Use a Bluetooth Keyboard With Your iPhone: The new iPhone Bluetooth Keyboard Driver


EDIT: You can now get Bluetooth Keyboards for the iPhone 4/4G from

All you have to do with the Menotek keyboard above is turn on your devices and press connect on the keyboard. Then, have the iPhone search for bluetooth devices. After it has found your keyboard, the iphone will give you a code to type on the bluetooth keyboard and press 'enter'. It should connect the 2 devices together.

If you have a iPhone 3G/3GS, upgrade your phone to iOS4 and follow the instructions above.]

EDIT 2: There is now a wider selection of Bluetooth Keyboards for the iPhone 4/4G (



At last, a Keyboard for your iPhone

Yes! It is now possible to use a keyboard with your iPhone or any other iDevice with Bluetooth support. This is something Apple should've built in a long time ago, as foldable keyboards have been supported by all smartphones for a while now. But it seems this didn't fit in Apple's vision of a "button-free" world, a trend they initiated with the ipod's wheel and pursued with the iPhone screen, etc. (Wires calls it button-phobia.)

This Keyboard driver is a solution for the missing Bluetooth keyboard support in the iPhone OS. It is based on the open-source BTstack project, a Bluetooth stack designed for embedded devices where resources are scarce.

The iPhone Bluetooth Keyboard Driver

This driver runs on the iPhone 3G(S) and all second generation iPod touch devices with Bluetooth support. The v1.0 version does not work properly on the iPhone 2G (Knowned issues: Cursor up/down on iPhone OS 2.x devices triggers magnifying glass and the keyboard does not work in the Springboard Search field).

The current version available in Cydia is titled as a "Demo", as it only works inside the app itself, but a version that works outside of the app (in the background/with other
apps) will be available via the Cydia Store soon. I'll try to edit this post as soon as it is available.

Anyway, there exists a simple workaround: If you install another package, called Simulated Key Events, it'll route the key-presses to any application you like.

Some features :

  • ESC and cursor keys are supported in most applications
  • You can choose one of four supported keyboard layouts : English (US), French, German (Germany), German (Switzerland)
  • To support intermittent keyboard usage, the connection is kept alive for 15 minutes after the iPhone is locked. After this timeout, Bluetooth is turned off to save energy.


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