius!!! I really don't know why or how you can't make the bling bling I'm making with your over intellect then mine! Stupid AT&T...I can't upgrade until next year!

Edwin Chan profile image

Edwin Chan 6 years ago from New Zealand

iPhones just keep getting better. Will be cool to see this when it finally ships.

Sangita Anand profile image

Sangita Anand 6 years ago

Great review. I am so looking forward to the next iPhone for my upgrade.

kschang profile image

kschang 6 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA

This ain't no review... This ain't even a preview! This is pure speculation!

iphoneappdate 6 years ago

With a lengthy 18 month contract, ill be stuck with my iPhone 4 for some time. However i went from 3g straight to 4 and missed 3gs completely. I may just do the same with the iPhone5.

Bring on iPhone 6 hehe

Tom 6 years ago

Whoever wrote this review does not live in this world. He/She or both, is a perfect example of a stupid iSheep. S/He says that the iphone 5 will have better features than other Android and other phone! She doesn't even know what the features of iPhone 5 are, she is just dreaming! And most of the features that she wants on the iPhone 5 are already implemented by other phones like the GALAXY S 2. And s/he talks as if the iPhone 5 will be the first pone to get all those features. Stupid DUMB-ASS! There are phones with better hardware than iPhone 4. Go check out Galaxy S and Samsung Wave s8500. The iPhones lack so many things and still everyone just keeps boasting about it. Thats what happens when you haven't tried other phones. I have personally owned an iPhone 4, a Samsung Wave, HTC Desire and other phones. And the Wave beats them all!

james 6 years ago

The poll data adds up to 101%

Jenny 6 years ago

Im going to buy a iphone 4 today. I had it and absolutly loved it. The 2 camera's were my favorite. Unfortunantly i went out one night and put it down to close out my tab and someone grabbed it and being so packed i didn't see who. I been using my old 3G since and i hate it. Most ppl look at me crazy complaining about an iphone but there is no comparison and it sucks to have to down grade. Anyway, If you are impatient like me you'll go ahead and buy an iphone 4 and then sell it and get ur money back when the iphone 5 comes out. At&t will buy it, but your better off selling it on Ebay to get ur full amount back. I just found out about the iphone 5 today and i cant wait!!

Kat 6 years ago

A couple of montha ago my dad and I were talking and I told him just waite Apple will come out with something better than the iPhone4 so I am going to waite, and now they are LOL. I am waiting for the 5 to come out to upgrade.

Darw 6 years ago

The girl writing this piece sounds like an idiot. Like she's just a huge iPhone fan but knows little of cell phones, carriers or competing devices. I'm an iPhone user on AT&T and I can tell you that I've never had a single service problem. Don't be fooled by the commercials. Verizon has more 3G coverage but AT&T's is faster. AT&T also has phone service in as many places as verizon. Where my Verizon friends have poor signal mine is good and vice versa.

But the silliest part of this "hub" was this quote "anyone who says Android based cell phones are going to be able to compete with the new iPhone 5 are completely delirious. They won't even come close to the capabilities offered by the new iPhone when it comes out". Really? Let's keep the facts straight. There are things Androids do that the iPhone 4 cannot. The iPhone 5 will be playing catch-up in some areas. Built in navigation is prety standard with many lesser phones already. Face time (not "video chat")over 4G is already possible with other phones and with the iPhone 4 it must be over wifi. "Much nicer overall body design"?? Huh? Have you seen it? No! Shatter resistant and scratch proof screen... Already available. Memory? Androids use a microSD card so choose your storage.

All this said, I wouldn't buy an android phone. I am waiting for the iPhone 5. I'm just saying, don't write silly articles that ignore the facts for the sake of being a fan. I'm a huge fan but I recognize the androids for what they are. Great pieces of tech... Just not nearly as intuitive as the iPhone (IMO).

Dennis 6 years ago

I'm still on the 3GS and I like it. It would be great to upgrade too.

KTL 6 years ago

LOL! You one of those that sits in front of a PC and then ask, does this have GMAIL? LOL, I know your kind all too well. You are so loyal to the Apple brand that you are blinded by everything else around you. I am an Apple user myself, I use their computer systems for work and I do own an iphone. To sum up your write up, you pretty much worship the iphone and all else just sucks. *sigh* You are one of those that give me pure entertainment and at the same time can drive me insane. "Can this computer go on the internet? Ohh, well my Mac doesn't do that!" WTF!?!?!?

AT&T user for 10years 6 years ago

Just went to AT&T store today and talked about the iPhone 5,..I have a 3G and it sucks cause of the ISO 4 software. I Also looked at androids and windows phones. I work with people who swear by there droids,...which is fine,...but it's funny that they have to get off the phone to text or use the internet based apps or Internet. Love AT&T for being the only network to do that. And knowing that Verizon peps excited for the iPhone just won't be able to experience talk and text at the same time. So what if the iPhone 5 has a couple more bells and whistles that the 4 or 3. Praise the network for talk and text it's a beautiful thing to talk to your wife while texting your girlfriend......lol

James 6 years ago

wow, great info, thanks for sharing, I can't wait to have my hand on iphone5 :) thumbs up

youramoron 6 years ago

How retarded are you people. There is going to be no iphone 5 this year...just a redesigned/mini iphone 4...idiots.

hsb 6 years ago

i heart u

Mike 6 years ago

So the iPhone 5 with it's Dual-Core GPU is going to be able to do stuff that Android phones can't? Hmmm, have you seen the Galaxy S2? It has a Quad-Core GPU, last time I checked, 4 is better then 2.

Blayke 6 years ago

There is no guarantee that verizon will be included in the service prividers for the iphone 5, if it is even going to exist. I have my hopes that a 5th generation will come out but it is hard to say whether or not it will happen. On the note of the service providers though, Apple has maintained very exclusive rights with AT&T. Just because the iphone 4 came out for verizon doesn't mean that the 5th one will. and as for the Sprint network being able to get an iphone, Im sorry to say but i dont think that it will happen. AT&T and Verizon are just outcompeting them and it doesn't look like there is any hope. Keep your fingers crossed that Steve Jobs has some neat tricks up his sleeve.

adam 6 years ago

thy cant stil beat the nokia 8310

J Pass the Mountain 6 years ago

This hub on so many levels i dont know where to begin.

1. It's not a review if you never seen the actual product and your just purely "Speculating".

2. This is biased as all hell. Why not tell people your writing an Iphone 5 bible and Steve Jobs is your god while your at it.

3. 4G is an absolute gimmick because nobody has the TRUE 4G technology other then SPRINT. Everyone else's 4g is just a server conversion with partial 4G qualities.

4. Are you kidding me did you just promote Jailbreaking. What are you like 13. Jailbreaking is not something everyone does and your ignorance is going to make amateurs do stupid things like frag their phones in attempting to do so.

5. Reading this article made everyone at least 2% dumber.

ben 6 years ago

i love Face Off. great movie. love the article. thanks for the info

John galea 6 years ago

Should make them more durable and waterproof, can take 2 sim cards and can have a Bluetooth rubber keypad to dial off my steering wheel ideally !

John Kissmyass 6 years ago

Who is the very intelligent lady writing this article? Nobody can piss guys off like a tech savvy women ay? I love how the droid people get all defensive when they're about to be out done (again) by apple. I have the 3Gs 16 gig version of the iPhone. I passed on the iPhone 4 and I'm glad I did, because if iPhone 5 is all of what our brainy lil author says it is I'll be there with bells on. Although I won't leave ATT to get it, to be perfectly honest I've never had a problem my service. If I couldn't talk and google at the same time the earth would probably spin off into a different galaxy. Btw even metro pms err sorry pcs customers can talk and text but nobody can talk and go online except ATT. I know I know all you people that have other carriers are like it's not important to me, I never have the urge to talk and google. Yea right. Well thanks for the great article and I'll have to check you out more often ? ( oh sorry you droid people can't read that)

Me 6 years ago

FYI.. For those who keep saying the iPhone 5 isn't coming out until 3 or so more years, well where have you losers been??? Haven't you noticed that it doesn't take that long for Apple to come out with a new generation?! Duh!

It's out this June 2011!!!

If you dont care for the iPhone then get out of this page!

If you love the iPhone then awesome! Get you a new iPhone 5!!!

profile image

ciaokatherine 6 years ago from St Jude, Niagara Author

Thanks for the backup all you Apple fans. What I don't get is why these HTC and Samsung Galaxy fanboys are even finding this article. I think they have iphone 5 envy seeing as how they're searching for it in Google.

If you don't like the iPhone, go ahead stick with the phone you have or get the new Samsung Galaxy. I'll get the iPhone Universe and destroy your galaxy in the meantime. It's too bad those companies don't have the technological OR marketing prowess that Apple has.

Check the votes, we win, you lose.

oresho 6 years ago

jailbreaking has nothing to do with carriers, there's a difference between UNLOCKING and jailbreaking.

in any case, whether this phone is on a verizon, sprint, t-mobile, or AT&T cellular service, it will definitely be cracked (jailbroken) unless apple gets smart and removes restrictions on what apps you can place on the phone (requiring use of app store and what not)

I look forward to the iphone 5 and a more enhanced boxwave or [insert epic new company here] qwerty slide out keyboard that'll integrate a connection between board and phone opposed to charging both separetly... (i.e. like how the battery case is) plug into the plug to charge the unit ;)

Tink(GB) 6 years ago

Come On Apple I dare you...!

Personally I can't wait for the June/July 11 Apple event. Whatever it's spec (and only a few people on the planet know what might be actually coming) I am hoping Apple do it again and raise the bar and hopefully turn the market on its head. How??

Let's see, where are we now...? We have half a dozen mobile phone manufacturers competing to match and surpass Apple. But they will never be able to compete, as in reality, Apple are NOT phone manufacturers. They are a Computer Software giants. They are Software & Operating System specialists first and foremost.

On the other hand, Nokia, make great phones (simple but excellent quality handsets with excellent call quality). This is because they are a Telecoms giant.

But they have been struggling.. Why? because phone technology is basically stagnant. It has been for years. When Nokia tried to move away from this to compete with the rest of the market, they started slowly to get into smartphones using symbian etc and they eventually became unstuck in a technology they never specialised in, hence to compete and survive 10 years later, they teamed up with Microsoft, the other computer software giant on this planet.

You don't agree? Look at it this way? What does the iphone excel in? It is certainly NOT call quality...it's the platform and the OS. Those computer software elements that are so user-friendly. Smartphones were ahead of the iphone when it first got launched, but what little it did do, it did it so well. The winning formula for Apple was bringing this to us in a sleek, modern package way ahead of the traditional handset. It's only this last few years that he rest of the fraternity have caught up with touch screens etc. The key was the integration with a design that was to die for. (A Britsh design too btw).

HTC are likewise very wise and smart. As a hardware platform maker they experimented with OS, but it still didn't quite happen, so rather than suffer like Nokia they have made deals with Microsoft for example to embede their OS, mixing the best of their own OS with Mr Balmers. This again was bound to be successful, especially with HTC's innovative and well built designs. Results speak for themselves.

Samsung, Sharp, Sony and the other Far East Tech companies are floating in between Apple & HTC.

They produce Hardware, excellent screens and electronics. Their own phones are cheaper looking, less user friendly and try to compete, but they won't be able to for ever. Without Android they would be dead already. Samsung and Sharp are really VDU & display speacialists.

Sony particularly always tries to push the envelope with new file formats and standards and unlike BlueRay, don't really succeed (for example the DuoFlash Memstick against the Sandisk MicroSD) most of the time. They needed to make alliances like HTC did and they found it a bit easier to keep market share by diverifying, Audio, Gaming etc, otherwise they will be even more marginalised in this market the future.

Therefore how will Apple turn the market on it's head?

What I now actually want is a multimedia, always connected, wifi pocket device that also makes phone calls - not the other way around anymore...so perhaps Apple (in the absence of Mr SJ) will turn the corner and completely sideswipe the competition by changing tack? I hope so.

I want the device that will pay for my coffee, newspaper, and turnstile fee for the Underground (Metro) at a swipe, and then while travelling I will be able to get my email, play a few games, read a book or listen to music or watch a video. Of course we can do all this on our phones now to a point, but therein lies the issue.

The phonecall istelf cannot develop anymore. The other applications and the handset AROUND the phonecall is. So why bother with the smartphone pretense anymore?

With the advent of BT headsets you don't need the wires. The wired headsets limit the width. Without the form factor can move forwards further into flexible devices & displays properly.

Having a data tariff is essential, having a call tariff is nowadays secondary.

Suggestions to replace the iPhone monica? How about: the iCan?

Come on Apple, I dare you to give me what I really want by dropping the Telecom operator and making a "sim-less" multimedia, interactive device that can still make calls with! Roll on Face Chat!

oresho 6 years ago

j pass you're an idiot, sure it's not 4g... yet, however the capability is out there, it's not impossible to accomplish within the next 4-5 months, that aside who said they wouldn't be using SPRINT.

aside from that, you're retarded if you don't promote jailbreaking... jailbreaking isn't hacking, it's giving the users the ability to use their rightfully owned processing units to do much more then what's given by default

unless you're one of the fools who uses "jailbreaking" to download STOLEN/RIPPED apps off of official/pay-for mediums... in which case you're the 13 year old idiot.

Steve Jobs 6 years ago

These rumors are really getting big. I can only tell you that the iPhone 5 will be coming out some time in April. The iPhone 5 is going to be a very big hit. I think that it is goung to be the best one we've made by far.

6 years ago

Att iPhone 4 is already at least 3x faster than verizons.... I've compared

cerillo 6 years ago

I feel bad for u suckers that got the iphone 4 u should of waited. There will be an iphone 5 no doubt.if u were smart u would get the thunderbolt like me n stick with a functional service like Verizon.

John Kissmyass 6 years ago

Zzzzzzzzz oh sorry I was just using my friends emo errrr I mean elmo dammit I mean evo and it bored me so bad I fell asleep. I had to keep hanging up to check my email, go online, browse music on iTunes zzzzzzzzz sorry I blacked out again. To the eloquent miss ciaokatherine it seems there's a few who have your back here, are you feelin the love?

FX 6 years ago

i have the iphone 3GS and i have had no problems on the att network. i hope att gets the iphone 5. Verizon is over rated plus you can't surf the web and talk at the sametime.

profile image

pshen7 6 years ago

I still have the 3G, I really want the 4, but it'll totally suck to get the 4 now and 4 months later the 4S or 5 comes out. I like all the gizmo's and NFC possibilities, but they do need put energy into the "phone call" quality, and bring that up to the level of the device itself. I know that's primarily the carriers issue, but I'm sure Apple has enough pull with ATT and Verizon to demand better, and get it.

Peter, founder - http://koowie.com : Connecting people one thought at a time.

nathybaby 6 years ago

why not just wait until its actually shown to us by apple. and forget the bloody rumours.

nathan,uk, iphone 4 32gb gold edition

Hamster 6 years ago

The i-phone is a beautiful thing. The touch screen works better than any other phone I have used to date and the quality of the construction is far better than any of my HTC phones and I will most likely buy one on release day. There is a but, and it is a big BUT, the I phone is very expensive when compared with faster higher spec android phones. The tariffs more expensive (do oranges et el have to use special apple friendly waves to carry its precious signals, I think not) , and you need to pay for most of the full apps unlike android apps. Its simple folks, the apple is a desirable fashion statement, it is a beautiful device but it is not the best phone (technically) . If you want a fashion accessory and peer approval you will probably buy one, it will compliment your jimmy choo’s , Armani suit and £100 hair do, but please don’t try to argue its somehow faster or technically superior because all the techy geeks (like me) will lol.

Lillie 6 years ago

I was thinking bout getting the iPhone 4 from Verizon this week but after i read this I'll just wait for the iphone 5 to come out instead

Andi 6 years ago

Just about to change my iPhone 3 for the 4 but will wait a little linger now for the4 thanks :-)

iPhone sucks, Android is the way of the future 6 years ago

This article is bullsh*t and all these iPhone-lovers are quite dumb if you all think that Android phones are nowhere near the technology of the so-called "revolutionary" iPhone, give me a break. There is the Motorola Atrix that is coming out with a dual-core processor. The Samsung Galaxy S2 has been in the making for the past several months now and that also is coming with a dual-core processor. I will never buy an iPhone because it will always lack what Android has nailed down. F*ck iPhone, Android is the way of the future. Step aside Apple, Android is taking it from here. Thanks for coming out and take a seat.

Dude?!! 6 years ago

dude calm down. Why would you be reading this article if you hate apple so much?

philbo24 6 years ago

Face recognition is easily avoided, just don't look at the iPhone 5 when you're using it!

boobies 6 years ago

Could you possibly write more unfounded, speculative, bullshit? Just curious.

Kurian Sunny 6 years ago

I would like to see the design change on the look of the iPhone 5.

iPhone 4 is awesome but I like iPhone 3GS which is easy to hold in your palm better than other iPhones

john 6 years ago


Arif 6 years ago


Will it have flash or silverlight?

Will it have an open source OS for which I can write my own app?

Will it have "Free" Google Naviation?

Will it have 4.3" large screen?

Will it be both HDMI and DLNA enabled?

Will it have a free phone back service like Google?

If the answer to these questions is "NO", then I dont see the difference between IPhone 5 and its predecessors.

Gus 6 years ago

I'm going to get it just from your amazing literally skillfull sexy beautiful review, you awesome girl!!!!

Jennifer 6 years ago

I'm just gonna stick with my iPhone 3GS

BOB 6 years ago

so it wont be on vodafone or 02 or any other uk networks?

AmbientGuy 6 years ago

I've skipped the iPhone 4 so far as it sounded like it had too many faults. I don't want to get into that trap of having to renew my phone just because the manufacturer tells me to either. However the iPhone changed the way I worked and a few other things too! So I will see if the 5 is worth upgrading too, but I just might spend more time justifying an iPad for now :-)

sarah 6 years ago

Is orange going to have the iphone 5. does anyone know when its gonna be out.

iTechBoi 6 years ago

How much will the iphone 5 cost without a contract

Sergio  6 years ago

I did not like this article. Sounded like you were having an orgasm. Why did you have to put down the Evo and not other companies? Maybe because android is a large market and seen on most phones. I do agree that the iPhone is better but no need to put other companies who are trying to earn their pay. We already knew the information you provided which did not impress me. You need information that is new.

GRant 6 years ago

CAnt wait couldn't ge tiphone 4 due to no upgrade avalibe but by the time this one comes out it will be in my hands in no time....Yippie for me.

alehandro 6 years ago

stop telling ppl what "u think" the i5 will have, instead come back in a couple of months when u have some solid facts. u could live inside the apple store n u still wont know what the new i5 will have. apple pays millions of dollars to keep info from leaking out n ur over here telling ppl "expected features". this article would of made more sense if u wrote about things YOU expect to see instead of trying to sound like a smart ass.

Frann 6 years ago

Verizon is NOT getting the IPhone 5. AT&T has a contract with Apple at the moment that states they cannot give the phone to any other carrier.

George W. Bush 6 years ago

Hi I am the previous president. I love my 9 iPhone 4s and 2 iPhone 3GSs and 16 HTC EVO 4Gs. I love IOS and Android but i like IOS better. They have better apps and they aren't just loading the market with like 20 on each network like android. Make an iPhone 5 for me please. Send it Texas and why is McCain not in office?

Tom Brady 6 years ago

Hi I am the best football player ever, now make me an iPhone 5 today and I'll give you $2000 for one iPhone and that doesn't include the contract.

Jeremy Shockey 6 years ago

Tom Brady you are not the best football player ever, actually you are but I am second best. Make me an iPhone 5 Apple and I will give you 9,000 including plan

Tom Shepley 6 years ago

i doupt the iphone will cost 500. i would say 300 for the lowest model is more realistic

Hi 6 years ago

Cool Iphone5 I love it it looks so cool write Tom brady

smitty 6 years ago

I know everyone is crazy over the iphone and the Android. All the technology of both phones are great!!! I would love to have an iphone. But . . . I just can't get past the cost of every little thing on the phone. Why buy a phone if it cost you 200 smackers or more just to use everything on it?!?!?!?! I love new techno gadgets!!! But can't seem to spend the money on all that!!! Sorry!

Pooptash 6 years ago

Everyone does realize this is clearly a joke article, yes?

misha 6 years ago

i cant believe its come to this ...all of us awaiting techs like the messiah lol. i would like to see the iphone 5 but not going crazy. this is only the beginning...

austinhennry profile image

austinhennry 6 years ago from USA

Your article is really great. Now I can think to buy an iPhone.

Daniel 6 years ago

Ey !

Well, when iPhone first came out was an unknown phone. I bought it because was the cooooolest phone. Even when was slow as hell, i was pimping anywhere. People kept on asking and complementing my iPhone. But when they came out with new version and

Another one and another one, I realized that it was better waiting for them to fix or improvet it. Now I've got iPhone 4 and compared to iPhone 1. It's a wow!!!!!!! I mean 1 didn't even have a camera (while cheapest phones did). I think that if ip5 is not very different from ip4. I'll just wait for apple to improve the iPhone and AT&T to improve themselves.


Diana 6 years ago

i wanted to buy an iPhone 4 and i still do cuz the iPhone 5 seems to take a long time to come out im not gonna sit here and wait i want a phone ! my dad suggesyed instead of buying an iPhone 4 but any other phone and wait for the iPhone 5 then buy it

is my dad right

KURT  6 years ago

Thanks for all the info i have a 3gs 16gb and was thinking of getting an iphone 4 but will definatly wait for the iphone 5 to come out i hope that they just dont take forever to come to South Africa

Iphone User 6 years ago

Tell you guys what iphone 10 is going to release sometime in the future. and it has cooler design, cooler function whatever you need they have it.

Come on what basis you base on about iphone 5?

14 hours talk with your girls another 10 to sleep?

i guess gossip/rumours i.e iphone5 is what you and your girls talking about.

Andy Roid 6 years ago

Don't any of you die hard fans use Flash website then. How can an Apple mobile device compete with that one main feature missing. While I am at it how do you access a windows files server using VPN on an iPhone? Answer- You can't ! Happy posting lemmings

*sighs* Someone 6 years ago

WTF!......you guys are insane .... the i phone 5 isn't real well even if it is the earliest smart date to release it would be around september 2013, if it comes out this year the marketing skills of apple have gone down to the standads of nintendo they're bringin out their third new ds model in less than two years WTF! Apple isn't that stupid like i said earliest should be september 2013

KNSarmiento4 profile image

KNSarmiento4 6 years ago from Florida, USA

I have an iPhone 4 right now, and I agree the AT&T service is horrible.

If the iPhone 5 really does come out, I'll probably buy it for my boyfriend so he can use it for Metro PCS. He won't switch to any other service, so it works for him :)

Great hub!

Sned 6 years ago

Well now there are some interesting comments on here aren't there. I'm from a little country called england you may of heard of it.My wife told about the iPhone 5 the other day and she heard from a friend I was unsure if this was complete speculation but this hub has secured my belief that its real. Well done you for taking the time to write this.

Riciu 6 years ago

i've read your post it is very interesting...i've also read a very nice one here....you can read more http://devicearea.com/2011/02/18/iphone-5-rummors-...

Kev. 6 years ago

What a great hub. Htc or iPhone? To each there own. But my preference is the iPhone and I'm really excited for the new version 5. I'm still on the 3gs due to my contract but I'm sure the 5 will be out in June/July like the rest have been. If anyone has any clue let me know. Mybe someone should ask apple for some info. Probably won't get any but you font know until you ask.

Just a quick question while I'm on I have my phone jailbroken and I'm trying to down load the update for version 4.1 and can't do it can anyone shed some light please?????

Ashley 6 years ago

I probably will buy an iPhone 5 but hope I never meet you. You read like a total knoob.

Michael 6 years ago

I have the 3G and it's a piece of junk. I've updated the software each and every release but it still never works properly and is slow as dirt. Att sucks and I can't wait to drop them lime their calls drop me. I will get the I5 as the features of the iPhone I really like. I think I have a bad phone as I've seen others work well.

jake 6 years ago

i love my iphone4! i hope im good for an upgrade when the 5 comes out. and i hope its on at&t still or ill be super pissed. i hate verizon it sucks ass! and they lie about their coverage cuz everywhere i didn't have coverage before, i have now with at&t so fuckit

Tweet Mobiles 6 years ago


if you wanna see iphone 5 in picture

usmcdevildoc 6 years ago

I was getting the I4 but not the first version. I was gonna if there were and complaints. But now with the Iphone5, I will be getting the Iphone5 this summer and not waiting for 6,7,8. lol

AbeBellini 6 years ago

Thank for the info because you just may have saved my from purchasing the iphone 4! I'll have to stick with my i3 until then :(

Jds 6 years ago

I don't see the new iPhone 5 starting more than $199. 500 seems to be way too much considering the history of the iPhone

kinley 6 years ago

Thank for the info because you just may have saved my frompurchasing the iphone 4!

Georgia Stronge 6 years ago

i love this

Rustem 6 years ago

I don't think this is enough to throw the iPhone 4 I already have away and buy a new toy. Will probably wait for an iPhone 6 (or whatever it will be called) or a similar Android.

Rustem 6 years ago

I don't think this is enough to throw the iPhone 4 I already have away and buy a new toy. Will probably wait for an iPhone 6 (or whatever it will be called) or a similar Android.

Cletis 6 years ago

There is ZERO evidence of what the iPhone 5 will look like nor the features it will host. Creating a hub suggesting otherwise is lying to the public. The iPhone 4 mis-release was a huge embarrassment to Apple, and they wont be making the same mistake again. "The lowest model will come with 32G of space and 64G of memory" that does not even make sense. space is memory. And "HD Audio"? The human ear cannot even hear above 320kbps, so again, no sense made. Show your "sources" when posting some BS like this..............................

>>> For Kwazzy, your not making any sense. The human ear can not hear kbps (kilobytes per second). It senses frequency vibrations in cycles per second which is called Hertz. I guess you meant to say 320,000 Hz or 320 kHz. 32 Gb of space for the lowest model and 64 Gb of memory for the higher model makes sense to me. Bottom line is there are many great phones out there and there are only two reasons I would buy the IPhone 5 and these are the build quality of the phone itself compared to others and the ability to be able to locate the phone if it is lost by using MobileMe Find my Iphone. If any other phones can do this, let me know.

Apple 6 years ago

I cant wait 4 the iphone 5, ive been saving up for ages!

Father Christmas 6 years ago

Apparently chicken...

i phone lover 6 years ago

i am bying the i phone 5 when it comes out carnt wait

What's new 6 years ago

I'm definitely buying the IP5 when it comes out. I've always been a fan but I had to switch over to the Epic due to At&t screwing me over. But now that Verizon carries the Iphone I will be making the change soon. I think the Iphone is by far the best cell phone on the market =-)

MoonDevil profile image

MoonDevil 6 years ago

I doubt that the iPhone 5 will be anywhere around $500 dollars though, as it would stand alongside the price of the current iPhones and iPads at $200-250. WIll also wait for the actual Keynote address from Apple regarding specs on an iPhone 5, iPad II, or any Apple product. Leaks and hearsay, need release confirmation first... as it has shown in the past to change when released.

grammar police 6 years ago

What's with the apostrophe in "i-phone's"?? i-phone's what, I might ask.

moyo 6 years ago

i think this post was helpful but i don't think it will cost that much

richie 6 years ago

i'm in year4 and hopefully by the time i'm in year6 the iphone 5 it will be cheaper in australia. thank you for the review!!

Xander 6 years ago

What I want to see is stereo speakers. I would like the same quality sound both while using headphones and using the build in speakers.

Chris 6 years ago

Motorola already has an Android phone with a dual core cpu and high tech graphics. Sony will have one this year too. Apple is a little too late.

k-fool 6 years ago

all i can say is WebOS FTW!

Nigel pompey 6 years ago

I have iPhone 3, in 2 wkd I can finally up grade to the 4,but if I get the 4, I bet u in a month or 2s time the 5 will come out, so wait or not, that is the question

anderiod 6 years ago

apple has an extraordinary marketing strategy that trumps that of the other companies who offer other platforms such as android. But in terms of being technically superior? I dont think so...Android 4g dual processor is coming out in March....but noone really knows when the newest iphone will.

idiots 6 years ago

you are all idiots. apple is gearing the iphone5 to be cheaper by using shitty parts so they can be a competitor in other contries. it may be a total upgrade in features, but these new features will be powered by shit parts.

brandon 6 years ago

so is there actually going to be an iPhone 5 or what? this article has gotten my hopes up for one. but if they dont bring one out i will be so sad. can someone let me know if its all bullshit or if its for real. and if so when is an estimated date they will be bring them on in Australia

Heather 6 years ago

Wow...reading this hub just wasted 4.5 minutes of my life that I will never be able to recover. The HTC Evo sucks? Are you high? It's a beautiful piece of tech, as are many android phones. Just because some people prefer iPhone doesn't make everything else crap. I absolutely adore my android phone. I also love my iPad, upon which I type this comment.

There's no cause to slam competitor products. Android has it's merits. Not for you? Fine...enjoy your device of choice, but leave the snide, unfounded, ill-informed quips out of your apple centric pep rallies.

Heather again 6 years ago

Oh, and by the way...most of these magical, amazing features you suggest the iPhone 5 will possess...already exist in android devices.

Guest 6 years ago

That was one of the worst hub's I've ever read. Your features listed exist in a lot of Nokia phones, and are really old. The iPhone 5 sounds like it will be as outdated as the iPhone 4 was when it was released. Apple needs to step up their game.

Jamison Bennett profile image

Jamison Bennett 6 years ago from Florida

That's Outstanding.... Here I am sitting with my old iPhone 3GS thinking if I'll ever get-up and buy that new 4.0..... and now I can bypass it and get the upgrade this year. Hooray for Apple!

Thanks for sharing.

Voice of Reason 6 years ago

You don't know any of this for fact, yet you speak like you designed the phone yourself. This article, along with all the other ones like it, is just speculation.

Steve Jobs 6 years ago

Well, I can say that most of this is NOT true. Please be mindful that you don't know anything yet!

Guest 6 years ago

Jk that's not Steve jobs

Doctor Who - Time Traveller 6 years ago

The iPhone 17 I picked up this morning is awsome.

Guest 6 years ago

A most naively written article. The author thinks that she knows it all, but all that can be heard is a blind devotee yapping about the iPhone without even knowing what it packs. In fact iOS tech specs will never be revealed to its users, so Ms. Ciaocatherine can forget about enlightening anybody.

See what this wisegal has written -

"One of the biggest benefits of owning a new iPhone 5 is that it'll come with dual core processors that will make it load at super fast speeds" .. what speed? what processor family? unless it is anything less than a dual core cortex-A15, there is nothing extraordinary here. Also, optimal fabrication of A15s is possible with 28nm process only, and its atleast 1 year away from mass utilization. Dual core A9s, already here - Tegra2, Snapdragon MSM8260, Samsung Exynos, TI OMAP 4.. all present in Android phones.

"it will be incorporating even more powerful graphics chip cards" which one? Nvidia Geforce ULP is already kicking butt of the PowerVR GPU used in the iPhone. Samsung Galaxy S2 uses quad-core GPU. Apple guys are not going to license superior technology coz they believe in pocketing all the profits themselves. So suck on that.

"20 gigawatt gazillion megapixel already in the iPhone 4 wasn't enough" -- using superlatives in that meaningless way serves as a perfect indictment of the education system. Does the author even know that Steve Jobs himself has touted that the existing iPhone4 display packs the maximum concentration of pixels the human retina can assimilate? Pointless to spend more money in display R&D then.

"anyone who says Android based cell phones are going to be able to compete with the new iPhone 5 are completely delirious" -- the author herself appears delirious since the primary punch out of any smartphone comes from the Google services. Android has far superior integration to those as compared to any iPhone generation. And of course the Achilles heel that not even Mr. Jobs want to acknowledge- "Adobe Flash". HTML5 is here to stay but Flash wont be phased out in a year or two. Sorry iPhone fans, even though the iPhone is a fantastic piece of hardware, not all technologies being used on the web are dictated by Apple. Android 2.3 Gingerbread has native support for Flash 10.1

"The new iPhone 5 is expected to have Face Recognition Security so that you don't have to worry about other people stealing your phone and trying to use it" - Samsung Galaxy S2 running Gingerbread (Android 2.3) has it already. And that stealing faces part is laughable. What if someone takes your photograph and unlocks the phone with it? The better answer is definitely the fingerprint sensor offered on Motorola Atrix 4G (Android 2.2 Froyo)

"Much nicer overall body design of the phone. It's going to be even thinner and have a shiny black piece." The so called better design of iPhone4 led to AntennaGate. Apple were forced to resort to the cheap alternative of providing "free" iPhone cases to mitigate the issue. First thing, a lot of users want the phone to be straight out of the box. Considering modern scratch resistant screens (Gorilla glass if you will, present on a variety of devices, including the iPhone4, Galaxy S and S2, Atrix 4G, LG Optimus ......) this is not a problem and people should not be bothered with putting non-standard cases on their phones. Shiny black backside? What's so great about that??

"Shatter Resistant and Scratch Resistant Screen" --already there, unless Apple decided to finally use the term "gorilla glass" to acknowledge Corning's technology.

"The lowest model will come with 32G of space and 64G of memory. I'll be able to store my whole computer on the lowest model of the iPhone 5. Yippeee for me." -- unless you are (still) running a computer model bought before the year 2004, I am afraid that your dreams are growing to be shattered. BTW, iPod classic already comes with 160GB storage? Have you been carrying 2 copies of your computer on that all these years?

"HD Audio - The quality of sound is going to be extra crisp." -- if the signal reception allows, that is. All smartphones have the same level of audio quality anyways, so there you go.. another piece of non-techno junk.

"Built In GPS - You'll never get lost or have to download one of those stupid GPS apps." -- Apple didn't purchase any GPS navigation software company, did they? If the author is talking about a GPS receiver, it was present even in Windows Mobile phones older than 2007. The software is already there, free of cost. Its called Google Maps.

You can be blissfully ignorant and keep waiting for your favourite version of your favourite phone. In the meantime, I will do some serious evaluations to decide which one of the Motorola Atrix or the Samsung Galaxy S2 will join my gadget list, in less than a month from now.

Phoney4Eye 6 years ago

I recently ditched sprint for iPhone 4 w AT&T and I have no probs. the sprint guy said all companies are getting iphone before years end.. so far verizon did so it maybe true. with 4g network I'm not empressed. I had it with sprint. it would only work in certain areas ( hardly any) and I didn't notice an increase in speed. iPhone 4 rules !

6 years ago

the "battle" between apple and android isn't so much of a battle as it is a difference in preference. some people prefer htc, some prefer apple, some prefer motorola...

don't hate. just present your opinions. your article came off a little juvenile and rude, instead of being well-informed.

Alex 6 years ago

wow 4G Network.

TechPorn 6 years ago

I love my iPhone 5. It is pretty cool and better that iPhone 4.

SmartGuy 6 years ago

Haha, u suck there are already three dual core android phones one of them even has 3D screen and 2 cameras at the back for 3D video capturing at 720p and 2D at 1080p!

The iPhone will never be better than android!

SmartGuy 6 years ago

Haha, u suck there are already three dual core android phones one of them even has 3D screen and 2 cameras at the back for 3D video capturing at 720p and 2D at 1080p!

The iPhone will never be better than android!

NailFace 6 years ago

Bla, bla, bla.... Android cant compete... You would buy a lump of coal at 3 times normal cost if there was an apple logo on it and they called it iCoal

Sam 6 years ago

I can't wait to buy iphone5. When is out.....

Riciu 6 years ago

Nice article...read this it will add some info to your post


Waygook 6 years ago

You sound very uninformed. Stop saying the new iPhone will run a 4G network. There are no 4G networks in the US for it to run on! Verizon's LTE network is just getting started. Other carries are years behind.

shamsul 6 years ago

Dual Core Processor? already done.

incorporating graphics card? already done

face recognition? already done

everything you just listed up there is already done.

and guess what? all those phones run on android.

try doing your research first you iphone slut. android owns. even WP7 owns iphone.

daFreak 6 years ago

I agree with shamsul ...i phone is garbage.

and btw im pretty sure its not gonna come with 64gb of memory...they barley have that for fullsize desktop power house computers

George  6 years ago

This article was written from a apple fan boy! I could see you must of gotten paid from apple because as most people don't know that IPhone 4 1ghz processor was created from samsung so where do you think the IPhone 5 chip would come from this time? Qualcomm, samsung, Nividia, Texas instrument who knows? Apple gets their hardware from different companies, apple is working on a 7.8 billion manufacture deal with samsung hmmm I wonder why?

Apple needs to change it's whole strategy, the company is under alot of pressure from android so this article is funny to me. I been through 3 generation of iPhones don't get me wrong they are ok but not the best! I have a iPhone 4 and a evo they both even out on my opinion and the new dual core on the iPhone 5 well android will have it too

Lina S 6 years ago


mima 6 years ago

i know apple will show us another surprising device with i phone5

Demium 6 years ago

I certainly hope the iphone 5 has more than what you described above. I mean the things you described above are nice, but are already available with one or the other manufacturer including dual core processors. If all it is going to have is the above mentioned list, then there is absolutely no point in waiting for the iphone 5. It will be just better to go get something else today which offers all of these features and will be much lighter on my budget.

Johnnyv  6 years ago

Att's gonna trap most existing customers if they upgrade their current iphones. Most people like myself have been lucky to have the (old unlimited data plans) instead of the new Data Pro Plans limited to 2Gb's. Now if you have the old plan your gonna have to upgrade to the NEW 4G internet plans!. So overall they're gonna raise the prices and on top of that also limit your usage. Think about it. If your using 3-4 GB's a month like me. If you have 4G that's gonna double since your gonna be able to do more on att's data. I think att's Gonna Turn a little too green.

philips 6 years ago

No android competition? All the new generation of android phones are the same as the iphone, whit the dual.core and all that stuff, why ppl talk s&%t without searching the real information (searcy galaxy s 2 for example

Mila 6 years ago

The reason people jailbreak there iphone was to make iphone break all the firewalls so that makes the iphone more flexible, it had non to do with AT&T network...

Veronica Beier 6 years ago

I am soooooooo looking forward to owning my very FIRST iPhone!!! I love my MacBookPro!!!! Apple is AWESOME!!!!

josh 6 years ago

$500? =(

Reasons Droid CAN compete with the iPhone 5 6 years ago

1. Android has had 4G for many months

2. Android already has dual-core

3. The LG Optimus 3D - the 3D phone to come with dual-core, dual-channel memory, and more.

4. Androids are a LOT cheaper

5. All the reasons someone jailbreaks an iDevice already are available on Android

6. Android has a variety of phones to select from

And finally, 7. Not everyone is a god damned Apple fag with their noses up Apple's asses waiting for the next thing to be released by their inconsiderate, closed monopoly.

Matz 6 years ago

if all those specs are really gonna be on the iphone, then i'll sure buy it 100%.... it's gonna be a kickass :D... thanks for the info :)

Zac 6 years ago

Settle down guys, it will be ages before the iPhone 5 comes out. I mean, they only just added Verizon as a carrier for iPhone 4, and the white iPhone 4 hasn't even been released yet!!

Jimbob 6 years ago

you are a douchebag! I am sure you have plenty of friends to talk to, thats why

You blog. I hope someone drops a hot steamy blog on your forehead!'Toolbag!

Thisisstupid 6 years ago

I own a iPhone 4 myself. And I love it, so do not even begin to call me an android fanboy, they both have their up sides. But as I won't mention the name, I run a tech blog myself, just for the sake of not starting a turf war, every single bit of what this girl is saying is speculation and I can almost 99% promise u that, the price for example $500? iPhone is either $199,299 on contract(16,32gb) and $599,$699 straight up so $500 is a stupid price and not accurate, as well there are already android phones dropping with dual core processors and as of yet iPhone has no reason to have one(even tho I believe it will myself) because it's software is about 2 years more mature than android, android already has 4g, and *cough* the EVO isn't even close to the best android phone available. As it currently stands morphine is releasing a phone this month that will have dual core nvidia tegra 2 processor, with each core running at 1ghz, same as the supposed new in iPhone 5, so to say it will be so much better is a longshot at beat. With all that said, I own both a android and a iPhone 4 and love iPhone for it's ease of use and overall fluidity, but I love android bc it has recently matures into a legitimate OS and can match anything the iPhone can, as well there are android phones on the market that can record 1080p video at 60fps, I could go on for days but I'll stop here. iPhone 5 will be a great phone but to say the best ever is dumb, at the rate smartphones are dropping these days there is a new champ almost daily, so it's a great phone, one of the best, but different strokes for different folks. I choose two strokes, android,and iOS

youranidiot 6 years ago

Like to see you teather your iphone without jailbreaking. android phones can do that out of the box, plus ever try and develop an iphone app? retarded apple thinks its a good idea to use their own brand of objective c, since everything over there has to be proprietary. Google atleast had the common sense to use java for android apps. but anyways you should probably consider reading a book, or go to school or something, because as it stands now your just embarrassing yourself.

Karan Mehta 6 years ago

Rocking review. I will wait for the iPhone 5 as I dont see any reason to go for the iPhone 4 now. iPad 2 seems to be launching as well in coming April. I would hope it comes at $500 price range. There are a lot of rumors around it, lets see what best can Apple give us with version 5.


WAAAA 6 years ago

damn i wish my mama would buy me an Iphone 5.


Rohit Roxy 6 years ago

Yes I love it............

thissite'sauthorisastupidbitchwhoneedstogetlaid 6 years ago

OK so she likes apple and its products but that doesn't that doesn't mean she has to bitch about android. If she hasn't noticed, THERE ARE ALREADY PHONES WITH DUAL CORE PROCESSORS(atrix 4g, droid bionic).

bleh 6 years ago

this sounds like a croc of shit, excuse my french. You are telling me that there its going to have dual core processor, be thinner (cannot see how battery would be bigger to hold more charge), and expect me to believe its battery life is going to run 7 hours of 4G network.Is going to be built basically indestructible This sounds like a dream phone, key word here "dream"

John Kissmyass 6 years ago

Obviously this is an intelligent woman writing this article and there's always a new iPhone out in the summer people . Sorry I'll even take my iPhone 3Gs over any android based phone and I'll take ATT over Verizon, ATT is way faster and I can talk and go online at the same time. Who's the chic who said metro pms is better than ATT? I think she played to many games of football without a helmet. Sorry honey but your delusional, I know several people that have metro, sure it's cheap but it's horrible.

Chris Robinson 6 years ago

The iPhone 5 on Verizon will also be able to surf the web while talking on the phone because of the 4g network, just like the HTC Thunderbolt will.

shepherd 6 years ago

I was just researching the latest phones (on a Samsung Captivate which I bought six months ago) and I happened to find this enlightening article. Sounds like some pretty lofty expectations, or a bunch of crap that doesn't matter and/or can't be proven. The cracks about the android phones is particularly interesting considering the current android phones don' have any trouble competing with the iphones in the categories of speed, ease of use, and capability. It's just another case of sheep following the herd. Also, my phone didn't cost $500, nor did it cost $200. It was $79.00. Now you can get one for $49.00 at Walmart. Did I mention it has a 1 ghz processor, built in navigation, and the storage is expandable to 48 gb. I didn't buy an iphone just because all my buddies were. I did some research and made the decision to but the Captivate after trying out it and the iphone. The iphone may be a good phone, but that's no reason to run down the android phones. Especially from the perspective of some teenage (only assuming) girl that hasn't owned one of the latest android phones. So just to recap, you can just follow the herd like sheep to a slaughterhouse and buy whatever Apple is selling or do a little research and make an educated decision.

Mohammed 6 years ago

"The new iPhone 5 is expected to have Face Recognition Security so that you don't have to worry about other people stealing your phone and trying to use it... That is, unless they steal your face too."

Does this mean I am the only one who can use the phone? What if I wanted to lend the phone to my wife or borther or whoever? Will it have to recognize all the faces? This is just one flaw that I can see with this...

joshua 6 years ago

i'm really expecting new iphone5 releasing soon. but if there is one thing i want it to be, it would be the size of screen it will have. the size all iphones have is not that small enough, but compare to galluxy2, it's so small unless apple changes that.

James 6 years ago


Chicagoan profile image

Chicagoan 6 years ago

I just got an Ipone4 and need to learn it first, don't need the latest and greatest yet.

Anonymous 6 years ago

some completely unfounded claims here, such as the storage capacity and facial recognition, and even 4G.

Also Android not only competes with, but mostly exceeds iOS

DeRon 6 years ago

its suppose to be a 1/3 size less then iPhone4

Lp 6 years ago

I might but an iPhone I have the new iPod touch 4g(this is what I am writing with just now)because my old Mobile Phone the LG cookie KP500 us quite slow any suggestions???

apple sux 6 years ago

who ever wrote this article is an idiot...apple is a great company and all but the htc thunderbolt will be out months before iphone 5 and will have twice the power and storage capability...not too mention a fraction of price...and face recognition? u really excited for that? I have it on my computer and it blows It is the worst security feature you can have...

chubacca 6 years ago

this iphone 4 is the best

speedbird profile image

speedbird 6 years ago from Nairobi, Kenya

For only 6 weeks and you are able to come up with an informative hub like this? this is really awesome and very encouraging. keep it up!

Richard Schroyer 6 years ago

Great article. I have a corporate Verizon account and was offered the iPhone 4 but after reading this. It is iPhone 5. Can not wait. I hope Apple has you on their payrol or atleast a bonus plan. lol

Tony 6 years ago

haha awesome hub, entertaining, unlike the other stupid articles i try to read on upcoming technology, thanks for the info! keep it up

mike 6 years ago

why don't you talk about the iphone 10:)) it will be awsome. it has no screen, the image is projected in your brain =))

THORPEY 6 years ago

Will the iphone 5 allow me to make calls like my HTC does?

Matt 6 years ago

Actually from what I heard, iPhone 5 will not have 4G. I have also found most who work at the Apple store, aren't very knowledgeable. Those who fix the products are but those who sell the products aren't.

The reason iOS is a better OS than Android is due to Google's open app policy and allowing any company to make an Android phone.

Allowing any company to make an Android phone means the updates are at the digression of the company on a per phone basis instead of Google having full say. This means most Android phones only get 1-2 updates for the lifetime of the phone with a lot of Android phones dying with the same OS that came with their phone.

Having an open app policy is bad because anyone is allowed to make an app even a trojan app if they feel like it because no one has to approve of the app first. So you have trojan apps, as well as buggy apps that are from developers who have no intent on polishing the app and destroying the bugs. Most companies who release both an Android and iOS version, the iOS version is almost always better.

It's kind of ironic. People got pissed off with iPhone being so closed sourced and Apple's iron grip on the market. But because they have to approve all the apps, developers are forced to make good apps or they won't make it into the app store.

Also being the only company making the iPhone, it means the iPhone will get 2 years worth of updates for the lifetime of the phone.

Android was a great alternative when iPhone was an AT&T exclusive but anyone buying it now over iPhone are just cheap people who want a poor man's version of an iPhone without the premium costs. (You can get a cheap service like T-Mobile with Android, you can't with iPhone).

It's Me Look 6 years ago

Thorpey said "Will the iphone 5 allow me to make calls like my HTC does?"

Erm, yeah, it's a phone innit, the clues in the name, iPHONE!!" - ffs

Rafael 6 years ago

I am the bigest supporter of Apple products in my home so excited for the iPhone 5. I currently have the iPhone 4 with AT&T and I hate there service they suck balls! I have a blackberry with verizon and it's sad to sat my blackberry is not 3G and it gets better service than AT&T's service on the iPhone! And I know it's not the phone! You better believe I'm gonna cancel AT&T when the iPhone 5 is released hopefully to verizon! Theft are the best carriers ever! Thank you for all the info!

iQwest profile image

iQwest 6 years ago from San Francisco, CA

Thank you for the Hub, ciaokatherine! It's amazing to me how Apple keeps finding a way to keep the hype surrounding their products going. Solid products that their consumer buyers love, no doubt helps! It will be interesting to see what surprises are in store for the iPhone 5. As with the response you've received on this Hub, there will be more than a few people patiently waiting to find out!

Tom 6 years ago

I love the iPhone 4 I just wish a could put one my songs as a ring tone

And Bluetooth pics and music

ina in CA 6 years ago

iPhone is by far one of the most awesome device ever created by technology.Expensive, but people (including me) are crazy so they spend so much money for it wether to show it off or just to feel good having one.

Nancy 6 years ago

I have the classic iPhone. Yeah, I know. It's high time I get a new one. I am waiting for a newer one (4G) to come out. Hoping the 'rumors' are true about iPhone 5 coming out. However, I was told that it would not be 4G, but 3G. I am curious, though. How were you able to obtain the info on what the new specs for iPhone 5 would be? From what I was told, AT&T does not have network to handle 4G. Their current network is good for 3G. Does anyone know more about this?

THORPEY 6 years ago

Sorry I should have made myself clearer. I 'had' an iphone 4 and I was unable to make calls on that... Will the iphone 5 allow me to make calls like my HTC does?

Jeffries from Saskatoon 6 years ago

Is there a way to short cut this ordering process? I want my phone now...! Price really isn't all that important...;-)

lender3212000 profile image

lender3212000 6 years ago from Beverly Hills, CA

Should be interesting to see exactly what this thing ends up looking like. I would probably upgrade if it had enough useful new features to make it worth the money.

sidk 6 years ago

I want the iphone 5 for sure...i hope it comes to verizon

sef 6 years ago

talk about a biased review...

Steve1010 6 years ago

Smaller and thiner than iPhone4? I wonder where Apple will install the antena on it's iPhone5 without causing bad reception as it did to the 4. Embeds it into your ass? Haha

ar 6 years ago

Android all the way people!

ozz123 6 years ago

I am definitly not looking forward to the iPhone 5. So what it has HD audio and face to face video chat, so does the EVO and the Windows phone. Come on guys, lets all not forget how destructive the iPhone 4 was...from the security trouble, to having to wear a silly cover over it to get any service. Unfortunatly I am not an apple nor At&t fan, but I will tell you one thing, the lesser phone would be *cough cough* (iphone poor)

2kūl4skūl 6 years ago

I have n opinion n thing and it threatens me when peeps differ n suff so I react w an anger response n I don't lik 2 type good cuz I'm a par of the txt gen and ur stoopid if u don't thnk tht ur opnin is my opnin is mine nd m? narcissism causez me 2 ramble pointlessly thnkng peeps will ak2alky rd ths nd stuff 4 real. C U at th mall bitches.

Wow that was actually fun.

Taylor 6 years ago

For all the dumbass anti iPhone users, why are you looking this up If you don't like the apple iPhone or don't think it's coming out soon? Apple messed up on iPhone 4. So they are releasing iPhone 5. And I'm guess there will be the white option. They are saving to release the white iPhone 4 to take place of the iPhone 3GS now. And another guess is that the 32g will be 199 w/ 2yearcontract and 64 for 299 w/2yearcontact like how it is for the iPhone 4 now. Sounds pretty realistic. So all you non iPhone users. Go f yourself. :)

Andrew 6 years ago

Even if you are going to buy an iphone 4 you should wait till 5 comes out so that iphone 4 will be cheaper.

Michelle 6 years ago

So what is the difference between the iphone 4 and 5? I have a 3 and was thinking about upgrading, may wait, or not... because the features sound the same of the 4 and 5.

Hellraiser 6 years ago

Wow sounds preaty cool......

I have the iphone 4 from verizon and is preaty cool thing i dont think ill get

The iphone 5 iam happyy with the 4th=)

Snowy 6 years ago

I have an iPod 4th Gen I am using to help me wait for the new iPhone. The one big drawback of Apple devices (I think) is the control of sound. A volume control + and - should be added in, as continually going into video or audio section to turn sound up and down is such a drag. Two buttons on the front for up and down volume would be great.

droid 6 years ago

I feed my droid x iphones for breakfast! You apple fans just lovehaving big brother telling you what you can and can't do! Android is gonna slaughter apple over and over again! So Fuck the faggy iphone ill use it as toilet paper

J.T. 6 years ago

I have an 64GB iPod Touch and an HTC Evo. You know what's cool? My rooted Evo has a wifi tether app that my iPod can use (over a 4G connection) to access the internet and I find it AWFULLY interesting that it seems to get things faster than anyone I know's iPhone 4.

An android phone and an iOS mp3 device? I enjoy the best of both worlds.

Ramona 6 years ago

HELP!! I need to learn some more. One thing no one talks about is hearing-aid capability. My sis loves her iPhone, but is very close to switching because she needs one that is hearing-aid compatible. Is the iPhone 5 going to be hearing-aid compatible?

shermaine 6 years ago

would love to get 1 iphone 5~!. can't wait any longer! yo!

Toby 6 years ago

Iphones are for the week, kind of like religion.

Ron S. Ron 6 years ago

what it's he smoking... I need some. Did you know you would be able to video chat in 3D with the iphone 6. I can't wait. You'll be able to teleport to the person your talking to with the iphone 7.

Did you know the Atrix is a dual core with an optional laptop dock.

Awesomo 6 years ago

You do know that the iPhone 4 already has a dual core processor right?

shabam 6 years ago

so, three generations down the line, when iphones are a whole four generations behind, you will be holding your brand new iphone 7 which will be as good as the LG Optimus 3D (MAYBE) but you will still be that douchey snooty guy who believes his piece of crap iphone is the greatest device ever gifted unto mankind.

And I, looking down on you as you squirm about in the muck of outdated technology and on AT&T's slowly dying network, I will continue to pity you then, as I do now.

menrod 6 years ago

well i hate to say it but... i will wait for the iphone 7 lmfao

Hhh 6 years ago

Remember when iphone 4 didn't come out? So many phones wer better than iphone 3. Then, iphone4 came, and kicked ass. Android is pretty good, and android's phones

leetut 6 years ago

brainwashed little girl alert!

Zeke 6 years ago

To damn expensive

Jay Karthik 6 years ago

I have got to upgrade from my 3GS. Can't wait for this to be released !

iphonehoney 6 years ago

Ohhh u bet your sweet ... Im gonna buy the iphone!!! P.S.

check out my name. lol

Alex .GK 6 years ago

Thanks for your sharing,hopefully the rear cover will become the plastic again

StewIreman 6 years ago

Well let's see I wonder what the press conference is going to look like when Steve Jobs gets up there is everything going to work. It is nice they gave up with the exclusive contract bullshit to AT&T. Now they just need to really work on the antenna crap and the flash stuff that should be their first priority.

Now on top of that what is in store for a new iPod touch are we going to see really any difference in that there is wondering. They have always seemed to amaze me with all this crud.

A. Venturina 6 years ago

I've had the iPhone 3g (since summer of 2008) and was good about taking care of it. Since then, I've seen the 3gs and the 4 come out, but am trying my hardest to hold off until iPhone on the 4G network comes out. Heck, I have even replaced the cracked white back cover with a brand new black cover in hopes that the new iPhone comes out this summer...

MikLov107 6 years ago

What's the point with a phone that goes on the Internet when you can't use Flash ??

I have an iPhone 3Gs wich is a really good phone but Internet is limited due to Flash restrictions.

Also getting tired off paying over the odds for music from thieving iTunes

Steve Robs 6 years ago

Iphone 4 is pure rubbish google ten reasons the iphone 4 is rubbish.An absolute steaming pile of horse manure!.Do not waste your hard earned cash on this junk.Go for android phone at least you can decide which apps you want to install like third party apps also you can stop them from accessing the internet running up your internet bills! unlike apples iphone you have complete freedom.You do not OWN your phone apple does.

craizypraizy 6 years ago

I think it's gunna be a really cool phone and all, but that's just a little too much for me. On top of that, I like to have a different phone than everyone else... I just got an iPod 4 and thats as good as it's getting for me !! But I have to admit my friend Lexi has an iPhoe and I love it so...

capt. realism 6 years ago

Firstly, newer comments should be at the top! Secondly forget about the iphone5. All you have heard is peoples wet dreams about a magical phone that cannot possibly exist yet, especially for that price let alone the battery life expectancy. Come on people, wake up! If you want a very nice super fast user friendly phone then get the HTC hd7. It already has most of what you boast!

pooja 6 years ago

i like my Iphone 4 n now i want to see iphone5 hope it will come soon

johnny greeko 6 years ago

ciao katherine, you seem to behind,

1. samsung already has the dual core (march 2011)

2. samsung has super AMOLED SCREEN 4.3 inches

3. samsung's galaxy 2 version also will be slimmer then the iphone 5.

4. then you have motorolla atrix, i can go on,

5 android smart phones have taken over the iphone.

24 % in sales to be exact.

iphones are kinda okay :/ 6 years ago

apparantly there are iphones that are a third of the size... :/

thats pretty small.

Dontgetit 6 years ago

What I don't get is if the Android fanboys think their phones are so great then why are they reading articles and posting comments about iPhones??? No life????? The openess of the OS truly is a stupid argument....IT's A FUCKING PHONE!!!!! If you have nothing better to do then give every alert a different sound then you need to get a life!!! HDMI on a phone is like putting tits on a bull....fucking useless. Oh and I love the talk about iPhone being behind the times....remember the new iPhone comes out once a year, a new android comes out every week or so. At least with an iPhone my phone us current for a year. With android a month after you buy it your phone is outdated!!!!!

Remember you know you're on top when everyone is trying to knock you down.

Frank 6 years ago

I love my iPhone 4 and the ONLY thing I'm a bit unhappy about is the non-expandable storage.

I have 28 days of music in iTunes and it's all on my Iphone but I want more... more.... more.. STORAGE. I don't want to transfer vids and pix off the fone (other than for back-up) I want them all at my finger-tips. I want more storage..more..more..more.

My IP4 works just fine, the camera works, the folders works, I don't care about vid conferencing.. I just want more storage and... better battery life... more..more ...more... :-)


wait, wait, wait... 500$$ are you freakin retarded?

Anonymous 6 years ago

I would like to disagree with some of ur speculation apple is acctually trying to minimize the size of the iPhone therefore it will cost less and it will only have small amounts of memory because onboard memory will no longer be necessary and it will cost under 500dllrs.

Marysunshyne 6 years ago

You people are soooo obsesed with these phones! I say as long as you can talk and text your fine. I mean look at me... I have a crappy lg view and have had it for 3 years now. Really people though get a life.

Anonymous 6 years ago

This is dumb. I bet less than half of the predictions made here are true.

Dee 6 years ago

I bought the 1st gen iPhone, then felt betrayed by the Lowered price and the weak 100 credit they offered the people who bought it when it went on sale. Those who bought the phone later got a 200 dollar credit. So I skipped the iPhone 3 & 3GS. Bought the iPhone 4. Will probably skip the iPhone 5 cuz they will come out with something better. Just like the iPad, thought about buying one, now they will be coming out with the iPad 2. Glad I did not buy the first iPad.

queenie 6 years ago

Hi, anyone know when the Iphone 5 will launch in Asia - Malaysia?

I planning to get iphone 4, but after reading blog & web, i not have to decide again whether to get iphone 4 or not...

h8er 6 years ago

i think the sales people just wanted in your pants... face recog. security while cool in thought... even if it had it theres going to be away to place it in recovery mode and bypass it as in ALL OF THE PREVIOUS PHONES.... and the "dual core" running on a 4g network well people wait at least 5mo b4 you buy.... (4g isnt really 4g yet...)

Phone tech 6 years ago

I'm sry but you know nothing about iphone.

iPhones suck. They dont stand a chance vs any android Idc what they put in the iPhone 5.

And second break resistant and scratch resistant screen? Um what did they make it out of? Diamonds? Ha your so gullible.

Okay third 64G isn't going to hold all your computers memory.

Fourth duel cores have been in phones for a while so nothing new.

And finally AT&Ts network is perfectly fine and is the best and I can prove that all day.

And verizons little chart of AT&Ts service is a lie. Because if it was true then y did anyone get the iPhone. Point proven.

The resion people jailbreak the iPhone is because they suck and they want to make the as close to an android as possible. Not because of the AT&T network.

Joe 6 years ago

This is why I hate blogs most of the info here is simply speculation and incorrect not to mention biased. The iPhone 5 will not be 500 on contract, no it hasn't been confirmed that iPhone 5 will be 4G on verizon, and the iPhone 5 will not have any capabilities that a similarly priced android phone would not also have. Do have any knowledge of cell phones or are you just an apple fan?

The Sandman 6 years ago

I'm an iPhone user and a cell phone sales consultant (I work with almost every carrier). I have to say, I was all about the iPhone 5 rumors, until I got my hands on the Motorola Atrix 4G today..

Check that phone out, talk about suh-weet. Also, a huge cause of jail broken iPhones isn't just on AT&Ts head, but also Apple. They are a more regulated and restricted brand of app market than when it comes to say Android or even the newly emerged Windows Zune market. iPhone rocks, but one often gets tired with the stingy and pricey Apple way of doing things. I mean, c'mon.. Angry Birds IS free on Android.

I can't deny my love for the iPhone though, it was my introduction to the smart phone world and I'm not quite sure I can fully separate from it, but man, that Atrix is slick :P

Anon 6 years ago

How reliable is your source?

VzLvR 6 years ago

Iphone 4 was nice although Apple products seem to be more of a fad now a days. 3 phones coming to Verizon this year that'll stomp Iphone are (1) HTC Thunderbolt, (2) LG Revolution, (3) Droid Bionic. These are all scheduled to be released this year although Motorola's Bionic is the only dual core out of the three. 2011 is the year for Android!

The Sandman 6 years ago

Vz that's no joke. The Atrix is releasing in a week or two and it's Dual Core. I've experienced the speed, it's amazing. I wasn't big on Android until recently, they are definitely sweeping in for the kill shot ha.

Or maybe Windows will be the sleeping giant in the cell phone world?

Taylor 6 years ago

IPhones rule, droids drool. FUCK OFF ANDROID LOVERS. No one cares what you have to say. Just cuz you can't afford a awesome phone from apple doesn't mean you need to judge everything bad about the iphones. Droids phones are dumb, apple iPhone is easy to use, jailbreak and better quality.

Alvaro  6 years ago

Sadly I won't be buying an iPhone 5 as I went to Verizon as soon as they got the iPhone. I had to do it I had to get the unlimited data plan that they had who's to say they stop this plan shortly before the iPhone 5 would be released. I just couldn't take that chance & besides I always upgrade every third generation (I had the original, skipped the 3G, skipped the 3GS & got the iPhone 4) so at this rate I'll skip iPhones 5 & 6 & get 7 hopefully by that point I'll be able to tell my iPhone 7 to get the groceries, walk the dog, do my laundry & fight with my girlfriend for me lol.

Yousa 6 years ago

Not to be too picky because not everyone is as technically inclined, but it always makes me chuckle when you see these supposed "geek" writers gets some simple things incorrect like pluralizing "Dual Core ProcessorS", whoa, iPhone5 is not only going to multi-cores but multi-processors too?! And the use of the phrase "Graphics Chip Cards", and thinking that the graphics processor onboard will help with still images? I say just continue with your regurgitated predictions and leave the real tech talk to those who actually know what they mean!

william 6 years ago

i amgree with yousa. you need to go learn a thing or two. android isnt just great because the power. but the use of the ram and the ability to integrate so easy with many devices across any platform. woohoo apple made 100 percent there own phone. who cares. my mytouch 4g runs circles around any iphone. oc'd to 1.7 ghz 768 mb ram and expandable up to 64 gigs hd. and has a better camera. and i have an app or could make one if i want to recognize my face to secure my phone. all that plus usability and the ability to freely develop apps and explore my phone with out apples finger in my ass is pretty amazing

wilfredo madrid 6 years ago

i have iphone 3g is ok but soon my brithday then my dad give me iphone 4g really wow cool!!! again iphone 5g but i try see tpye. support att thann all internet

CJ 6 years ago

With the iPhone 5 release imminent, there is one slight issue for us UK users, no 4G network! I believe it is being auctioned off to the telecom networks in 2012/3.

I got the 3G S when O2 launched it, the phone is great, the network, rubbish, well, its okay if you live near a town or city. In rural Wales, forget it! -And I was sold the Phone on that network because O2 said I would have coverage where I lived... -doh!

It will be a nice bit of kit. Don't forget the RF Chip which will allow the phone to act as a payment card! (New Debit/Credit cards have such technologies).

Now, where's the concept of a receipt that can be transmitted via WiFi or bluetooth? - That would make things a lot cleaner/quicker.

Gm Adel 6 years ago

Nice one (Anyone seen Face Off?) LOL

Larger screen would be great

Bob 6 years ago

Thank you so much for this... It's helped a ton! I'm defiantly getting the iPhone 5!!!

pat 6 years ago

it is so super obvious that you and your "review" is a fake and nothing but advertisement.

Elizabeth 6 years ago

This is great! I've been searching for stuff on the iPhone 5 and this took every webpage i've looked at, (AND MORE!) and compiled it into one! I'm definitly going to wait and get the iPhone 5 when it comes out!

illogical 6 years ago

Google has failed me at yet another pointless reading. OMG dual core and 4g?!?!

see tegra 2 and one of many 4g phones out. Nothing ground breaking here. This phone is being released so it doesn't get left behind in the 3g era. Which is a good decision imo, but its not much more then that.

Dont get me wrong, iphone's are good phones. They aren't godly tho.

Paul 6 years ago

quote "anyone who says Android based cell phones are going to be able to compete with the new iPhone 5 are completely delirious. They won't even come close to the capabilities offered by the new iPhone when it comes out."

Apple Fanboi/Fangrrl per chance?

Each manufacturer is trying to leapfrog over each other (e.g. iPad vs Xoom etc). Also please consider that iPhone is a hardware platform; iOS is the software that runs it. Android is also the OS, not the hardware, so for example Moto could come along with an equiv chipset and put Android on it (with some updates to the OS required I'm sure) and we're back to where we are today.

I think it's really exciting to see all these players trying to get the market lead, but i would also hope for subjective writing, not biased comments which make me think you're one of those that subscribe to the Church of Apple - and affects my perception of your credibility, know what i mean?

JP 6 years ago

People always give too much attention on cell phone hardware specs. Most of people think that larger RAM size, more megapixel camera, higher bandwidth, etc will give more power therefore thinking that the device is superior than other devices. In my opinion, OS which runs on a device is just as important (if not more) as the device itself. iOS is by far most intuitive OS to use and it is very scalable OS. What Apple has done to iphone and iOS is truly amazing. I am very technical person and more and more I use iOS and Snow Leopard on a Mac, I come to appreciate UI design and integration that come with them. Those are something that Android and other smart phones will have tough time to catch up to.

Can't get back my 5 minutes 6 years ago

I just wasted 5 minutes of my life reading your drivel. You obviously don't know what you're talking about and just wanted to get some attention. In fact, I'm ashamed that I'm spending even more time writing this comment. I assure you and everyone though, this is one blog/site I will never visit again!

Graham 6 years ago

This 'review' was hilarious, thank you for making me laugh.

I've heard that Android may have a teleportation app and t'ings which will make it the bestest.

...and I don't even use Android.

Amy 6 years ago

Thanks...I am with Verizon and was debating on going ahead and getting the iPhone 4 or waiting for the iPhone 5....your article helped me decide....Im waiting...Thanks again....

Treadmill Traci 6 years ago

Lol nice review. I think all verizon customers should wait for the iphone 5!

jeax4 6 years ago

what ru people talking about the atrix will easily beat the iphone 1-5

Nick 6 years ago

Alright guys, this is author is clearly an idiot.

I'll be the first to admit that I have an Ipod, and that I think Apple is a great company with very cool products. That being said, I will be purchasing a Droid Bionic this summer when my contract with verizon is available for an upgrade. Why? its just personal preference, based on research i've done about the droid bionic and through rumor sites like this.

So thats all well and good, but then I read this article, and i cant help but think, "WOW, I didnt know that holding an ipone to your ear for too long could make you stupid."

Seriously, This whole "Android wont come close" crap is ridiculous.

1. any facial scanning software on the iphone is guaranteed garbage, We're just not there yet with the technology guys sorry.

2. 4g video chat, yep, the droid bionic will have that when it gets released

3. A shiny black piece? what are you four?

4. There is no such thing as a shatter and scratch resistant screen, it just doesnt exist, you sound idiotic

5. Having built in memory is fine, the droid bionic will have the ability to put in micro sd cards for far greater memory possibilities.

6. Longer battery life? 14 hours is not a long time, its sad that you think that's good. Also, you don't have girlfriends, you might have one apple fan girl like yourself who is lesbian.

7.HD audio- Intel's idea, and n oone will notice

8. GPS? my LG dare from 2008 can do that easily, and I know for a fact that blackberries and other smartphones could long before that.

I'm not saying the Iphone is gonna be bad, i'm sure it'll be nice and sleek, but really, if you want to make an informed decision wait for real details then decide, this article is clearly garbage.

MICHELE 6 years ago


CP 6 years ago

I think it is worth waiting!

Mike 6 years ago

Who cares about the iphone? Just an over priced phone. It is not going to be as revolutionary as you think. the Motorola Bionic is coming out in June and that has a dual-core processor as well. Who wants to deal with Apple's proprietary crap anyways?

stinkypotatos 6 years ago

You guys realize this is a joke right?

Delerious 6 years ago

I'm waiting for the iPhone titanium X, coming out apparently late 2012

BubbaD 6 years ago

Apple will be changing manufacturers so the iPhone 5 will be $200 at the most

22B 6 years ago

I think the only delirious one here is you. How could you say that the iPhone 5 is going to be the superior phone? As if it was going to be the one phone to rule them all. I know that it won't even stand a chance with the Thunderbolt. The iPhone 5 is moste likely going to be another crapy phone running on 3G. Don't tell all these people it's going to perform all these miraculous features, when it's not. That's why I'm done with iPhones and plan to move on to big boy phones.

One more thing how do you want to say something so smug like that about the Evo. Yeah it has crappy "Sprint" service, but compared to the iPhone 4. Actually no you can't compare the two because the iPhone 4 is a joke. Another thing is that the Android based phones are always more mature and serious then these cartoony iOS supported iPhones.

P.S. I'm using AT&T, and the service works great I don't know what your talking

about. I just can't wait for the HTC THUNDERBOLT, to set me free from this god awful iPhone.

Ugh 6 years ago

I knew to be skeptical when reading this, because the FACT is only select Apple employees know what you're only guessing. Which brings me to the question: Where are you getting this information from, exactly? I see no references to any sources whatsoever. No "according to's" or "citing from's." The rest of the zombies reading this who are drooling at the article... well, there are coarse words for them - the same folks who would pool their money together to buy the Golden Gate Bridge from a homeless freak from SF.

BubbaD 6 years ago

Lol your waiting on a phone with a kickstand to set you free.... hahaha

Trollolol 6 years ago

I've been waiting for iPhone 7 for years, I'm going to keep waiting because it will be so much more powerful than your iphone 5. screw phones from other companies, they're not an option !!!!

EVO Owner 6 years ago

Wow, IPhone owners are a different breed I guess. This page is a joke first of all, second the Iphone 5 would already be behind the curve with the specs that are mentioned when it is released. All other manufacturers that build "Android" phones will have the dual processors and indestructible cases. On top of that, 4g phones have been out for quite some time now.

You need to read up on the history of Apple, they always set themselves up for failure. Just look at the desktops, Windows corners the market because of Apple's control over "their" products.

Schmeegz 6 years ago

I know for a fact that the iPhone 5 will be out this summer for verizon. And yes it will be 4G. Also you can surf and talk at the same time on it. Most likely data plans will increase in price. The thunderbolt will offer skype however that is actually an older software than FaceTime which the iPhone uses.

kt 6 years ago

I use iphone 4 and i am not very satisfied with the features. I have been using iphone since fisrt gen. Honestly I use iphone only because i like the safari which is like computer like browser not like mobile. iphone doesn't have many features other simple phone has. I will point out one, something like file transfer. Suppose you want to transfer your contacts to your gps unit you cannot. There has been several apps come out by 3rd party which works with trouble. I used one of those first gen sony ericsson before iphone came out and file transfer worked flawlessly. I think many ppl use Iphone because of it's design and finishing but not featuures. Marketing plays a role too. Not to offend the iphone lovers, but i would say there are lots of phones out there that not too many ppl know.

michael 6 years ago

when will the iphone be out

Yeah 6 years ago

First of all there is nothing new on the iPhone 5 that android phones don't already have. The iPhone is a phone for followers. It has almost zero personalization and customization compared to android phones. Disspite what people say about the speed of the iPhones, android phones have always been faster and will always be faster. If one of this iPhone lovers would just do alittle research on other phones they would find all this out. Can't believe somebody thinks that apple is ahead of android in anything. Ever heard of widgets apple? Live wallpaper? Swype? I could go on. Apple hasn't been ahead of the curve since pinch to zoom on the first iPhone. Just been the same thing repeated since. Didnt even do video till the 3GS. The iPhone 5 will be no different. So please iphoners. Get your heads out of you a$$e$.

trollbro 6 years ago

me too i want an iphone 7 OHHHHH

iphone hater 6 years ago

See definition of iphone haters at urbandictionary.com

JS 6 years ago

There is no confirmation that there is going to even BE and iPhone 5 this summer first of all.

Secondly, this whole post makes no sense. Sprint and T-mobile are not even getting the iPhone. AT&T is the BEST network!

You do not know what you are talking about, sorry.

Aziz hamouda  6 years ago

I have been using iPhone since it has been on offer by 02 network. In my opinion iPhone is the best mobile handset in the world easy to use and has so many useful features. I have I phone 3GS 32g, and was thinking of replacing it by iPhone 4, but I guess I'll stick to it for now and wait for iPhone 5 if it is going to be released in a year.

DinoMite2008 6 years ago

will it also cook and f**k my wife in the same time?

FunkyMonkey 6 years ago

The phone might not but I can f**k her for you

dave 6 years ago

No i will not be buying an iphone when it comes out. i still use a flipphone.

sam 6 years ago

I'm guessing you people mean 3,5G?? my nokia E72 even has this :D and ur sH*tty apple doesn't??

The iphone is a great phone, but apple is just being dumb not to include flash... and the ability to connect to other brands..

Naufal Shafique 6 years ago

Any idea on the CAMERA DETAILS?? As in how many megapixels does the iphone 5 contain and about its zoom (optical/didgital) and its flash??

Petree 6 years ago

this is looking like the best phone ever!!!

tyke 6 years ago

all those super new features and performance enhancing chips etc. but the iphone5 will be just like my iphone 4 it will fail to do all the simple things, even my daughter 10 phone can do.

bluetooth pictures t any other phone

delete a single call from the call log without deleting the whole log

transfer a video to the computer

+ many many more

but apple will continue to ignore and this little minor details and continue to add crap that isn't needed.

don't get me wrong I love the phone but apple do all the advanced features well and ignore all the simple details that everyone takes for granted on other pjones

cr0sses profile image

cr0sses 6 years ago from California

Funny you made this article I have just finished my site on the iphone 5 review, I will definatly be buying it when it comes out I was soo close to buying the iPhone 4 but got put off when rumours started flying anyhow check out my review blog see what you think http://theiphone5review.com They need to release some pictures of it at least! or a few features for us all to see at the moment its all speculation we don't even know if they are bringing one out or not or if it is caleld the iPhone 5! Awwww I want to know so badly... :(

Drew 6 years ago

64G of memory. That's bullshit.

ABHISHEK MORE 6 years ago

I'll buy iphone 5, if it cost me below $300 only.

Fred 6 years ago

I want iPhone 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cathy 6 years ago

*sigh* I don't really care about all the tech stuff!!

I want a white one


hehehe... Care about it a little bit though. I don't want a white 4, if the 5 is coming.

Ma-Suade 6 years ago

Im waiting for the iphone 7, its going to have an i7 processor, 8 jiggawatts of memory, and a 50 tetrabyte harddrive. Main reason im waiting though is because SUPPOSEDLY it can also travel through time. If this is accurate you could potentially buy it in the future and travel back in time to give it to yourself now...ergo you would then be the first person with the Iphone 7, years before its actual launch!

profile image

Flockofsheep 6 years ago

Wow this guy who wrote this article must be an Apple insider! Oh wait if anyone paid any attention to the article besides just picking out key words such "iPhone5" then you missed how he obtained this information that he asked someone who works at an apple store! All of is claims at this point are just rumors, and as Steve Jobs knows rumors start tumors which is leading him to his grave. People who work at Apple stores have no inside information because Apple likes to keep its products in development as secretive as possible. You as how I know this? Because I have a friend who started up a tech company that develops apps for Apple and noticed a new device being tested at Apple that didn't have device name, just an ID number and were the first outsiders to break the news that the iPad was developed and being tested for release.

So with that said you sheep should just get an Android phone where you can actually watch flash videos, have more options to personalize your phone, and to get an actual life besides waiting to see what version of the next iPhone are coming out iPad, which by the way are the same devices that really haven't changed much and all look the same!!!!!!!!!!!!

Arturo rios 6 years ago

I am not an apple fan but I do like their products, specially the longevity of them. (imacs,macs, ipods and Iphone)

Brad 6 years ago

iPhone sucks. I have used it, Androids, Blackberry and Palms for years and the Android is the way to go. I have the Evo right now and love it. iPhone 4 can't even come close. The iPhone 4 may be more powerful but there is already a duel core phone the Motorola Atrix which is out now and can do everything your saying the new iPhone 5 can do already. Apple is way to proprietary and they give you no options to customize your phone. Go Android!

Toffy 6 years ago

The iPhone 4 wasn't groundbreaking for crap. It was such a disappointment. The motorola droid and droid x blew it the eff out of the water. To me, the iPhone 5 is the chance for redemption. I hope I'm not disappointed again..

John 6 years ago

If all stated above is true, it is likely I will buy an iPhone 5. However, that ultimately depends on what is available on the Android platform when I'm ready to make my purchase in January of 2012. I'm an Apple fan; I have 3 iPods, 2 Apple TVs, and a MacBook. However, my phone is a HTC Incredible, and your statement about Android phones is completely unfounded. More specifically, the Motorola Bionic will have the ability to do all you mentioned above, with the exception of facial recognition (dual-core processor and 4G included). Hence, I am not delirious; you are overly-dramatic, misinformed, or both.

Steve Jobs 6 years ago

You shall all bow down to me and pray for I am god. Mentioning any other competitor to Apple will get you a punishment of double castration.

Your god


Sent from my iPhone

aaron 6 years ago

umm well your wrong about the 4g. apple themselves said they will not go 4g for atleast 2 years when the 4g chips are smaller because they dont want to compromise the design or encrease the size. overall good but some of the features sound more like wants then actual rumers, ive been waiting for the iphone5 and researched everything i could and never have seen some of this

lerd 6 years ago

I am totally getting the iphone yeah i am so happy

Richard 6 years ago

Lol, Ground breaking eh? The So far the iphone 5 is bringing nothing new to the table. Everything else is being done by everyone else now. They better up the ante.

Steve Jobs 6 years ago

Richard double castration for you!!!

Sent from my iPhone

Clem Jebbs 6 years ago

iphone 5 another way that apple is going to make millions off of selling crap

chelseaa 6 years ago


chelseaa 6 years ago

/Users/namdar/Desktop/iphone-5.jpg you want the iphone 5...thiss is how awesome it iss

Ariel( Iam a man) 6 years ago

Well in first I would like to thank yo Kath, I have been I great fan of iPhone for a while.

You short Article was a blow for me cz it made even more excited to get the vomit iPhone.

I didn't know that the iPhone 5 will come up with such awesome features, really Ty for your effort but don't take me wrong but your the type of girl I would love to go out. Ty and keep us update with more about it

smashly 6 years ago

Do you know if the iphone5 be available with an iphone upgrade? or will you have to pay the full price???

Ya 6 years ago

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay,awesome ,that's so great

Asshole 6 years ago

When is the iPhone 5 coming out

LJC 6 years ago

Have used cell phones for over 25 years and I like iphones. Why I switched to an HTC Desire Z Android after 4 years with an iphone: I could not read 80% of my needed websites that are supported by Adobe Flash, or 50% of pictures sent by e-mail. Also, when travelling internationally, could not use any Apple gift cards purchased and could not return them either. I.E. if your phone is registered in the US and you travel to UK or Canada. The proprietary licensing by Apple, per area, is about as annoying as not being able to read websites or pictures because Apple and Adobe can not seem to strike a deal. Sad state of affairs. Love my HTC - no issues and tons of apps too. Wake up Apple.

ColtX 6 years ago

If what you say is true, the iPhone 5 will not be coming to any carrier other than Verizon. If you research the American mobile networks, T-mobile, sprint and AT&T are no where near 4G speeds, regardless of advertising. Even Verizon is not technically 4G by FCC standards. Also, the iPhones have been coming with GPS preinstalled, but only set to work with preloaded Google Maps unless the end user jailbreaks the device for third party apps. Additionally, there is no way the iPhone 5 will have 64 GB of memory. the iPhone 4 has 512mb, the 3G had 256mb, and the original iPhone had a mere 128mb. Following that trend, having 64 GB is a long shot. even 4GB is a stretch for any mobile handset manufacturer, including apple.

Don't get me wrong, i love a rumor as much as anyone, but please sight your sources or at least authenticate your details. Otherwise these seem like fabrications.

UNKNOWN 6 years ago

hahahah ur stupid.....att network has nothing 2 do with jailbreakin...its apple not knowin how to make decent firewalls....att network problems is more with unlockin the phone not JIALBREAKIN so idk where u got that from and att doesnt have internet problems 10x better than verizons internet.....and my friend has a evo...amazin phone but jailbroken iphone is stil 100000000x better:)

yourstupid 6 years ago

Finding an exploit (flaw in code) which runs at the root level in order to execute unsigned code or dump you into a root shell is how it's acquired. You clearly don't know what a firewall is, or that network problems are completely unrelated to jailbreaking. You need to go to school, you made a fool out of yourself.

christian 6 years ago

that was a crap read

random rant--pull it

BG 6 years ago

Free social networking site: www.socialbugg.com


Apple always releases a new iPhone every late spring/early summer. I love Apple's OS. Very simple and intuitive. I actually like the 3gs feel better then the 4. Hoping for newer hardware and a bigger screen of 4".

Want reliable technology information? Check out Engadget and Slashgear websites!


justin 6 years ago

just to point out some of the points that are being made in this article mainly in the expected feature section video chat on 4g wait thats right that something android has already had for oh wait almost a year now and saying that video chat is on 4g not 3g iphone 4 only runs on wifi for video chat at android runs on 4g or wifi 3g isnt even in the equation anywhere when it comes to video chat not to mention the thunderbolt is video chat with skype so you can talk to anyone anywhere in the world while on 4g or wifi not only apple customers like the iphone and a dual core processor android has already shown phones with that and that doesnt mean anything the thunderbolt has the highest ratings in multiple speed test of any phone to come out in the us including those with dual core that have not come out yet the fact is that iphone has fallen behind the curve and cant keep up anymore the iphone 4 which was really the first model since the original to have a significant difference from the prior model has already out of date and people who still want them just because the have the name iphone on them and think that the steve jobs is the second coming

Magnus 6 years ago

Awesome research! Can't wait to buy it!

..when we get it in sweden.. :P

Pete 6 years ago

"The lowest model will come with 32G of space and 64G of memory" - seriously? I agree with the first quoted spec, but 64GB of memory would make it a freaking Cray or something! :-p

Tech God profile image

Tech God 6 years ago

Thanks for stealing this information from Clandestine


crystolite profile image

crystolite 6 years ago from Houston TX

I like iPhone and i also believe that this iPhone5 will be cheaper and stronger than other iPhone

Vin 6 years ago

What about software updates? If the past has anything to go by iPhone 5 may be the last iPhone! (5 generations) Will Apple continue to release the updates???

ahmed 6 years ago

i want an i phone 4

Jeen 6 years ago

I will surely get one....

by the way mostly test apple products free and learn how from:


Acatese 6 years ago

what will it cost with a 2 year plan????? $500.00 way too much with all the competition.........

JMAN 6 years ago

REALLY PEOPLE THE IPHONE 5? What is so big about iphones anyway?m My girl has the 4 and she can't stand it. The things people do with a cell phone is just gettin to far outta hand this day and age. NO WOUNDER YOU YOUNG KIDS ARE AS DUMB AS YOU ARE...you spend to much time on your cell phones.

Jardine 6 years ago

I hate all the crappy comments about iPhone's from 'android' users OMG google designed it a search engine??? not a multi million dollar computer company, the only reason people buy android phones and put iPhones down is that they cant afford one!!! haha losers.

FeyaXstnica 6 years ago

I will get an iPhone. It has to be with T-Mobile, however. I'm not gonna go to AT&T (God forbid!) or Verizon just to get an iPhone. As soon as T-Mobile starts crying the iPhone, I am totally getting one.

Master 6 years ago

The iPhone 5 all hype. The original iPhone was ground breaking, ill give u that. But, Android phones have all these capabilities and the ability to grow exponentially. I just got the evo shift from Sprint and it blows iPhones out of the water. came stock with 800mhz processor which was easily overclocked to 1.8ghz. Stable. There is no way I would ever buy an iPhone. Modding is easier. Importing is easier. The only thing from Apple I like is the ipod. And honestly I can do everything the ipod does on my Android phone. Even syncs with itunes wirelessly over my home network. Push a button and done. This isn't about hating. It's about facts. And the fact is the iPhone will be playing catch-up to Android unless they change their OS and allow easy customizing. I've jailbroken many iphones and rooted many Android phones and it takes less than half the time to root an Android phone as it takes to jailbreak an iPhone. Just facts folks. Don't get all butt-hurt cause your fad is fading. Apple is good for music production and the ipod. That's it.

iphone 5 6 years ago

I think that iPhone 5 is gonna be one of the most amazing gadgets of 2011 and 2012. With new innovations in technology and the things expected to come in the new iphone, it will surely change the way people look at phones and use it.

Hd 6 years ago

That's not a review.... Just some love letter of an Apple freak.... I don't like iPhones fir many reasons.... Non one has the right to control what apps and software I install on my machine... I want to increase the memory all i want, not be limited to 16 or 32... My Nokia N8 has a cam of 12 Mp, built-in memory of 32 Gb and a miniSD card of 32 Gb and and I visit sites that run flash no matter what the Apple ppl think... I am Android all the way. What would be fun us hacking the iPhone 5 and run Android on it :)

annonymouse 6 years ago

That was a completely partial review. Clearly you've allowed Apple's brainwashing to overcome you. simple girl.

Justin 6 years ago

If you honestly think Apple has ever offered anything "groundbreaking" since the iPod, I already know your too dumb to write a legitabite reviw of an iPhone5. I'm not a fan of any one company but [like ammo] I go for whomever offers the best bang for buck. Apple has been behind in almost every way since even the first iPhone came out. They release hardware that is overspecd and behind the times everytime. 5mp camera on the iphone4 is hardly anything to brag about OP. ONLY thing I would tip the hat to with apple is the screens. Whoever is developing their screens is top notch. Everything else is old news. Everytime apple has come out with a new product, my current phone at the time which is usually a year old by then has smashed it in every technical aspect except the screen. iphone5 will be no different i suspect.

NYDiesel 6 years ago

The iPhone hasn't revolutionized anything since the 3G, The dual core processors will be on HTC and Motorola very soon. And ios will be the same icon only based UI controlled by people who will tell you what you can do with the phone. I don't hate the iphone, but really? By the time the iphone 5 comes out, the technology will already be implemented months before by the same phone maker you are bashing (HTC). And talking about iphone technology doesn't make you a uber geek, they are so simple my grandmother can use them. Love your iphone just don't bash other technology without some good facts. The HTC Evo is old and still burns iphones, and you don'y have to use a bumper to make a call :/

NYDiesel 6 years ago

@Jardine, Do you know anything about computers and technology? Android is compiled from Linux, Google is a multi-million dollar software company, not just a search engine. They just programed it. BTW, Apple designed all their Operating Systems on Unix. They even had to borrow names from cisco systems (ios, iphone). I think windows owns them in computing market share.

Mr.T 6 years ago

this was very disappointing. i came hoping to learn more about the iphone 5 not have some girl drool over it. in stead of just saying something is superior, how about offering actual tech specs that compare to those of android phones. I thought about getting an iphone but you just made me realize that iphones are for girls who are tech illiterate, and that's fine. but the whole reason so many people dont like the iphone is it's lack of freedom and options. yes, sometimes simple is better but in terms of a someone who's looking for a phone to personalize and truly make their own, the iphone is not where it's at. There are plenty of other phones that are just as powerful, easy to use and more efficient with power using the android OS. There are a lot of very bad ones as well, it doesnt hurt to do a little bit of research. Everything is pretty much on the internet these days. You cant go wrong with a phone from samsung, and why do i bring up samsung? Because its samsung that makes the chips for your beloved iphone, but hey what do i know. i'm just another anonymous user, scouring for information.

Daynielle 6 years ago

Unfortunately, Telling people to wait for the 5 is kind of silly considering Verizon is not yet contracted for any future iPhones. There chances of getting the iPhone 5 are all riding on the sales of the iPhone 4. I had to flip out on Verizon because miraculously when I was going to upgrade to an iPhone my upgrade got pushed back. I flipped out my whole way to the president of customer service, and he said that Verizon won't get the iPhone 5 until next January. So, Don't hold out because chances are you're going to have to wait a year+ for Verizon to update their network and contract the phone.

JenDennn 6 years ago

I would just like to say thank you to the person that wrote this blog. It was witty and well thought out, anyone who is a loyal Apple customer and iPhone lover should appreciate this. I don't think it was intended for people to take this blog as 100% fact (although some idiots will), it's purely speculation based on how Apple has progressed each and every phone. It's a given they will be working with a 4g network given their release of selling rights to Verizon, and it's a given they will update everything to be bigger and badder, because that's what they do every single time they release a new item. That's kind of the point in a new release, isn't it? Improving a previous model. People need to stop being so serious, listen to what this lady has to say and then shut your mouth if you're just going to criticize her blog. If you don't like it, post your own blog with the 'facts'.

George  6 years ago

Sprint plans and 4G along with the Iphone is a POWERHOUSE that would set them apart from everyone. I hope it goes to Sprint. I am getting it wherever it goes, but I hope it's Sprint

Eric 6 years ago

haha biggest fanboy ever. It's too bad android has already came out with dual-core processor phones. But hey, apple fanboy's are lost in their own little world. :)

Duke 6 years ago

$500? Even with contract or without? Because the 4g(without contract) was $600 something and with contract, $270 something. $500 for a phone? Hmmm, not sure if it's worth it for a college guy myself. He he. Plus I wonder if we're able to jail break this one too. Ha ha.

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