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My Favorite New Gizmo

I have a confession to make. My family recently bought me an iPod Touch for my birthday and I've had a fun time getting to know this new gizmo and how it works. So many people think of the iTouch as a toy or a means of entertainment for teenagers, or only as a personal media player. But the truth is, the iPod Touch can be so much more than a personal media player. During the time I've been getting acquainted with the iTouch, I've been looking at ways this gadget can be used as a real-world tool. It certainly is a great little machine for entertaining with music, videos, movies and games. However, I've also found the iPod Touch to be a wonderful small handheld computer.

The iPod Touch is the perfect small gadget for those who commute or travel. I make this statement from personal experience as I made a recent trip with this gizmo in my backpack. I was able to watch movies on an eight hour bus ride, read ebooks and listen to music—all on one small device. I didn't have the normal four or five small gizmos, and their assorted cords, traveling with me. This time, I only had my iPod Touch. This made packing so much easier, and I didn't have so many electronic gadgets to keep track of.

iPod Touch vs iPhone

I prefer the iPod Touch to the iPhone any day. The iPhone is a great gadget, but to get much use out of it I'd have to have an expensive data plan along with the regular cellular service. On the other hand, the iTouch has most of the functionality of the iPhone, and uses a WiFi connection for applications such as maps, GPS, and more. We live in a society where free WiFi is very easy to find. Making use of these WiFi hotspots is with the iPod Touch cuts down on the cost of using a data/calling plan from a major cellular carrier. This is a very important point for those of us who are consciously watching our budgets.

iPod Touch Apps

iPod Touch Apps
iPod Touch Apps

Useful and Fun Applications for the iPod Touch

Visiting Apple's iTunes online store is a breeze, and I have been able to find literally thousands of apps (computer programs that perform specific tasks) to enhance the iPod Touch's customization and usability. There are apps for almost anything you would want to do with the iTouch. Apps can make the iTouch a gaming device, a device to surf the Internet, and even a business device. Some of the apps are paid, while others are free. These small programs run the gamut. So you see, the iPod Touch can be much more than a personal media player—it's actually a very versatile gizmo.

While exploring my new iPod Touch I've come across some useful apps to help with communication, taking notes, and more. Read on to find out more about some of these useful apps. All of the apps listed in this hub are free—the perfect price for those of us who are trying to save money during the current economic economic crisis.

Free Apps listed by Category

Here, you can find free apps that allow the iPod Touch to be used as a powerful handheld computer. Each of these apps is free—the best price in the world. The categories are Communications, Business, Travel, and Miscellaneous Apps. Each of these apps will help to make the iPod Touch much more than just a personal entertainment system. The iTouch will become a handy and useful gadget to slip into your pocket and go.



Cost: Free

Current Average Rating: 3.5 stars

What is Skype? The Skype app allows you to make and receive phone calls and text messages, and even instant message other Skype users all over the world (WiFi connection required). Skype-to-Skype calls and text messages are free when calling/texting another user from anywhere in the world. And Skype makes it easy to save money when calling landlines and cell phones Skype's rates.The iPod Touch comes with a pair of ear phones with an embedded mic, making this a very useful app for communicating with your family and friends.


eBuddy Messenger

Cost: Free

Current Average Rating: 4 stars

eBuddy is a free, powerful app that allows you to chat (WiFi connection required) on your iPod Touch via AIM, MSN/Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo, Facebook Chat, Gtalk, MySpace, Hyves, and ICQ. This app is one of the most popular IM apps with over 5 million downloads around the world. eBuddy allows you to switch smoothly between chats, and even shake your iPod Touch to send a buzzer to another eBuddy user. You can also receive new messages and typing alerts as long as you're connected to WiFi. eBuddy is a great way to stay in touch, for free, with all your family and friends wherever you have a WiFi connection.

Text Plus

Text Plus

Cost: Free

Current Average Rating: 3.5 stars

TextPlus helps you save money when texting friends' mobile phones in the United States and Canada (WiFi connection required). However, it is possible to send free text messages to other TextPlus users around the world for free. This app even makes it easy to have group conversations, making this a very useful app for the iPod Touch.

LinkedIn Logo


Dragon Dictation App for iPod Touch

Bump App for iPod Touch

Business Apps


Cost: Free

Current Average Rating: 3 stars

LinkedIN is a social networking site used mostly for professional networking. It allows you to stay in touch with your professional network wherever you have a WiFi connection for your iPod Touch. LinkedIn helps you to receive updates and messages from your network in real-time, while also staying on top of job postings and more.

Dragon Dictation

Cost: Free

Current Average Rating: 3 stars

Dragon Naturally Speaking is a speech recognition software that allows you to dictate memos, letters and more. Dragon Dictation, by Dragon Naturally Speaking, is a voice-recognition application for the iPod Touch. This application allows you to speak into your iPod Touch (through the embedded mic in the Touch's ear phones) and see your words appear on the iTouch's screen. You can use this app to dictate everything from emails to updates to your social networks on-the-go.


Cost: Free

Current Average Rating: 4.5 stars

Bump is an app that allows people with iPod Touches to “bump” their devices together and share everything from photos, contact information, calendars, and even to become friends on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn (a WiFi connection is required). Bump is perfect for sharing business card contact information with another iPod Touch or iPhone user. What a fun way to exchange information!


Cost: Free

Current Average Rating: 3 stars

Evernote is a great application to help you remember important events, business meetings, travel dates, ideas, tasks, birthdays and annniversaries. It is a great way to remember your To-Do list, and can also be used to remind you what groceries to pick up after work. Evernote lets you make notes by voice recording and/or typing the notes on the iPod Touch's Qwerty keyboard. The app also automatically synchronizes with your home computer, making this a very handy app for your iPod Touch.

Travel Apps

World Customs & Cultures

Cost: Free

Current Rating: 3.5

World Customs & Cultures is a great app for world travelers. The app provides information, plus facts, on customs and culture for over 165 different countries around the world. Here are some examples of the information included in this app by country (taken from the iTunes app store):


Communication Style

Personal Space & Touching

Eye Contact

Gender Issues


Law & Order

The app also ties in with the GPS function found on the iPod Touch (WiFi connection is necessary). You can find country information, via GPS location, exactly where you are at the moment.


Cost: Free

Current Rating: 3.5 stars

My TSA allows you to check approximate wait times for passengers in the security line at major airports in the United States (WiFi connection required). The app also has information as to what is allowed or banned in your carry-ons. My TSA also offers advice on how to prepare yourself to quickly and smoothly get through security checkpoints.

Misc. Apps for iPod Touch

Best Alarm Clock Free

Cost: Free

Current Average Rating: 3 stars

Best Alarm Clock is one of the most popular alarm clock apps on iTunes. This free alarm clock features alarm clock, weather and temperature at your location (WiFi connection required), multiple alarms, custom alarm sounds and customizable clock themes. This app is also able to sense the time format (12/24 hour) for your location. The clock face is large and easy to see, and features a large snooze button. The clock runs in either landscape or portrait display modes. Best Alarm Clock app is also available in a paid version which allows for further customization, including using your own music for the clock's alarm.

Ereader Apps

Cost: Free

There are many ereader apps available to turn your iPod Touch into a virtual library, allowing you access to ebooks, magazines and newspapers, as well as some international publications. Be sure to read my other hub dealing with the iPod Touch as an ereader. Using your iTouch for most of your reading is actually a way to live a greener life and lower greenhouse gas emissions over the lifetime of your device. Read more about it: iPod Touch a Greener Ereader.

iPod Touch a Powerful Gadget

The iPod Touch is a great personal media player, but can be so much more, depending on the apps you choose to download. The iTouch is truly a very versatile gizmo, and usually thought of more as a toy for the young. However, the iTouch can be used by people of all ages. I'm a mid-lifer, and have managed to find so many uses for my own iPod Touch. My iTouch now has the ability to be a useful tool for me at home and while on-the-go, giving me the power of a computer in my hand. Be sure to check out these free apps to make your own iPod Touch a more useful and fun gadget.

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What are your favorite free and useful apps for the iPod Touch or iPhone? 12 comments

BradHarrington profile image

BradHarrington 6 years ago from Los Angeles, California

I totally agree with you, iPod Touch has saved me so many times when I needed it the most. It's the greatest little gadget I have ever owned. It does EVERYTHING with just the price of one. Thanks for the app suggestions!

Successful Living profile image

Successful Living 6 years ago from Prague, Czech Republic Author

@BradHarrington: It's amazing how these small gadgets can be so very useful! They can be just a toy, but usually they have the capability of being so much more.

When I get a new gadget I like to "play" with new gizmos and once acquainted with them, enjoy finding how to make them useful.

Great to hear you enjoyed the app suggestions!

Jules Seane 6 years ago

Check out AirportAce, it works with iPod touch completely offline and shows you all the airport information you could ever need. Great for travelers

Successful Living profile image

Successful Living 6 years ago from Prague, Czech Republic Author

@Jules Seane: Thanks for the suggestion--I'll be sure to check it out!

profile image

Wilber21 6 years ago

Nice hub, well done!

Successful Living profile image

Successful Living 6 years ago from Prague, Czech Republic Author

@Wilber21: Thanks! :)

shopstores profile image

shopstores 6 years ago from United States

You got an iPod Touch for my birthday, lucky you, it is a great device that sets people free on the go, as an entertaining tool and information also is unique. Great information.

Successful Living profile image

Successful Living 6 years ago from Prague, Czech Republic Author

@Quertime: Thanks for stopping by!

Hugo  5 years ago

I just bought iPod touch 4G recently. This is my first apple gadget because I'm using other gadget like psp. I found that iPod touch is really fun. I use it for web browsing,checking email, updating my Facebook status,reading books and more. Now I rarely playing games on psp because I play games using my iPod touch now. In term of graphic, iPod touch have great visual for gaming experience than to the retina display. In fact some other games has better graphic than the psp. Well, I don't really care much about the graphic though..coz angry bird is much more fun to play.Lol..well I love my iPod touch so much and I use it daily for music, internet, games, video and other cool apps. I don't know what others might think about this gadget, but to me, iPod touch is a very great handheld device.I love it and it worth buying

Successful Living profile image

Successful Living 5 years ago from Prague, Czech Republic Author

@Hugo: Thanks for your comment about the newer iPod Touch 4G. iPod Touch is a fun and very useful gadget. You sound like me--I use mine each and every day for fun and work. The apps make the iPod Touch a very customizable gizmo!

Great to hear you're getting so much use from your gizmo!

banks 4 years ago

The keypads of the itouch looks real on the screen and its very sharp and vivid comparing to other gadgets. I can just close my eyes and type anything. Thanks to Apple.

Successful Living profile image

Successful Living 4 years ago from Prague, Czech Republic Author

Yes, the keyboard on the iPod Touch is easy to type on, though I'm not as talented as you--I need to keep my eyes open when typing :0)

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