iiNet Sim Only Plans

iiNet Sim Only Mobile Plans


Two weeks out from Christmas and we have a flood of sim only mobile plans coming onto the Australian mobile market.

Yesterday we saw the launch of the Spin Internet which is a medium sized Internet Service Provider and today we saw the joint launch by iiNet and Westnet of their sim only mobile plans.

What is quite interesting about the iiNet/Westnet launch is that these plans are only accessible by their existing internet customers, ie you can't simply purchase these mobile plans if you aren't already a iinet customers.

This poses a very interesting question. They must be of quite good quality and value in order to appeal to their customers for them to make them exclusive. From a press release email I saw today they are being promoted as value added services that will be used to secure the relationships of their existing customers. Well that is how they positioned it to their agents.

Lets take a look at them and compare them to some similar plans offered by 3 Mobile/Vodafone.

Now as some background these plans are offered via the Optus network and come with free unlimited social media access to twitter, facebook, ebay etc.

Call rates are:

  • 45c per 30 secs
  • 35c flagfall
  • 25c text
  • 20c/mb excess data

The first plan is $10 monthly plan (month to month contract). For this you get $150 included calls and 200MB of data.

The second plan is $20 per month and offers $400 in calls and 500MB. The final plan at $40 gives you $750 in calls and 1.5GB.

When we compare these plans to Vodafone/3 Mobile we get:

  • $20 - $150 credit and 100MB
  • $35 - $350 credit and 500MB

These plans also come with unlimited calls to 3/Vodafone members.

Now lets also compare them to Virgin's Easy Caps:

  • $29 Easy Cap gives you $60 credit and 1GB data
  • $39 Easy Caps gives you $230 credit and 1.5GB data

Lastly we will compare them to the TPG Talk & Text Caps:

  • Light $9.99 - $250 credit and $250MB
  • Medium $18.99 - $700 credit and 1GB
  • Heavy $35.99 - $1000 credit and 2GB

TPG seems to be the closest and most likely the competitor they are trying to fend off particularly given their great ADSL2+ plans.

So in summary, the plans are quite competitive and I think should do well for them.

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PrepaidPlans 5 years ago from Melbourne Author

Very competitive offer

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